Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The praise of the praiseworthy is above all rewards.

Some anonymous comment replies, before I forget...

Pogo - Palestrina was indeed the inspiration for Hallestrina's name. I like the way it sounds. :D
And thanks for the art-love, and the defense of my art work. You are a treasure. <3

Spooky's Darling - We thought of including Boromir, but in the end we only knew of one actual person who favored Boromir over all the other characters, and his personality matched all the people who like Faramir best. (Which obviously makes ppl who like Boromir totally-super-awesome [can you tell Faramir is my fav ever?]).

neverfit - You are correct. Eowyn kicks Arwen's @SS!! Especially since Arwen isn't even in the books hardly at all. 

Anonymous from the art post - Which art piece offended thee? The twins I did at age 17 without ever having any training whatsoever in art? Or should the tree made of wire perhaps have been made to scale? "Art" is what you make it, not what others tell you it is. And for the record, beginning anything with "no offense" when you know full well you are going to sound offensive just makes you sound uneducated. 

Sam, from the last post - Blogger won't let me look at your profile. :( Do you have a blog?


Someone suggested I do a "day in the life of Mich" post. (In the suggestion box, which is now gone because I was having technical issues and it pissed me off so I deleted it.) My weekdays are pretty much all the same, so I wouldn't bother doing a weekday in the life of Mich (unless y'all really really want to be bored to death?). I thought of vlogging a Saturday, but I feel like I suck at vlogging. Plus I have ADD.

Weekends are tough for me because I'm pretty sure I do actually have ADD (Mum disagrees--she thinks adHd). At least on workdays, there are specific things I need to do and the rest of the day beyond time spent at work is mostly devoted to the gym and alternately watching TV and trying to sleep. That doesn't leave much time for boredom.

I can't handle boredom. That's kind of why I've never been a huge tv-watcher, other than a couple shows that come on at night. I can't watch tv in the middle of the day. Just can't do it. Days I'm not working, I generally bounce from one thing to the next without much of a predetermined plan. This can be a problem if I'm hanging out at a friend's house and my companions are sitting watching tv. I last maybe 10 minutes. 20 maximum.

 And then I'll start checking out the books on your shelf. And your movies.

I might admire your family photos. After I've explored your living room I'll go to the loo.

Don't get me wrong--I don't root through drawers and cabinets or anything; that would make me uncomfortable. :/ But I do love checking out other people's houses. I'm fascinated by them, because no two are alike and none of them are like mine. Idk how to explain it without seeming like a nosy creeper....... oh well.

So on my way back from the bathroom I'll take my time having a shifty at the rooms en route back to the tv. If I run into another member of the household, chances are I shan't return to the tv at all. Your mom and I will be bffs by the time the movie or tv show is over.

This behaviour is the reason I was often the favourite of other people's parents when I was in high school. ...That also may have had something to do with the fact that Mum never raised me to call people Mrs. or Mr. Whatever. I called all the adults in my life by their first names while most of the other kids stuck with Mr. and Mrs. 

Some parents got really bent out of shape about that. I remember a girl scout's meeting or something like that and I had to ask the troop leader a question. When I called her "Diane" (I was 7) she practically tore my head off.

. . . . . . . . . . . 
What was I talking about?

 . . . . . . . . . . . .

Oh yeah--Day in the Life of Mich. 

This is why bird watching is a great hobby. If you have a bird feeder that you keep full and a birdbath next to it, it's like an ADD wet dream. The fun that comes from my attention span jumping from one activity to another without ever finishing anything...

can be had in one simple activity.

Oooo look, a frigginbird!

 FrigateBird, actually, but you get my point.

turn the volume way up, it's super budget

<3 !!!


  1. Bloomin' LOVE this post, I was getting Mich's Pictures withdrawal.
    I never did the Mr and Mrs thing first school was all first name terms too, bloody strange when I moved to a school that was all formal and had a uniform (you know like 99% of UK schools...)

  2. Your so funny :P I love your posts! You sound like me..i like looking round peoples houses, but i compare everything to what i have at home...get ideas for re-decorating and that! xx

  3. I think we're all going to agree that we love your comics Mich. I know they are alot of work, but your natural talent at humour comes to the surface when you do them. And I got your book in the post today!! I'm going to settle in this weekend and start reading it. If I don't talk to you before then, Have a Happy New Year. xoxoxo

  4. Lol I had a friend like that in high school. It was craycray cause he was the "bad kid" and yet everyone's parents loved him.

    I love the frigginbird!! Did you take those photos of it? I'm assuming you did since they're on your website, but you know what they say about making an ass out of Uma Thurman.


