Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm going to ramble now because I feel like it.

I watched Hannibal the other day (the film, not the tv show, but if you haven't watched the show GO DO IT NOW). I totally forgot that I had never seen the full ending of the film.

****spoiler alert if you haven't read the books (and you should; they're brilliant)****

WTF RIDLEY SCOTT?!?! YOU FAIL. Clarice Starling DOES NOT keep trying to injure and/or capture Hannibal to arrest him when she wakes up in the mansion, they RUN AWAY TOGETHER AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, DAMMIT.

****okay, I'm done***

It has been a somewhat hectic 2 weeks. After the Christmas hols, I spent only a few days home last week--bloated and cranky and swinging back and forth between depression and Numbness. I spent New Year's Eve home alone and was in bed by 10.00. Mum actually came to visit me on New Year's Day (::GASP::), which was nice.

Last Thursday morning, I packed up the kitties and an overnight bag and left home early, to drop my stuff off at Mum's before work so I wouldn't get stuck in an epic snowstorm again.

I am still at Mum's house.

(It's Monday.)

So some random drama--Anorexic Auntie sent me a new pair of shoes for Christmas (Irregular Choice, my fav). They still hadn't arrived as of last week, so she was getting worried they were lost in the mail. She had the package tracked and according to the tracking history, it was delivered to my address on Christmas Eve.

So I texted superhot neighbour and asked if any packages for me been delivered that they maybe forgot about. (Usually they leave stuff like that outside my door.) He said he didn't remember getting anything.

Anorexic Auntie (who is terrifying and relentless when she wants something) further investigated the delivery of my shoes and according to the Florida, NY post office, my package was indeed delivered to the upstairs, and signed for by superhot neighbour. They sent her a scanned copy of the mail receipt with his signature on it.

It's probably a good thing that the combined forces of the weather (3 degrees F/-16 C tonight, after a feckton of snow, which melted today in the spinglike warmth, and rain, which will turn to a feckton of ice as soon as the temperature drops), my car (epic flat tire Saturday and no one could fix it until today), and plumbing issues (no water in my apartment until maybe tomorrow, landlord is not sure) are forcing me to stay at Mum's, because in my precarious mental state I probably shouldn't be allowed to retrieve my shoes by force.

In happier news, my cats are loving their little holiday. They have a big house to tear around, and two extra people to make a fuss of them, plus all the visitors making a fuss of them. Mum's cleaning ladies spent half an hour this morning chasing them around the house to make a fuss of them and teach them to speak Polish

In general well-being, I'm not sure how I am. I feel weird. Sort of suspended somewhere above caring, like I'm watching everything the way you'd watch a movie you're not that interested in. I have no motivation for anything.

Stay warm, my pretties. 


  1. I feel like I keep missing large chunks of your life.

    The ending of that film pissed me off TO NO END.

    Sorry you're stuck back at mumsy dearest's house.

    I TOLD YOU to stay away from the ginger!!!!!!!! Go demand your shoes. Show no mercy.


    Check you email

  2. Darling, do i have your email? i will delete my blog completely in a couple of days and if i write else where or anyway i'd like to stay in touch!

  3. Stay warm? Ye gods, spring can't come back soon enough.

  4. I loooove Hannibal, though I haven't seen the TV show. It is a shame that they butchered (no pun intended) the ending though. They left the chemistry, but totally ruined the happily-ever-after. Boo.
    Bloody hell, that's cold. I can't even imagine. I thought 5°c (41°f) was cold.


  5. Wow, Mich, i feel like pogo, i am missing big chunks of your life......

    i am here ay moms, being an alcoholic, going back to VA for who knows how long on the 12th, , Chris has to have a cardic is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great, yes???????

    Love you, Sweets!

  6. Please, please, let us know what is happening, i am so worried about you....i love you!

  7. I was always glad Ridley Scott changed the ending. I hated the way the book ended so much that I threw it in the trash at LAX (I read it on a flight) in a bitter rage. I really, really, really dislike when strong female characters basically lose their ethics/will power/drive when faced with getting some voodoo dick. It's a huge pet peeve of mine.

    Did you ever read any C.L. Moore? Female author. Her character is a boss bitch. Kills the only man she could have loved because she was about business first. I loved that. Priorities.

    Anyway. Send your brothers to go extract those shoes out of upstairs neighba's ass. Send him headless mice as a reminder not to fuck with you.

    Your non motivated feels, I feels 'em.

    1. Noooooo she didn't throw away her ethics though. He lost all of his ethics/willpower in his attempts to overthrow hers. And then after that, she was just like feck all y'all, I'm going to live a life of luxury. The FBI was done with her and she had to accept it. She was always going to end up saving him. least I thought so the first time around reading Silence of the Lambs in high school... Either way, I still think all three books were fantastic. Only thing that bothered me was the mention in SotL that Will Graham had ended up alone and drunk in Florida.

      I will check out Moore. Desperate for new books now that I can fly through a book and a half a week on the kindle. Shouldn't have told me she's a woman though, I'd rather go in blind. I tend to hate women authors (which is awful I know, but I can't help it).

    2. She did throw away her ethics though. A person who chooses to hunt criminals for a living as a service to society who then protects and runs away with a guy who murders and eats people? How is that not a betrayal of ethics?

      There is no justification for his behavior other than that he is a sick fuck. If she accepts/loves him but doesn't hold him to the same standard of right/wrong as everyone else, she is ethically compromised regardless of whether she works for the feds or not. Her entire character basically devolves through the course of the books to become exactly that which she would have abhorred in the beginning. It's gross.

      I dislike women authors who are popular now. But the women authors from the generation of grandmother are awesome. Ursula Le Guin, Margaret Atwood, Mary Renault, C.L. Moore, C.J. Cherryh, Katherine Kerr...I love them so much. Because they never let their female characters turn into stupid, cliche, solipsistic, irrational wimps feeding on bullshit romantic tropes. I despise romance as a genre, as a story vehicle, and in real life as a justification for losing personal integrity or making illogical decisions. So yeah.

  8. It sucks your mail was taken by your hot neighbour. I sent some mail to a friend and all of her packages vanished but we weren't able to really track them down and find out what really happened to them.

  9. I think your neighbour is currently wearing your shoes. He's probably parading around in them as we speak. I just hope you didn't leave any other clothing in accessible places, or else you'll return home and find he's transformed into you and stolen your identity. He'll be going to work as you, hanging out with your friends, and strutting around like he is you. You'll need to confront your evil clone on a rooftop and duel to the death. But how will we know who is victorious? Is it you, or your new evil clone?HOW WILL WE KNOW?!

  10. I was in bed by 10 too! but set an alarm so I could wake up and kiss dutchman at midnight. Then fell right back asleep.

    Yes, please DEMAND for your shoes from neighbour! Hope you're keeping warm! xo

    PS I forgot to tell you I got my painting in the mail right before I left for grandma's for the holidays and I love it! Thank you.

  11. YES RIDLEY SCOTT IS FULL OF FAIL AND LOSE. Fucking moron. *Throws legos under his bare feet*

    Fucking hell, what a dick move. Are you going to bail him up and get your shoes back?

    I'll flick your mini-package to you when the winter has cleared up a bit. It's nothing perishable, but I don't want the neighbour getting your sparkly threads! >:(

    I'm so glad to hear you're somewhere warm and the kitties are having a blast and you're staying as sane as you can. Keep looking after yourself and stay warm, ok?

    I'd better go dig the next ball of yarn for your blanket out of the cupboard. I actually found where it went after the move and put it in an easily accessible location! HOWZAT?!

    Arohanui <3

  12. i clearly need to watch hannibal, end of.


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