Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But Debbie..... pastels?

I can't believe I have 500 followers. That's intense. Hey y'all! Am I continuing to live up to your expectations?

...with that in mind, I have created a new page^ entitled "Suggestion Box". Depending on how often it gets used, it may or may not remain there for the foreseeable future.

I don't know what to write. And this encompasses my fiction as well as this blog. The fairy book has been "almost done" for months, and yet I still haven't written more than a few sentences towards the ending. I even tried taking a break from it for a while and then printing out the whole thing to try and refresh the story in my head, but still when I sit down to write:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 



I was starting to lose weight for a minute there. Then I ate a feckton on the weekend and have leapt straight back up again. 107 lbs this morning. I have a feeling the 104 lb goal for tomorrow won't be happening.

But I need to SNAP THE EFF OUT OF IT because I know this is water retention as a result of the vitamins*. My measurements have gone down from where they were at the end of the summer, and I'm roughly back to where I was when I weighed 96 lbs (how that's possible I have no idea): 32" - 23" - 32". And I can see bones sticking out, so rationally I know I'm not fat, but I just want to FEEL like I'm not fat. Just once. I want to enjoy Thanksgiving without cowering in terror under the dinner table.

I'm actually cooking quite a bit for Thanksgiving this year. I already made my vegetable soup, and am cooking the Brussels sprout fricassee tomorrow. (The recipes are also up on the recipe tab^, but blogger is being a biotch won't let me edit that page.) I'm spending the night at Dad's house tomorrow, for the first time in like 10 years.... o.O

I made a pumpkin pie tonight as well! My own recipe, finally perfected after several years of trial and error. Here it is:

You need
- 1 pumpkin (you need a specific type for baking)
- packaged pie crust (unless you want to make your own; I'm rubbish with pastry)
- 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
- 1 cup heavy cream
- 1/2 tsp cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp ginger
- 1/8 tsp nutmeg
- tiny pinch clove
- 2 eggs, and the yolk of a third egg

To make it:
- Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Cover the bottom of a pie dish with one of the pie crusts and bake for 5 minutes. Let it cool down completely.
- Use your Herculean strength to cut the pumpkin in half (not kidding--I had to use a meat cleaver and brute force). Scrape out the seeds, and then boil the pumpkin for about 20 minutes, or until you can easily stick it with a fork. Let it cool down a bit and then drain the water and scrape out the middle of the pumpkin. Show it who's boss with a potato masher.
- Put all the mashed pumpkin in a cheese cloth to drain the excess water, and let it drain for a couple minutes. If you don't have a cheese cloth, you can just use lots of paper towels--layer like 2 or 3 on a plate and spoon the pumpkin into the middle, then lightly squeeze the water out. Repeat until tons of water stops coming out.  
-Preheat the oven to 425 again. 
- In a mixing bowl, combine the pumpkin (you shouldn't need more than 2 1/2 cups of it; save the rest for soup or mini pumpkin pie cupcakes or something), the sugar, cream, and eggs, and the spices. Mix it up real good. 
- Pour the pumpkin mix into the pie dish, over the pre-toasted crust. Most prepackaged pie dough comes in 2 sheets, so you can use the second sheet to make little decorative things to put around the edges of the pie if you like. Brush the dough with a little egg, trying not to get too much on the pumpkin. 
- Bake for 10 minutes on 425, then turn the oven down to 350. Bake it for about 40-50 minutes, or until a toothpick stuck in the middle comes out clean. Keep an eye on the crust while it's baking--if it starts to turn too brown too fast, cover the edges with a thin layer of tin foil. 
- Don't worry if the pumpkin part looks like it's risen too much once the pie comes out of the oven. It will settle back down. You should let the pie cool for two hours before serving it, or before sticking it in the fridge. 

 Have a nice Thanksgiving, my fellow Yankee readers! Try and enjoy it--you all deserve it. <3


  1. You have 500+ readers because you're talented as hell. And funny. And you are not a 1-ton anvil! ::smack:: Snap out of it, girlie! :P

    I do hope you can enjoy Turkey day without obsessing over the damage, cause your pie looks yummy!


  2. I love Invader Zim, Gir is my favorite. "Make me a samich" "We goan have biscuits?" "Doom, Doom, Doom" I'm going to eat till I'm sick tomorrow and let the devil take the hindmost. The only way I can cure writers block is by reading. Reading something so good I wish I'd written it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and eff those calories.

