Friday, September 18, 2015

It's high tech fat! Good to 40 below.

I've overheard this particular sentiment like five times this week (usually from men) so I feel the need to complain about it: being bothered by women's bra straps showing.

I was unaware that this is offensive.

Why are you afraid of my bra strap? It's just a bra. Do you not like knowing that I have boobs? They're kind of hard to miss, which is why I need the bra.

It's been consistently 90 degrees F and above the last 2 months. NINETY F**KING DEGREES.

But apparently my bra straps are not allowed to be seen. So I guess I'll have to wear something that is not a tank top to cover them. So I can sweat to death and get even worse swamp boob than I already have.

Someone please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks that is totally frigging stupid.

I don't really have anything else to talk about. Guess I just figured I'd do one last post before I disappear for a while, lest anyone feel concerned about said disappearing....

In a recent cleanout of some stuffs in the garage, I found Zoot!

[don't ask]
He lives in the car now, along with Wimpy and Spooky.

Spooky has been my co-pilot since I first learned to drive.
 Yes, my friends, I am in fact an adult.

Such an adult that I shall be turning 31 this coming Monday. To celebrate our birthdays (C's was last week), she and I are heading to Kentucky next Tuesday, for a week of barn dances and overeating.

This weekend, Dad and Stepmom are taking the RV out for one last camping adventure before the nice weather goes away. I was not originally going to go with them, but then Lil Bro#1 called me and was like yeah they were kind of planning this to be a birthday thing so you should probably come with us. I must stock up on beer.


  1. A possible bumper-sticker for you: Spooky is my Co-Pilot

    I don't care about an errant bra strap, but am bummed by obvious underpants showing.

  2. The straps do not bother me, in fact I thought it was supposed to be a fashion statement.

  3. Yep. They make them pretty these days to be shown.

  4. I love "Zoot" and all your other friends, they look a lot like some of my pals. I have a bat collection that I treasure. By the way, "Tappy" says Hello. Have a wonderful Birthday and trip, you soooo deserve it! Love you Lady!

  5. Is "Zoot" Jewish? He looks like he is wearing a Kippah. That would be extra cool.

  6. How about "Zoot" is my co-piolet" ?

  7. I really can't give you any sympathy. I wish I had your big boobs. I can handle the swamp boobs. But they are real aren't they? X

  8. Nothing wrong with a bra strap, the imagination wonders at what it contains!

  9. Eh, bra straps are a problem? I guess we're a bit more comfortable with showing them in Sweden :)

  10. Some people, I swear. Personally I hate this hot weather. Where is autumn's cool?!

    Happy birthday!

  11. I. HATE. this. Oh nooo, my bra strap is offensive, provocative? Geez.
    I won't even get started on people wearing their jeans so low you can see their boxer shorts and that sorta crap.

    Honestly, I just wear strappy camis 99% of the time, so the straps just all blend together. If anyone's truly offended by my double-strapped shoulders, I'm get to face them. Everything is black and strappy and lacey, so meh.

    Zoot is kinda creepy... I like him! Spooky is awesome. Hey, my brother's 25 and still has a Black Mesa parking permit and a "WWGFD?" bumper sticker (Gordon Freeman, from Half Life). It kinda makes me want to learn how to drive, just so I can have a car to decorate...

    And happy birthday for Monday! Enjoy your little vay-cay.



  12. On the bra strap thing- some people are stupid. Do they think they magically meld into the skin of your back?

  13. I saw a woman's bare elbow the other day and I about vomited in rage. It's like, cover up lady! The whole world can see you, okay?

  14. Oh NO it was my SECRET, you CANNOT know I wear a BRA. NO ONE MAY KNOW THAT WOMEN WEAR BRAS (brb, must fetch eyes, they just rolled out of my head).

  15. Yay for finding old things.

    I'm not really offended by bra straps, but I do find myself agreeing with dress codes. I'm from a country with school uniforms and I can tell you there are girls who take advantage of that kind of thing and, for lack of a better term, slut themselves up a little. I'm not against the idea of decency and modesty but I guess I am a bit old fashioned.


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