Friday, September 9, 2016

Give up your dead.

This week has been fairly insane. I have never been so excited to sit home and do absolutely nothing.

Monday night, shortly after arriving home, the fire department arrived outside our building. Lady next door had a burst pipe or something in her kitchen, which flooded her apartment, the migrant farmers' apartment below her, and the basement dwellers' apartment. Praise be to God, my apartment was totally undamaged.

But they had to cut the power so as to avoid potential electrical fires. And because the landlord and not the fire department cut the power, the electric company informed us we would need an Official Okay from an electrician and the Official Okay from the town building inspector before they would turn the power back on.

So Tuesday morning, I sent Drummerboy to the apartment (he's an electrician), and we had the power back on by Tuesday evening.

Also Tuesday evening, I met one of the New Zealand cousins and his wife, who were staying at Dad's house for a couple of days. His wife is originally from Alabama, and her hybrid Southern Belle/New Zealand accent is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Wednesday I ended up spending nearly two hours with Guitar Teacher because we spent almost an hour in deep discussion over The Silmarillion before actually starting a bass guitar lesson.*

On Thursday, I took the day off work to spend with my aunts. We had a nice lunch, but then did nothing for the afternoon because it was too bloody hot out. Dinner brought on some drama with Lil Sis, who was extremely upset by the fact that we would not sit around waiting for her to get home from NYC before going to dinner. We had her meet us at the restaurant, so that I could head home before it got too late, since it takes me an hour+ to get home from there. But apparently this was unbelievably selfish of me.**

Tonight I am sitting home doing feck all. And it is wonderful.

Wovenhand's new album is out. Here is my favourite track:


Tomorrow I have been invited to a party thrown by one of The Misfits. I'm tempted to bail because I'm le tired, but I feel like I'll regret that....

*That problem is not going anywhere fast. 

**It is perfectly fine if everyone else is inconvenienced, but Lil Sis must never be inconvenienced ever because that is Not Fair.


  1. Yes, this week was insane. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Glad you got electricity back fairly quickly. Isn't it funny how some people think the world must revolve around them?

  2. This past week was indeed strange. Glad your apartment is fine!!
    Sisters are always moody, haha.

  3. That's one big headache with apartments: Other people's mistakes can easily turn into your problem.

    I've been trying to do nothing other than sitting back and relaxing to recharge my batteries. Plus there have been some great albums released this eyar and I have to internalize them more deeply before they pass me by.

  4. That's one of the reasons why I'm glad I don't have an apartment. Neighbor's problems often may be your problems

  5. Go to the party. One should not pass up opportunities for awesome experiences. Worst case, if it bombs? You have slam dunk blog material.

  6. I like the Silmarillion- I think I have read it through three or four times. I like Wovenhand's new song. I don't like flooding. Enjoy the day of peace.

  7. What if my dead is not quite dead yet? My week also sucked, but I think yours might have been worse. Hey, there's always next week! How bad can it be?

  8. It's always the selfish ones that are the quickest to call others "selfish."

    Thanks so much for the comment and follow, Mich. If you don't already follow Bryan and Brandon at, you must. Bryan is the one who did the creepy-sexy thing with my eyes on my blog.

    Happy weekend.

  9. When it is hot it is hard to be motivated. It seems to be a bad week all around.
    Hope it will be a better week for us all.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  10. Well it's a bit late now obviously but I hope you did party it up with the Misfits. Or at least one of them. That does sound like something you'd regret not doing. After that you can take a day or two off to relax and do absolutely nothing.

  11. seeing the autumn theme of your blog - with my favourite colour! ORANGE! made me so so unbelievably happy.

    oh wow. you must have some brilliant chi in that room of yers.

    alright, i stand corrected. your chi is still off. electricity problems are bloody bollocks they are.

    oh wow i'm exhausted just reading this.

    i'd comment on specific things to make this lengthier but i don't know where to start. i want to do feck all too now! and just to mention it, YES for new albums! Sonata Arctica (my fave band) is releasing one soon as well!

    that part about Lil Sis not being inconvenienced made me smile so much.


    that is all. and i hope i didn't offend you with anything. i'd normally reread this but you've made me tired and i'm watching King Arthur's Disasters and my concentration is completely fixated on seeing how he mucks up. (i love this show. ever since i was a wee nipper i've loved this show.)

    -Sam Lupin

  12. I really want to hear this Southern Belle/New Zealand accent. Maybe if you weren't so UNBELIEVABLY SELFISH you'd have posted it!

    (Really, though, siblings are the worst with that kind of thing)

  13. Yikes! That could've been so much worse. Good thing you know an electrician. Hope you enjoyed your day of peace. You deserved it.


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