Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, much pleasure thou can'st give me...

Firstly I want to say thanks for all the support I got on the last post. You are all truly amazing. <3

You know what drives me COMPLETELY FREAKING INSANE?

I can handle nails on a chalkboard. I can handle people talking about horrific gore and violence and bodily fluids while I'm eating. I can deal with germs and annoying/loud/obnoxious people and really bad drivers and children speaking with their mouths full. 


I cannot 

under any circumstances


stay in a room with your f**king Christmas tree

when only one strand of lights is blinking. 


It's wrong. So very very wrong. And I will fix it. Even if it means going out and getting you a whole new strand of lights to replace it. The blinking lights shall be disposed of, never to sporadically darken your doorstep again. 

That's just as bad--that one length of fairy lights along the eaves of your house that blinks every couple seconds

even though none of your other lights are blinking. 

I'm going to burn your f**king house down because I CAN'T LOOK AT IT WITHOUT BURSTING A BLOOD VESSEL. 

....ok Christmas rant over....

Now a Christmas art project instead.

Mum bought a bunch of new garland things at K-Mart. I strung them about the dining room, but they needed a little something more. 

I dug around in the downstairs closet to see if we had any nice ribbon in festive colours. We didn't, but we DID have a bunch of leis hanging around on the bottom shelf (from a birthday party? idk....). I grabbed those and some pipe cleaners
as well as some yarn and glue. 

After some experimentation, I made cute flower things with the pipe cleaners and the red and green flowers from the leis. 

And attached them nicely to the garlands.

Even Mum liked it when I was finished! I think it looks pretty awesome. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaand this is exactly why you should never throw anything away

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!


  1. i soooo agree! In fact, i can't stand ANY blinking lights at all!

    Great post and i so, so love the picture...yay for Christmas Rant!!!

    Much Love,

  2. Lmao! Oh my gosh....I totally know what you mean! I can't STAND that?! Like, do people have absolutely no sense of asthetics?!

  3. I almost pissed myself reading this!!! I feel like that happened every year when I was growing and it drove me nuts. It would always be a strand right in the midle so it was a pain to fix, which I guess is why the 'rents never fixed it? And they wouldn't start blinking right away, so we didn't notice until AFTER we put al the lights on. I guess they have to warm up or something? I never understood why we didn't just get rid of them so the same thing wouldn't happen next year. Eventually I got rid of them myself!

  4. hahhahaha I love this!

    it's just a sign of absolute laziness! If you're going to take the time to decorate your house, don't half-ass it. I mean, seriously.. decorations should please the eye, not make you want to gouge out your own eye lol.

    stay beautiful. you fucking rock

  5. LOL omg my sister is the queen of half lit strands

  6. Haha when I was younger I would take the red blinking bulb from the lights box and make one strand of lights blink on my parents tree, it would drive my mom crazy as she tried to find it.

  7. I guess I can see where you're coming from, a half job like that must actually be extremely irritating when forced to be around it, I can empathise with you for sure Mich. Great post as usual, here's hoping you have an excellently merry Christmas with as few half lit trees up as possible.

  8. That's an interesting pet peeve to have. :P

  9. I totally agree! If you can't do it right, then don't bloody-well bother! Really, some people have no feckin' pride! Shameful! :)

  10. Oh my gosh hahahaha this post literally made me laugh out loud! Which was awkward because I was drinking water at the time.
    Your posts never cease to amaze me.
    I hate the blinking lights. Why won't they stay still.
    Every time I look at blinking lights I feel like I'm going to have some fit or spasm.
    Love Anafly

  11. yayyy christmas rant!!

    you know, your last post inspired me to try and enter a 'recovery' phase as well. i dont know how long it will last, but things seem so surreal and easy at the moment. i just wake up, do my work, chill with my friends, eat buttered toast or things in my cupboard if i get hungry and then go to bed. like a properly normal person...! =| its so frikkin weird. like, too good to be true or to be life. i wonder if it will last forever..and if i will be happy! i hope everything is going well for you :) x x x

  12. i hate all flashing christmas lights - they give me a headache :( i like the fadey inny outty ones though :)
    ahh thats pretty :)
    lottie x

  13. Haha, I think we all have a thing like that which can set us off! I hate the feeling of sand or flour!
    Also, grogeous decorations. I don't think we even have a tree yet!

  14. never throwing anything away only works if you live in a house :D not in any apartment or something. :D


  15. You're blogging again yay! I know how you feel about those lights. I don't know why people don't plug the bleedin things in to test them before hanging them. Oooh the leis dress up the garland nicely and what a good idea. I would never have thought of it.

    Take care petal

  16. To go along with that, I also hate it when people decorate their houses and some lights blink while others don't.

    Also... your mom bought things at K-Mart? I thought those stores went belly up. They still exist?

  17. Screw the lights, I set my Christmas tree on fire so it has a nice even glow.

    And hooray for Kmart. I have no idea how the one here stays open with just me and 3 other people shopping there but it's quiet. It's like shopping in a morgue and I LOVE IT.

  18. lol is that the lamont configuration hanging out with your art supplies?

  19. Try it with one LIGHT blinking. I had that experience. ONE light, out of about 200. On purpose, mind you.


  20. 1.) agreed.
    2.) kudos on being Ms. Artsy Fartsy ;)

  21. Soooo pretty! I've been to lazy/retarded busy i wanna kill myself planning Christmas concerts to decorate my apartment.


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