Monday, October 7, 2013

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

So a proper update on the new home is in order I think.

Since moving in two weeks ago, I have more or less settled in. Here's some better photos of my decor:

The living room:

The kitchen:

and I got this wicked magnet for the fridge:

And the bedroom/office because it's huge and I'm making it 2 rooms:

I'm still waiting for the pull-out couch I'm stealing from Mumsy (there is an absurd total of SEVEN sofas in her house), which will go where the fainting couch is now, and then I can move the fainting couch into the bedroom. I'm getting another one of those room dividers as well (when I'm not so intensely poor with the expenses of moving and settling in), and possibly taking one of the desks from Mum's house.

I found this awesome little garden area down by the creek:

I'm setting up my archery target there. And the ground curves up to meet the hill in such a way that I can shoot my crossbow there without worrying about killing anyone by accident! :D

I should mention my neighbour.


I had met him when I first looked at the apartment, but I guess in my excitement at looking for my own place, his appearance failed to fully impress itself upon my vision. I was reminded on the day I moved in, and have been infatuated ever since.  (The move-in actually came to a complete standstill when me, Mum, Stepmom, Lil Sis, Big Sis#2, and my friends C. and M. came face to face with Adonis-Neighbour in the driveway. Dad, Lil Sis's boyfriend, Big Sis#2's hubby, and C.'s boyfriend could only stand back and feel inadequate).

Sadly, Adonis's girlfriend is just slightly prettier than the average supermodel, and she also lives upstairs.


last Friday, Adonis and I were chatting in the driveway and he informed me that his girlfriend is moving out at the end of the month.


I made some apple pie to share with him, you know because I'm neighbourly like that.

note how adorable and innocent she looks there at the shelter....

Poison Ivy is about 5 months old. I had originally planned to get a cat the same age as Harleyquinn, but when I went to visit the lady I got Harley from, I just fell in love.

They’re still fighting a bit. Also Ivy is just as demented as Harley.
here she is stalking Harleyquinn from the top of the closet door
And Ivy likes playing with the toy basket.

Not the toys. Just the basket.

.....In other news, I have turned into possibly the biggest loser ever gotten so involved in church things that it has more or less become my social life.

I hang out with the pastor and his wife on Tuesdays (it's like a book club/group therapy session and I'm actually amazed at how much I enjoy it). I spent most of yesterday outside the church painting children’s faces for free at Applefest. I also help with the girls ministry (it's basically like brownies and girl scouts) every Wednesday night--I have been assigned to the six and seven-year-olds.


I rarely had moments in my years of nannying wherein I lost control of my children. But that was because the children knew me, and knew to fear the Mich-Is-Getting-Pissed tone. A group of seven-year-old girls who barely know me? Not so much.

So last week, approximately 45 seconds into our lesson on kindness, one of the children declares that she has a mighty need to use the restroom. And obviously the other three girls also had to use the restroom. Since the group leader was still trying to set up and get organized, she sent me to take the girls to the loo.

I attempted to contain them. I attempted to keep them quiet.

They were LITERALLY scaling the f*cking walls.

They'd gotten so worked up after that, we couldn't keep them focused for the rest of the evening. I went home and prayed that the Lord please make me barren.

I joined the women's ministry as well, and we had our first get-together last Saturday. And now I am somehow in charge of planning the next outing. Pastor's Wife and I decided that horseback riding must happen in the near future, so I'm planning a trail ride. The two of us are possibly dangerous together, because we have also started organizing a "70's party," and instead of doing this, say, on a Saturday night,

we thought it would be best if it happened during a regular Sunday service.

Oh and we found these on Tumblr, to put on the windshields of the annoying people who park illegally in the church lot:

Mumsy is absolutely horrified that I'm getting so involved in church. She thinks I drank the koolaid and that I'm going to turn into some mindless Bible-thumping fool. naturally, whenever she verbally pursues this notion, I put on this glazed expression with a manic smile and tell her she should really come to church and accept Jesus as her saviour, so she can be saved just like me.

Since Mumsy does not comprehend sarcasm in any shape or form, this usually freaks her out enough to change the subject.

She's not doing too well** with the whole living alone thing, but she’ll just have to get used to it because I ain’t moving back. I always thought I'd go crazy living on my own (like how I did when I was house sitting), but I FRIGGING LOVE IT. I guess technically I'm not alone--I have the cats, and it is nice knowing that there are people right upstairs. And my head is actually in a good place now. Learning to budget my money, however, is still a work in progress.........

**Mumsy claims she is not as scared at night as she was for the first few days, but whenever I see her or speak to her now and she mentions things like having dinner with friends, or needing help cleaning out the house to sell it, she throws out remarks like, "not that you'd bother coming down to help," or "I guess I'll just have to go on my own," etc. etc. I know this is just an evolved form of her usual strategies for ensuring compliance, but it's annoying. Especially since I have in fact gone to see her and help her out EVERY WEEKEND since I moved, and she has not so much as attempted to plan a visit to me.


  1. I'm glad you're getting so involved with the church Mich and that things are sort of settling although it seems that your mum is being extremely annoying and quite honestly unfair. Thank you for being so kind too by the way, you've always been so lovely to me and I'm very lucky to have got to know you.

  2. I think you're going to be fine living on your own. You have cats, a hunky neighbour and perhaps most useful of all, a badass sword collection. I don't know what to be most envious of. I'm not envious of the situation with the church and the annoying kids there though. For what it's worth I hear murder is the same level of sin no matter where you do it.

  3. Life sounds amazing! With Pip's violent tendencies, I'm lucky he couldn't get atop a door if he spent his entire life trying. Room dividers are so lovely, but WHY are they so expensive? They're hardly more than matchsticks and tissue paper. Yes, random thoughts. I'm so happy your mind is cooperating with freedom and not rebelling against it.

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHa I used to love climbing up the walls like that as a kid

    I see many many photos and youtube vids in that cat's future. She is really adorable.

    Nice one on the "apple pie", nothing like shamelessly getting him drunk off 90 proof alcohol. xD

    I'm stealing that rapture thing for the office parking lot.

  5. Place looks great. But, I'm STILL not talking smack to you at your fireplace.

  6. What's a fainting couch? Is it a piece of soft furnishing designed to catch you if you swoon over your neighbour?

    Glad your settling in, even if your mum is being a pain in the parts.

  7. You got another cat? I'm currently tempted to get a Munchkin kitten because they are adorable but yet so expensive...

  8. That white chair in the living room is amazing, if I sat in that I'd never get out. Also, I can't cope with that fridge magent. I want the same one. but bigger. Like a statue, for my garden. x

  9. Your house looks beautiful. Garden also so nice to spend your time and get relaxed...

  10. hahaha, so the neighbor and the gf moving out... hmmmm.. I'm sure you may have to open a private blog just to talk about that, once said girl moves out.

    Also.... you and church? what? I mean, I know im not a very common presence commenting here, but i sure have read your blog plenty and kinda hard to see you as a church lady... lmao! Good for you though. :)

  11. OMG you have a papasan chair!! I am so jealous! Pier One was out of them when I went to get one!

    1. LOL I got that chair at a used furniture shop in Philadelphia for $12. The original cushion was filthy, but we used it in the apartment anyway.... I stole the white cushion from Pier 1 when I worked there. :D


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