Friday, September 23, 2016

some new album reviews.......

This post is me talking to hear (read?) myself talk, because 99% of you probably do not give a crap about any of the bands I'm about to blather on about. 

This month, three of my favourite bands of all time released new albums. I cannot remember the last time this happened (probably not since early high school), as the vast majority of the bands I listen to have long since disbanded.*

The Commandments According to SCAC

by Slim Cessna's Auto Club

Not gonna lie, I was super disappointed by this album. But not surprised, because I have noticed a pattern. Ever since Rebecca Vera got more heavily involved with them, their music has suffered. And not just SCAC. Their side project, Denver Broncos UK is definitely not something I would listen to again, and Munly's last solo album was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge disappointment considering how amazing the previous albums were (.....if a bit ok fine a lot strange). 

The members of SCAC have always made some strange music, but it was good strange. This album just sounds weird and disjointed, and not in a good way. I will still love them unconditionally, but I don't think I'll be rushing out to get this on vinyl. 


by The Handsome Family

This is classic Handsome Family, which is nice because their last couple albums were sort of a big departure from their usual sound. Lots of good melodies and wonderful storytelling.

I am currently using all of my willpower to restrain myself from buying the record because I'm going to see them next Friday and I'd rather buy the record directly off of Rennie and Brett and have them sign it. 

and finally.....

Star Treatment

by Wovenhand.

Holy sh*t. 

I don't know how the heck he does it. David Eugene Edwards has been consistently producing amazing music since the very early 90's and has once again blown me away. I don't even know how to describe the music on this album. It's like a crazy mix of metal/folk/blues/punk/David Bowie. "The Hired Hand" (which I've posted previously) is still my favourite track, but the other songs are all just as good. 

So go buy it. 

Have a good weekend, y'all!

*Pun intended.


  1. I think we have similar tastes in music so I might have to check these albums out. Except for the first one, which sounds like an absolute disappointment. It's a real shame to watch a band you love so much go downhill like that. Have a good weekend yourself Mich.

  2. Well, that's great that they've released new albums. Sorry the first one was a disappointment.

  3. It's been a wild year for music. All of my favorites (well, at least the ones under 70) have all released albums this year, too. I haven't even had to go out and try to find new music. It's like the music has been coming to me.

    I will have a listen to David Eugene Edwards.

  4. Oh thank you! Love music recs. I LOVE music.

  5. Hours of trolling through youtube videos are now a part of my afternoon plans. Squee!! I've been itching for some new music to listen to. :)

  6. I expect you to subject me to as much of your music as possible while you're here.

  7. "This post is me talking to hear (read?) myself talk, because 99% of you probably do not give a crap about any of the bands I'm about to blather on about." Blather on, that's what I do. I don't expect that anyone knows who or what I'm blogging about, either.

    I cant believe that someone named their band Denver Broncos. Like... maybe disguise it a little? Even "Peyton and the Elways" or "Orange Crush" would have been better.

    Your taste in music is a bit outside my circle but I'm glad your fave bands have released new music that meets/exceeds your standards. Enjoy :-)


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