  5. I get bored by TV too. I literally play video games and watch TV at the same time to stop from getting bored. I don't think you have ADD I think you have artistic ability. I draw, write, act, and blog all the time! It challenges my mind! And thats a good thing. If I don't get my mind challenged everything seems boring and uninteresting. I remember as a kid I'd go to other kids houses and they'd just wanna sit and watch TV and I'd wanna do stuff! Its not ADD its having a complex mind thats not easily amused! (also since you think its ADD I'm gonna assume you live on the east coast of north america where ADD diagnoses are prevelent!)
    Also I love your cartoons! You look so cute in them!

  6. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for my christmas card:)
    wasn't expecting that, it was very thoughtful of you!
    Hope you had a wonderful christmas!

  7. Whellllllll... I love this post. Brightened my day. I've missed your amazing pictures lately! I can't watch television much either, and most films are just too long... ADD problems. xx

  8. I never watch TV I have so much better things to do with my time

  9. I am always pleased to see any new posts, but your cartoons are the best; they are always worth the wait. I hope you have recovered from your bout of Christmas illness.

  10. Your drawings are awesome. I'm like you in that I'll look through a person's book shelf and DVD collection. Is that a privacy violation like looking through someone's medicine cabinet?

  11. To be fair Mich, I reckon your ADD would make videos more entertaining in my opinion haha! I love your comics, keep up the good work chick.

  12. I just wanted you to know that read your entire blog, from start to finish. It took me like a week, but I did it.

    LOVE that pic of you chatting with your friend's mom, and your friend peering out from behind the couch! So cute. :)

  13. So, this explains why i was able to watch like, 16 episodes of "Chopped" on Christmas Day, back to back. Guess of my many problems, ADD isn't one!

    i loved, loved, loved this post...your weekends sound like my everyday...i should clean that glass door, now the dishes in the sink, the counter is dirty, must sweep, where's that book?, gotta play "Shut the Box" 'til i win a round, wow the laundry is really piled up, GAH, i didn't exercise, FAT goes on and on....

    i guess i just contadicted my self...doh!

    Your pictures are sooo adorable, as usual and i often found the parents much more interesting as well! Can't begin to tell you how much your blog AND of course, you, mean to are my life line!


  14. If you've got a feeder on a plain shepherd's hook type stand, nothing beats spraying the post with Pam and watching the squirrels play fireman trying to climb it :D

  15. Those drawings are great. Please tell me you draw them yourself? Crack me up!


  17. I should so stick another birdfeeder in the tree outside my window with a webcam on it just for you :3 Like a birthday birdwatching special or something. When IS your birthday, btw?

    I just can't bring myself to bin the big blocks of chocolate, coz I know people who eat those flavours. They're safe from me, coz I HATE black forest. What the hell is the point in picking something out of your teeth that ISN'T chops??? It's just not right!

    There are still shakes, but we're pretty much used to it by now and nearly everything that can be broken is broken. You know you live in ChCh when you don't wake up for anything LESS than a 5.5!

    Ugh, parents. Love to nurture in us the talents they thought they should have had as kids! /facepalm

    I hope you have an epic new years! Epic in the good fun sense, not epic in the makes-international-news sense (Did that even make sense?)

    Love you <3

  18. I fixed my blog,although I have updated in a whole bunch of isnt going to well. Anywho.....

    Tots understand about the whole being great friends with adults. I can't keep still either (don't think I have add though) so I talk talk anyone in the house, usually the parents.

    My parents taught me the whole mrs, ms, miss, mr thing but most people just politely corrected me; I don't remember anyone ever chomping my head off.


  19. OMG I call them frig-it birds :P

    I'm sorry 2011 was such a bitch! I hope 2012 is in fact better than 2011 was for you. I did have a good christmas, thanks! Happy New Year! <3

  20. Couldn't access the vlog, so I suspend judgment. However, I too am a home inspector. In my line of work, I see LOTS of people houses, and like to deduce their personalities from their living spaces. The book shelf, if there is one, is the best place to start.

  21. That's interesting. I was always raised to call adults and "superiors" Mr. and Mrs. otherwise it would be considered "disrespectful".

    Maybe it's an Asian thing.

  22. How was your New Year? Did you do anything to celebrate? I hope everything is well Mich.

  23. Hehe I love this post :) and all the pictures made me laugh!
    A day in the life of mich sounds super fun! I can't sit and watchtv without doing something else too, which annoys my family because I use the tv like a radio and potter about doing other things while "watching" tele, which they don't understand :S
    Lottie x

  24. i'm ADD too, but i'm also pretty introverted, so the jumping from activity to activity mostly tends to happen inside my head. it's like a beehive in there. i zone out pretty frequently, and then zone out mid zone-out. i also never complete projects i start, especially the artsy ones...


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