Friday, September 2, 2016

Yeah, that’s right! You better run! She’s our friend and she’s crazy!

As much as I adore my new apartment, there is still one drawback to living in an apartment building (aside from no dishwasher and not washing machine).


For the most part, I've lucked out with the neighbours here. (Remember the neighbours we had in Philly?) The lady next door is very pleasant, though I've only seen her twice since moving in. I have yet to see her son, or the other person who moved in a couple weeks ago (I'm assuming either her daughter or her son's girlfriend...).

The landlord's daughter and her boyfriend live in the apartment below mine. I've run into her maybe two or three times. She is also very nice.

Next to her, there is a family of migrant farmers (parents and two kids). I see them the most, and they're probably the friendliest out of everyone. My only issue with them is that every once in a while, the family across the street comes over so all the kids can play together, and for some reason they feel like it's a good idea to have all the kids play in the driveway. A driveway in which six cars are frequently coming and going.

Then there's the people in the basement.

I hate people. I hate small talk. I hate being forced to interact with people on a small-talk level, but I'll do it when the situation calls for it.

For example, if you happen to pass your neighbours in the shared driveway, it's not a lot to ask to give them a pleasant "good morning" or least a "hi."

Because the basement-dwellers allow me to use their rubbish bins free of charge (otherwise I'd have had to pay $20/month for my own), I thought they must be relatively nice people. I offered to split the $20/month, but they said no. That's very nice of them.

But every time I pass one of them and try for the friendly "good morning" or "hi" or what have you, I get Side-Eye-Chloeied.

If Mr. Basement-Dweller is out on his own, I might get a grunt or a muttered "hi" back. If it's both Mr. and Mrs. Basement-Dweller, I get Side-Eye-Chloeied all the way to the front door.

Mrs. Basement-Dweller seems to have a particular hatred for me. At first I thought I was just paranoid, but I've seen her chatting all friendly-like with Mrs. Migrant Farmer and the people across the street while their kids play together, and chatting with the dude across the street who handles most of the maintenance in our building, so she obviously doesn't hate everyone. I've tried really hard to be nice to her, but I feel like every time I do something like compliment her bumper stickers (because in fairness, she has some hilarious bumper stickers), she just gives me dirtier looks than she did before.

But enough about that.

Let's talk about her f**king minivan.

As per everyone's lease, each apartment gets one of the five parking spaces (5 apartments = 5 parking spaces). It's a b*tch backing out of my parking space if Mr. Basement-Dweller's car is in the driveway parked next to mine, but it can be done with a 5-point turn. The reason being that the stupid unnecessary handrails leading down to the basement apartment stick out into the driveway in the most awkward spot ever, and you have to do a 5+ point turn avoid hitting them and knocking them over (Mr. Basement-Dweller and I have both destroyed the railings, more than once).

Everyone else who lives in the building but doesn't get a parking space parks on the street right outside the building. There are only like 20 people living in the whole village, so it's not exactly hard to find a space right outside our building. All the other tenants manage it without a problem.

Except for Mrs. Basement-Dweller.

More often than not, she parks in the driveway.

Here's how the driveway is set up:

And here's where Mrs. Basement-Dweller parks her minivan.

If she pulls right up to the garage, I might be able to get out if I make a 30-point turn. Usually when I am attempting this, Mr. and Mrs. Basement-Dweller stare at me from right outside their front door, giving me dirty glares.

The other day, I tried and failed to get out of my parking space, so I rolled my window down and asked very politely, "could' y'all please move the van?"

Mrs. Basement-Dweller's response was a very audible "UUGGHHH", and then she stabbed her cigarette out rather violently into their overflowing ashtray, went inside, and slammed the door behind her.

Mr. Basement-Dweller stood there for a protracted moment, obviously under the assumption that Mrs. Basement-Dweller had gone in to get her keys so she could move the van. When she did not return after some time, he stuck his head inside and said something to her, and then he went and got the keys and moved the van.

And I was like ummmmmmm ok do y'all want me to take out your railings again? Should I arrange to have my car lifted out of the driveway with a crane?? COULD ONE OF YOU MAYBE PARK IN THE FECKING STREET LIKE EVERYONE ELSE?

 Lil Bro#2's explanation: "Obviously it's because she's an old witch who wants to steal your youth and beauty from you. Watch out. Don't drink any mysterious liquids that show up on your doorstep."

Sounds legit.

Have a good weekend y'all!


  1. I think your brother is right on the money really. Can't you bring it up with the landlord? That sounds like something they could take care of. If they want the minivan near their house then Mr Basement Dweller could park in the street instead.

  2. That would really piss me off as well!

  3. Yeah, that's not cool. What would happen if you wanted to get out but neither of them were there to move the van? Because, seriously, the whole point of a parking space is being able to get in and out when you need to.

  4. "Then there's the people in the basement" sounds like you're setting up a horror story. Which I guess you kind of are, in a way.

  5. This is hilarious!
    But legit, she's most definitely a witch. Grab ye a pitchfork for a burning...

    1. Wow, seriously sorry...we've never had good neighbors (my fav British Comedy) either, except in CT, where every thing was perfect of course!, but we have been lucky not to have top share of luck and love to you always....when do the Aunties come?

  6. I live in a house in a rural neighborhood. Luckily there's not much social interaction.

  7. Old witches are often threatened by the young cuties in the neighborhood. Just ask Snow White. I would avoid apples for the foreseeable future.

  8. Your neighbor sounds like a C.U.NextTuesday. Super bummer, Mich.

  9. You should print this up and slide it into her Sunday paper, lol!

  10. Te envio mi blog de poesias por si quieres darle un vistazo


  11. I'd make them move their van every time I wanted to get out. maybe they'll get tired of it and park in a better spot. Lil bro could be right.

  12. Oh my... This came at just the right time. We are having some ridiculous neighbor problems right now, too. I'm officially joining the pity party. Hope there is cake.

  13. Just suddenly have to leave the apartment 5-10 times a day. I wonder how many days it would take before they're sick of moving their van once an hour. I imagine not long.

    If not, you know, there's always throwing a pot of scalding hot water on them. It kills witches, but it also kills regular people, too. Win/win.

  14. Oh, how will it all end? Or will it?


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