Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You can’t get no action if you're standin’ still.

I had a lovely holiday in Kentucky. And after seeing what Bossman and Bosslady did to the office in my absence, I would very much like to get back into my car, drive back to Kentucky, and stay there.

We took 2 days each way to drive down to Paducah. At the welcome center in West Virginia, we took our photos with the ridiculous motorbike thing:

(It's a family tradition; so far only Lil Bro#2 still needs his photo with this.)

We drove through the Daniel Boone State Forest. The Red River Gorge is beautiful. 

At the motel in Paducah, we discovered a number of kitties. So naturally we fed the kitties our leftovers every evening, and sat outside with them until we went to bed.

Cookie, Lady, and Paddy
Paddy was the general favourite. He started out pretty wild, but we had him purring on our laps by the last night there. 

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was the Barbecue on the River, so we spent a good deal of time rambling about the town and eating quite a lot. 

Paducah river front
We decided on where to eat based upon the number of trophies outside each barbecue booth.

We also discovered my new favourite pumpkin spice beer.

We spent two days wandering around the Land Between the Lakes, which is beautiful.

And on Sunday, we got to spend the day with Tempest, which was quite lovely, and I wish she lived closer.

And then this morning I returned to work, to this:

is it the weekend yet


  1. Love the photos. Sounds like a nice, relaxing trip. The kitties are adorable!
    And yay for meeting internet friends! It's good to know neither of you (or both of you...?) are serial killers.
    Oh, your poor office. The look on the dog's face says it all.


    1. I decline to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

  2. Is there a chance that your office window is above a trash dumpster?

    1. Wow, what a great homecoming...looks like what I used to come home to on my visits to dying mum. What , they didn't even bother to clean...yep, the same here at my loving home. Sigh, sounds like your trip was fun though and you met some amazing kitties. I still miss "Cuddles" Love you!

    2. Annnnnnnd they left you a
      dead" dog" How unseemily is that a word? Apparently vert sorries! Love you Michie!

  3. That's definitely a lot of work to return to. I'd head back to Kentucky too. Those cats are super cute. I guess they must have belonged to the people there. If not I'd have tried to take one.

  4. You have an office dog?! Amazing!

    Kentucky looks awesome - I might have to take an adventure there! Have never been there. Is there public transit?

  5. Oh I'm all for the kitties! I would have taken them all with me!

    Now as far as all that paper work, it looks like you can use all of it as tinder for fire in a chimney.

  6. Well, at least they missed you at work... Sort of.


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