Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bah bloody humbug

Guess who woke up with a tummy bug??


Someone bring me a hot water bottle naaooooww!!!

I'm just going to lie here face down on the floor watching the Christmas Story marathon until I can stop feeling sick long enough to do something productive, like wander off into the wilderness to live among the grizzly bears.


  1. Wow, sorry to hear you're not feeling well on this day of all days Mich, that seriously does suck. Here's hoping you much better, very soon, try and have as great a one as possible too!

  2. Hope your feeling a little better now :( Hope you had a lovely Christmas :( Get better asap!! xxx

  3. Awwww, Mich, damn, that's not good way to lose weight...although i do fantasize about it myself, as a kick start....!

    Get better soon, so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday.

    Booo Hisss to tummy bug!!!! Yay for "A Christmas Story"....."It's a Major Award!"

    Love ya,

  4. I hope you shake off that bad boy. I'm on woman's time so bloated and gross, I feel your pain.


  5. Mich, I bought myself a present for Christmas. It was your book. I ordered it from Amazon and I will have it in a few days. Also, did you know that used copies of your book are selling for $44.00 from 2 booksellders in Florida? Chin up petal, things will get better. Love and hugs and cheer.

  6. I'm not a vampire, I'm a wolf.

    Also, for stomach ills, grate fresh ginger into hot water with a smidge of honey and a pinch of mint. Calms the pukey feeling and keeps the dehydration at bay.


  7. Oh, no, Mich, you love Christmas! I'd switch places with you in a second. You'll have to make everyone else give you a late Christmas celebration, so you don't miss out. Feel better! xx

  8. I join you on the floor?

    Monthly cramps+reaction to mushrooms in lasagne=FUCKING KILL ME!

    Flat lemonade if you can handle it is what Mum gave us. It keeps you hydrated and it's better than dry retching :/

    I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself, ok?

    *Hugs and hot water bottles*

  9. Way for Christmas to slap you across the face, huh? It can be a real prat like that. I really hope you feel better soon- wondering off in the wilderness sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas despite the stomach ache- you could do a post showing us all the stuffs you got if you want! ♥

  10. Sorry about the boy. Guys do suck and bring way too much drama into our lives. Sadly though we need them and so we must put up with all their shit!

    The knife is awsome! When I just saw it by itself I figured it was a good side, but bigger than your whole head, that's pretty impressive!

    I feel you on the whole gaining weight from the holidays. I'm pretty sure that's everyone, even ppl like us who have skewed up eating habits. It's made that way to screw with us, at least that's my thought.

    Thank for the support about the plan. Im excited about china but I am also a bit nervous. Anyway, it should be good. Hope your enjoying the holiday season.


  11. Ugh that doesn't not sound pleasant. :(

    Get well soon.

  12. Unfortunately, I totally feel you. Apparently the Chinese do celebrate Christmas, and gifted me with undercooked pork. Yay

  13. I'm sad to hear this. I hope you feel better soon!

  14. oh no! i hope it passed very quickly!!


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