Monday, August 29, 2016

Some things I accomplish when both bosses are away on vacation:

A month's worth of backed up filing.

Making jewelry.

Took me a while to get the hang of it because the tutorials I found online be like:

I found this cool pair of antique scissors in the tin of embroidery thread I bought 3 years ago and forgot about.

I fixed my sunglasses.*

And I made this totally sweet sculpture out of white-out.

In other news.......

One of my best friends got married Saturday. She began planning it the Monday before. (They've been engaged for like 6 years.) It was just for immediate family; I was the only friend present because she wanted me to take photos.

Quote of the day: "This is really just about having a photo shoot for my nails."

She did them herself and they perfectly matched her dress. (She wore black, he wore white.)

On Sunday I tried chatting with the Pesto Man. He does not seem remotely interested, which is not surprising at all because it's me and good things never ever ever ever happen to me where boys are concerned.

This coming Saturday, Loud Auntie and Anorexic Auntie are coming to stay for a week.

 Lil Bro#2 also comes home forever on Wednesday. I'm super excited. We've already planned our first trespassing adventure.



Which means summer is almost over.

And pumpkin spice season will soon be upon us.

:D :D :D

But perhaps most exciting of all, WOVENHAND'S NEW ALBUM COMES OUT ON SEPTEMBER 5TH. 

They just released another single from the album and it's really freaking amazing. I've already pre-ordered the album on vinyl. 

What did y'all get up to over the weekend?

*I sat on them.


  1. I love your whiteout sculpture! Looks like what I do all day in the call center. Library is more entertaining. :)

  2. So, the glasses were beyond a simple "thread the wire through the hole" thing, I take it?

    Never heard of Wovenhand. I shall take a listen if my memory holds up later.

  3. I need to get more productive. I never get any good white-out scuptures completed.

  4. I LOVE making friendship bracelets! I put beads in mine to sparkle them up. The scissors are totally awesome as is the white out sculpture. I don't have to file anymore but I actually liked it when I did. It was one of those tasks I could zone out on, plus, no customer interaction, which is always a bonus.

  5. So sorry about Pesto Man. Maybe you got him on a bad day? Those nails look amazing.

  6. Hey, I tried writing before but stupid blogger ate my post I guess that's why I always have to "reply"

    Anyhow, I love this entry, Stupid Pesto Boy has NOOOOOOO idea what he is missing, no idea, you are lovely, we all know that! I love the brides nails and that she wore black, how cool is that?! Your bracelets came out so nice, will any be for sale?

    Can't wait for the Aunties visit, love the Four Horsewomen...and lil bro coming home, should make for some great stories!

    And Fall! Yes, I swear this will be the "Autumn of Tracy" remember the "Summer of George"....? I will lose weight, I will get back to exercise, I will cut waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back on booze....keep me honest!

    sending much love!

  7. that tutorial thing makes me laugh. and the filing... ugh! it was nice to see an empty tray. hopefully it stays that way, aye?

    those are some fancy looking scissors.

    oh God, you should come here and do my medical stuff for me. that way we can both win, aye?

    *dies* that wedding nail photo is delicious.

    aye, maybe you did catch Pesto Man on a bad day. i think next time you should be like "HI YOU REMEMBER ME? WHEN ARE WE GETTING MARRIED?" that might clue him in a bit.

    i cannot deal with your Four Horsewomen.

    you go on with your pumpkin season... which i am not a part of at all. speaking of which, i should really eat that pumpkin i have downstairs, aye?

    though there is always that pumpkin spice latte. ;) i'm afraid to say that i like it because it has images of girls half my size and half my age wearing an atrocious amount of make-up and for some reason, sunglasses indoors. it is a well known fact that anyone that wears sunglasses indoors is a pretentious bastard.

    love love love love love you xxx

    -Sam Lupin

  8. And soon we'll be shoveling snow (guess I'm a "glass half empty" kinda guy).
    On the bright side, the apocalypse is coming (aka Election Day).

  9. The friendship bracelets are pretty!
    September = school for me, lol. Never had pumpkin spice anything (cheapskate is my middle name) but I bet it's pretty good.

  10. I always get more done when the attorneys are out of the office. The calls come in regardless, but it's nice to not have a fresh stack of paperwork every damn day.

    Pesto Man just made my list. (Unless you're giving him another chance?)

    I cannot wait for summer to end. Autumn is quickly becoming my fave season...I just had a pumpkin spice yogurt that put me in a fall mood.

    Wovenhand!!! That oughta counteract the effects of the four horsewomen. Can't wait to read all about your new trespassing adventures.

  11. It was nice seeing your blog. You have done many things! We feel happy when we tie friendship band to others and we will feel more happy if we ourselves make the band. Good combination of colors. Your art in your nail looks good. Sweet looking small doll made fully in white:)

  12. Is the sculpture a naked lady?

    Or maybe that's just my psychological profile -_-

  13. A real friend will just make the bracelet for you. Or buy one, since they're like a dollar.

    Cheers to all of your productivity! Reward yourself with pumpkin spice everything. Pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice beer, pumpkin spice Pringles... the sky's the limit.

  14. When both my bosses are away things tend to go very wrong. So they rarely actually go away together. It's kind of strange that being left without managerial supervision actually makes you more productive. While being visited by the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse doesn't sound that good, it looks like everything else in September will be nice. Your brother is coming home, a new album is coming out, and white girls everywhere will once again be embracing their pumpkin spice lattes.

  15. I'm impressed by your nails AND the bracelets...I can't do that kind of stuff. Heck, I can't even hang a picture straight. I love when my boss is out of the office. I get so much done! But it rarely happens. Why don't they ever vacation?


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