Thursday, December 3, 2015

God rest ye merry hippogriffs

The Christmas season is upon us once again. We all know what that means.

My old cat, Callisto used to knock the tree down every year. (She always waited until the day after Christmas though, which was very considerate.)

As soon as the fake tree makes its appearance, Harleyquinn goes into permanent Crazy Time ModeThere is actually a flattened spot in the middle of the fake tree from her sleeping in it.

Ivy only tried climbing it once.

 Ivy, the simple cat does not like Christmas. She does not like anything that deviates from Normal. As in, the same people being in the house and the same daily routine for 2 days or more, 2 days being the limit of Ivy's memory. Currently, with me going up to stay at my Dad's from Friday to Sunday night, Ivy is having meltdowns all over the place. First on Saturday morning, when I have not returned. After a full day, she accepts that Mich is gone and never coming back, and thus accepts Mumsy as her new primary caretaker. When Mich returns from the dead on Sunday night, Ivy's whole world is shattered again, and it takes her another day and a half to recover.

So despite the fact that Ivy has experienced 2 Christmases before, she has no memory of it. On top of the decorations, Christmas means more people in the house. Ivy hides under my bed when strangers arrive. Even Lil Sis--when she comes home from college, it takes Ivy 2 days of hiding under the bed before she remembers that Lil Sis lives here.

As a result of all of this chaos, when I'm home (and once Ivy has remembered who I am), she follows me around the house at all times. She will cry if I shut her out of the bathroom. She will cry if she discovers I left the room and she didn't notice. And she will hover around my ankles and I'll forget she does that and

and I look down to see Ivy, extremely concerned.

On Tuesday night, I got drunk and decorated the living room. I think I may have gone a *tad* overboard.

I still cannot find the office decorations. I definitely remember, after taking all the decorations down last year, that I had this *~*BRILLIANT*~* notion with regard to the office decorations: I decided to put them away somewhere separate from the house decorations, so that I would have an easy time finding them this year instead of digging through all the boxes of household decorations. 

Guess what.

I totally forgot where I put them. I have searched the entire house. 


  1. I think the cats may have hidden the decorations.

  2. Ah, cats and Christmas. How I enjoy your discussion and drawings. We had a cat named Milhous who climbed the Christmas tree, stole the angel from the top, and bit off her face. He only knocked down the tree once in the many years we belonged to him. He also liked sleeping among the gifts under the tree because he knew he was the best gift of all. I don't recall F. Cat Fitzgerald and Charlotte Mew paying any attention to the tree. I have solved this year's decorating problem. I don't think I'll do it. Drunk decorating was a good plan, though, and I love writing on pain pills--not literally carving out messages on pain pills but taking them and then writing. But you knew what I meant all along.


  3. Splitting the home and office decorations really doesn't sound like a bad idea in theory, until you lose one set of decoration. Ivy sounds pretty cute. I wouldn't mind having someone that worried about me. Though I can't say I'd agree with someone that forgot I existed after two days. Callisto sounds like a cat that just believed Christmas was over at 12 midnight on boxing day and you needed to get the tree down as soon as possible.

  4. Our cat never took down the tree. My brother and I did once, when the folks went out to dinner and left me in charge, and the cat made a perfect receptacle for the blame. The beauty of it is, we didn't even have to lie. The folks just assumed it was the cat and saw that we tried our hardest to put the tree back together.

  5. Maybe Ivy is a sketchball. That's what we call cats who freak out if anyone other than 'family' comes to the house. One of my cats (with the stupid name of Kitten) scrambles madly and desperately to open the closet door in the kitchen if anyone comes to the house so he can hide. I can't imagine putting up a tree with my awful black cat Jim; he'd destroy it. Poor Ivy. Kitten feels her pain.

  6. Drunk decorating FTW. Looks awesome. Because of cats, all of my decorations are the exterior kind. My cats don't climb the tree. No, they just like to eat it. And then puke little foamy green spikes everywhere. Somehow I think I'd prefer the climbing.

  7. I think your living room looks great...and THAT's what I was missing from my decorating...alcohol. It would have been much more pleasant!

  8. I think that living room looks rather tasteful to be honest.

  9. Love your Kitties and décor. Drunk decorating=Good Drunk Dialing=Bad Very Bad

  10. Awww cats. That living room looks perfect. My house doesn't do trees anymore because of small size + very mischievous cats. I do have a tiny 5" one somewhere but a small tree might well be dragged around as our cats tried to do with the big one!

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    PS. love ur cats!


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