Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Keep drinking, little man. I wanna see how red your face can get.

Howdy y'all. I hope everyone had a nice Halloween. I attended the church Halloween party and played games with the kiddies.

I was the general favourite of the 2 - 6 age group, and received many hugs.

I'm playing bass in the church band this Sunday. They asked me back after my first performance two weeks ago, so I guess that means I don't totally suck. I discovered two weeks ago that I am not nervous at all getting up on stage in front of people.

 We have also managed to convince Lil Bro#1 to play back up guitar this Sunday, so I'm double excited. When Lil Bro#2 comes home for Thanksgiving, he will be playing drums, so perhaps our dream of getting The Brooks Brothers and the Bastard Henry playing as a real band is closer than we thought.

I'm working on a picture based on my favourite beer, but I shall have to wait until Friday evening to finish it, as I left half of my art supplies at Dadum's house.

because normal people make beer fan art


  1. You played bass? Cool.
    I usually play flounder.
    Just for the halibut.

    1. oh Al, you're such a card! or should I say carp?

  2. You make such a pretty Elsa! I'm not surprised you were the favourite.


  3. I have two nephews who adore beer. They travel the world to drink beer. I'm sure they'd adore your art. I think it's great.


  4. I LOVE your costume, Mich! You really pull of Elsa. I also love your art. :)

  5. Lovely costume.... also, i could also play drums in your church, provided that they don't mind a drummer with black metal influences :)

  6. Cool Costume! I'm hoping it was a costume....

  7. Your art continues to be awesome. You write, you play bass, and you're a great artist. Is there anything you can't do? Fantastic costume too. I recently went on a Frozen event with the young niecelings and it's incredible how much kids still love that blond haired, blue eyed ice queen.

  8. Ooo pretty costume pretty lady! And ooo I do hope the band happens. You'd have to go on the road and tell us everything!

  9. omg an adult Elsa costume!!! '

    Do the band thing. That would be so über awesome, like an unsucky Partridge family.


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