  3. I love the Addams Family title! Hilarious!

    I'm having an art block at the moment. I have a mental block about working on anything! (Read: 'Lazy Bitch'!) I'm not even going to mention the subject of weight, as I want to avoid being another holiday suicide statistic! Haha!

    That is the prettiest pie, M.! I love what you did with the pastry. The most creative thing I do with pastry is burn it! That's why I stick to graham cracker crusts! I.R. DUMBASS!!!!

    All the best for the visit with your da, Love. :)

  4. i hoope you have a great thanksgiving! the pumpkin pie sounds/looks amazing...i wish they had them in the uk! xo.

  5. 500 followers?! Girl, you're awesome, that's why! Happy Thanksgiving love!

  6. Congratulations on your followers, they're honestly so well deserved, seriously. Keep up with the good work and have a great Thanksgiving! Invader Zim is awesome as well!

  7. Oh Gomez, you're so very quotable!

    That pie looks very fancy and DELICIOUS, how you managed to do cut out a mini pumpkin so perfectly.... It must just be your artist's hand.

    I haaate writer's blocks. Get them all the time, I find vitamins* and la buena hierba really help to unwind\open up the padlock nestled into your cranium.

    Also tea. Tea is the greatest.


  8. happy thanksgiving! your pumpkin pie looks awesome! =) <3 x x x

  9. 500 followers just shows how great you and your blog are! :)
    That pumpkin pie looks so good!
    Lottie x

  10. Wow, if that's a pic of your actual pumpkin pie, then it is very impressive, indeed! Hope you have a good thanksgiving.

  11. That pie looks so professional! You sound tiny, how tall are you?

  12. Well, according to Annie Dillard:
    “It is no less difficult to write a sentence in a recipe than sentences in Moby Dick. So you might as well write Moby Dick.”
    Not sure I quite believe that, but hey, it's nice to think about. Sorry I can't be more helpful on the subject... ha.
    Have a great thanksgiving! the pie looks delicious, xx

  13. You have 500 followers coz your amazing at writing :D Your funny and interesting :)Happy thanksgiving! xx

  14. I remember reading that post, last year, and wanting to lick the screen >.>. Seriously though, it looks delicious.

    Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful. X

  15. Congrats on your 500 followers! I don't even have 300 yet. :(

  16. Congrats on the 500 followers. And best of luck with the blockage. Usually I try a combination of wine/beer to get the creative juices flowing if they're being stingy bastards.

  17. the drawing of 1-ton-mich is adorable! But you dont weigh a ton darling, that would mean i weighed 1.5 tons, and I refuse to accept that. I know I'm fat but I haven't quite reached those proportions yet, hehe.

    that pie looks so pretty! Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving and that there wasn't too much damage from the massive quantities of food. I personally ate like that turkey/potatoes/pecan pie was the solution to all my problems.. smh

  18. aww congrats on 500 followers Mich!<3
    Thanks for your adorable comment you postet over a month ago on my blog, I finally came back(:
    I always want to message you but I dont have a clue what time it is in NJ and especially not when you're availible for messaging since you're online most of the day, lol :D
    your pie recipe really sounds good, my mother still has a pumpkin and no idea what she should make out of it. I'm gonna send her the recipe :D

    hope you're okay, and I refuse to accept that I weight 1.5 tons, like Nasimiyu, if you weight a ton... so stop thinking of you as a ton. You better star thinking of you as a FEATHER-LIGHT FAIRY nooooooooooow!


  19. Congrats on the 500 followers! Honestly, you deserve WAY more than that. Your blog is kind of a source of great entertainment for me!

    And, despite not knowing what you look like, sound like, or how you dress ( kind of irrelevant but whatever) you are definitely someone i admire, if not just for your endless wit and charm ;)


  20. ermm, so.. vitamins make you gain weight??


    What's that small, shiny thing that just flew past my head and into oblivion?

    oh nothing... just my dream of ever finding a skinnybeautiful me...

    I've missed you.. <3

  21. I love the Adam's Family quote, I swear I've watched that film over a hundred times ^_^
    I had a crack at making the pumpkin pie and though it was good, I'm sure it tasted no where near as good as yours :)

    xoxo E


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