Monday, February 3, 2014

Our vertical leap is beyond all measurement.

Well friends, sadly niece and I did not win the chili cook off. We WERE the crowd fav though, which makes us the winners in my mind. Kazehana said we lost on a technicality, since my chili had no beans in it. I hate beans, and had therefore replaced them with bacon.  

Had a snow day today. "Dusting" me arse. We got like 6 inches of snow. I spent the day cleaning, reading, and engaging in adult activities, the latter of which may have been a *tad* louder than necessary, so the neighbours probably think I'm a giant whore now. 

Anyone else have an exciting snow day?


  1. I had a day off too, my boss called at 5:30am to tell me we were closed. I flipped out at first b/c i thought it was my alarm ("Nooooo! There's no way it's 8am already!") but i went back to bed until 10am so that was nice. Did some early spring cleaning in the upstairs room (blog post to follow. possibly.) and caught up on a few blogs while pigging out on Super Bowl leftovers.

    Sadly, there were no adult activities involved so ... um... you win :-D

  2. That sounds like an awesome "dusting"!
    Also, no beans is a chili sin, but replaced by bacon is a triumph. It's like stealing a wallet but replacing it with a fully loaded purse.

  3. Pickleope has got it right with chili philosophy. I have plans to sleep at work after tomorrow night's shift because it's going to snow and ice all 12 hours I'm 30 miles from home (sigh) then *hopefully* charging back into the city Wednesday night for auditions to act in my college's spring production of George Orwell's 1984 :D

  4. P.S. Got myself some adult activity accoutrements for my bday. Let any adult who does not enjoy being adult throw the first stone :P

    1. I would never throw stones for such a thing. ;)

  5. I agree you won the chili cookoff. Beans are overrated. I think chili is defined by meat and clever use of spices. Beans are just cheap filler! I wanna try your chili!
    Congrats on the adult activities ;)

  6. I never thought about putting bacon in my chili. I think I'll have to give it try. Great…now I want chili.

  7. I bet your chili was insanely delicious.

    LMAO I hope your ginger neighbor was crying into his pillow upon realizing what he could have had.,

  8. Never been a big fan of beans, so bacon chili sounds awesome to me. I actually looked at chili on Wikipedia, and apparently there's controversy over whether or not it should contain beans, so I reckon you should've won.
    The neighbors are probably just jelly that you were having such great 'adult activities' :P

  9. ROBBED, you were ROBBED. It's all politics anyway, you can't trust the judges - only the crowd x

  10. ....the neighbours are now making a show of hanging out in the living room (directly above my bedroom) and having loud conversations......

  11. well that's just ridiculous! i don't like beans in my chilli either (i don't like beans full stop) x

  12. I hate beans in my chili too! The fact that not having beans makes it NOT chili is STUPID!!! You are the winner in my book.


  13. Wtf?! I'd say you WIN for replacing beans with bacon! Bacon makes everything 500% BETTER!


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