Friday, February 7, 2014

We all must make sacrifices; however, as luck will have it, it's yours truly who does the choosing.

I feel like I shouldn't bother blogging if I have nothing interesting to say, but I'm bored.

I only went to work three days this week because of the snow, but it feels like this week draaaaaaaaaaaaaagged.

We got like a foot of snow on Wednesday. Here's what my car looked like that morning:

Half an hour later, when I left the bathroom after getting showered and dressed, I glanced out the window and my car was completely cleared of snow. Ginger Upstairs's uncle/roommate cleaned it.

I still couldn't get out--my car was frozen to the ground. Which was the worst possible timing because I absolutely had to get to a shop very soon, as I had run out of certain *supplies* and needed them before my apartment started looking like a crime scene. I begged Stepmom to come rescue me, and we had an awkward trip to the supermarket, and then a somewhat less awkward coffee in Quick Chek.

Yesterday, it took me like half an hour to get out of my driveway, but by the power of prayer and cat litter, I managed it somehow. No way was I parking in my usual spot to do that all over again, so I texted Ginger Upstairs to ask him which side of the driveway I should block and which side they preferred to use, so I could park mostly in the street.

Not only did he tell me to park on the side that's not as steep, he told me to text him when I arrived home and he would come to the car and shovel me a better path to my door.


oh   ?

I said he didn't have to do that, I could manage in my snow boots, but thanks anyway.

In other equally unexciting news, I might be heading down to Mumsy's tonight or tomorrow morning, since we're due to get two more snow storms over the next seven days.

I love winter. I really do. But this is getting old. And I really really don't want to get stuck at Mum's again for a week. T.T

Also tonight, I shall meet Big Sis#2 at Niecey G's school for Bingo Night. I have no recollection of agreeing to this, but she insists that I did.

Poison Ivy is getting really fat.

I need a drink. Or 12.


  1. I enjoy winter myself but it sounds like there has been far, far too much snow lately. At least you have a nice and friendly neighbour who's helping out.

  2. I put up an email address for submissions, though I will photostalk you myself if I have time :)

    My guess in the dark is that Ginger is trying not to be an asshole despite the shoe and noise issues of the past. It is an encouraging thing.

  3. haha yes i'm so over winter (though we're not having anything like you're having right now, just lots of wind and rain), i can't wait for summer x

  4. Yep, the snow here isn't any better. Just when it starts to melt a little another foot piles on. And since the ice just can't melt, the entire state is a slew of nasty black ice. How about a little sunshine, eh mother nature?

  5. Ha, ha, I remember Niecey she still as much fun as ever????? We are supposed to get a big snow tomorrow night and Thursday. (For Virginia, that's more than several inches....fingers crossed! We haven't had much this year, unlike you!) For you, I wish sunshine and melting!

    Sorry you have to stay at Mom's...I think I am actually looking forward to going back to least I won't have to start the morning hearing a string of swearing...from husband..

    Love you!

  6. Oh god I couldn't be doing with all that snow - I love looking at it, but it's a nightmare if you have to actually do anything. You poor thing! xx

  7. Boredom is a good excuse.

    You gonna Calvin-and-Hobbes that snow or what?!

    Put some salt in with that cat litter to help lower the freezing temperature required by the water.

    Awww chubby kitty is cute! I hope it's just a bad-winter reaction and nothing really bad. (Bola was very very sick and hit 8kg before they worked out what was causing it. They thought he was your typical lazy neuterboy) Silly kitty, run about after the laser pointer!

    Love you <3


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