Monday, February 17, 2014

an update

I am so sick of this mother-effing snow I could vomit. 

And you know if I'M sick of snow it's really bad. 

Officially over a week at Mum's house. 

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow.


I miss my house. Went there yesterday to get more clothes really just stand there and cry. The ground in front of my steps, and also the ground directly outside my door have more or less turned into an ice skating rink. And the driveway is a mess, and since it is a vertical climb onto the road, my car cannot really exit the driveway without risking death by head-on collision.

What this means is that I am stuck at Mum's until the snow in my driveway melts enough that I can drive up to the road normally, as opposed to backing all the way up to the barn and then flooring it and praying there are no cars coming. 


I just want to be back in a place where no one judges me for having 2 or 3 ok fine like 4 or 5 glasses of wine with dinner. 

We've been stuck in the house twice so far.
snow piled up outside the back door--it's twice as high now
the deck last Thursday
the deck as of Monday

We cannot go out the back door because there are 5-foot long deathtraps icicles hanging from the roof. 

upstairs bathroom window--I can't see outside unless I stand on something
I spent all last Thursday attempting to make my hair more Viking-like.

Like Lagertha.

Because she f*cking rules.

I'm getting better at it. Need to go to Harmon and invest in some more hair styling stuffs. Also need to find chains to braid into my hair. 

I am actually at work on a holiday. 

Like I went into work on my day off, when Bossman isn't even in the country, to do filing. 

I am that bored


Book 3, Westley and the Witches, should be hitting the virtual shop shelves THIS WEEK. 

So, you know, y'all should probably go read the first two in anticipation. They might be free on kindle at some point during the week....

Back to the filing I go!



  1. you make a pretty hot viking. Your hair is getting long, missy.

    Love the new book cover! Can't wait! :D

  2. Thank you Blogger for eating my comment. First of all, congratulations on getting a new book out. Next up; the hair; love it. Vikings are the best. As for the snow, I really hope it clears up soon. It must, in some teeny tiny way, be better to be stuck at your mumsies than on your own though. I think.

  3. congrats on the new book!!!! And the hair is very pretty and so is your profile <3

  4. Oh jeez, it seems everywhere's got extreme weather at the moment, one way or another. These pictures are intense!
    The obvious solution is you need bigger wine glasses.
    I love your hair, and as Lilly said, you have a beautiful profile (and face in general). I'm far too lazy to do much with my hair. Jealous.
    And congrats on the new book! That's awesome, seriously.

  5. Sweet holy fuck.

    I'm not so sure I want to come pester you one winter, now. Look like I'd be stuck there so long we'd be using icicle spears to kill our dinner! (How good is your aim? :P)

    Niiiiice viking braids! I want Dany braids but with my fluffy false hairline it looks so nasty.

    Shit I need to get back to work so i can buy your books! I feel like such an asshole for not buying them yet. Because I'm GradScum.

    I kinda mighta accidentally some retail therapy at Needle'n'Thread and got you more pretty embroidery silks. (Actual silk) In Poison Ivy and Harleyquinn colours. Because Kerys was a bitch and I wanted to buy pretties.

    Lol you picked the blankie colours and OKAYed the pattern ^.^ Hmmm super-long scarf would be fun, but that would be a project for another day/decade. Meep!

    I'd almost rather have blizzards right now. I'm not a tropical creature! Too much body hair and not enough melanin. The burn time is so fucking short it's not even funny. Basically: Stay inside 1000-1730 or BURN. Ice FTW!

    I hope the snowpocalypse ends soon. You need packages!


  6. i was just staring at the pictures and going like "oh, those look preeeeeeeettty" but i wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing. ugh. it would suck.
    also, dude, fuck, fuck, fuck. WHEN I SAW THAT I ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF THE VIKINGS CHICK. i did not know her name.
    your tits are nice and pretty *w*
    congrats on the book! the cover looks hot.

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. wine is always acceptable. the amount is negotiable and increases with dreadful circumstances. Sam out!

  7. That is just too much damn snow. The fact that it prevents you from going into your house just sucks. I hope it melts soon.

    Your hair looks great too =)

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  8. This effing winter is insane. But we might be catching a break this week (and last night's snowfall was fairly benign). I should feel bad that you can't get into your own house because of all the snow, but I've also got the urge to tease you about it. That's what you get for leaving the urban sprawl comfort of NJ for a rural outpost in NY Something like that? Nah, that sounds harsh.

    Hooray for new book news! I'll have to snatch that up soon. Also, your hair looks glorious.

  9. That's funny, because for the first time in years I've experienced a relatively mild Canadian winter.

  10. congrats on the book! :) :) and i love that hair omg, i'm going to go and try it out now (it really suits you too!) x

  11. Oh, Mich, you are sooooo beautiful! What an amazing profile! Yes, congrats on the book!

    I understand about the wine. Unfortunately, I get mean when I drink more than a couple of glasses. SIGH!!!!!!!

  12. Winter should just fucking die. Now. I'm in MA (but not anywhere near Sturbridge.) Have a great time!


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