Friday, January 10, 2014

I will take these cotton balls from you with my hand, and put them in my pocket.

Hey y'all.

Like the new winter banner?

It took me like five tries to draw that polar bear. 

Apparently I cannot draw bears. 

That was the first attempt. They were mostly downhill from there.

I am back home finally. And I also got my shoes. Neighbour had them upstairs for two weeks (and they had opened the box, I guess not checking first to see who it was for, which I find bizarre as he had to take the time to tell the postman I wasn't home so he could sign for it.), and then he more or less made me feel like I was the one inconveniencing him by wanting my package. 

Whatevs. I will concede that Pogo was correct in her anti-ginger warnings. 
(Please no one take offense if you are gingers. My BFF M. is a ginger [not that he ever leaves his hair that colour...] and we've been BFF's for .... 15 years. OMG I'M GETTING OLD T.T )


And I finally have a pair of sneakers.

Busy weekend ahead. Big Sis#2 has decided that it is her dream to open a shop-type thingy where kids can go for after school lessons or birthday parties or whatever to decorate cookies and cupcakes artistically, and has been trying to make this a real thing since the beginning of December. At the moment, she's just advertising in the school newsletters and renting space in the community center should she happen to get any responses.  

I'm helping her out tomorrow with a birthday party. Not sure what we're doing, except that it involves cookies and popsicle sticks, because I agreed to go over to hers tonight and help pre-assemble the cookies and sticks in exchange for a free dinner of Chinese food. 

Then a possible beer-tasting adventure tomorrow afternoon with that boy I sort of liked last winter, or another tryst with my friend C's cousin. It depends on my mood, but right now I'm leaning towards Option Two...

I forget what I'm doing Sunday aside from church, but I know I'm supposed to be doing something....

Ah well.

Mum called me a Bible-thumping fool the other day. I'm not sure if I feel offended or amused. 

Going to try and catch up on all your blogs now, my friends. It's been too long...


  1. I don't blame you for being a bit peeved about the package thing.

  2. Yay you got your shoes at last, and resisted the urge to beat the guy to death with them for making you wait so long. Good luck to the big sister. I think that's something that could probably do well. It depends on the concentration of kids in the area, and how generous their parents are.

  3. Search "Polar Bear in a Snowstorm" to see it done right ;D

    The only trustworthy gingers are cats. Remember that.

  4. Those sneaks are so them! Especially the little horse! And of course, the snow....Gah, i forgot it's name, please!

    Love ya!

  5. I'm glad you got them back! Now your aunt won't have to eat his soul lol

  6. Bears are a bitch to draw. I think you've done exceedingly well considering the annoyance of bears and the limitations of paint!

    Wow, what a dick. Is he one of those people like Douchenozzle 2IC who are serious Jekyll and Hyde candidates? o.O

    BEST. SNEAKERS. EVER. I have shoe envy for the first time since I discovered Newrocks *drooling*

    Oh yes, and old english pitbull with the lovely roman nose, sassy grin and those sly, sarcastic eyes. My creativity would be a staffie. Definitely. Gah, if I get a dog now it's ALL YOUR FAULT!


  7. of course i had your email. sry about being such a mess mich. i am back on the blog. just less personal. missed you.

  8. Chitclilu! (I know it's spelled wrong!). I saw a girl on the plane with one on her bag. In va now for who knows how long. Almost seems like a vacay except for Chris' procedure.

    Hope you are doing good, you Bible Thumping Fool! (Love it!)

  9. This was an absolute delight to read, especially after just finishing (literally, I just submitted it and then headed over for some blogdom lovings) my third assignment in under a week. Don't know if last minute or just really on it this week..

    Anyway, first I saw the banner and LOVED it and then I saw the post which made me giggle and smile (thanks, been needing it all week). I like your bears. I also hope that children's party went well - that sounds like a messy but fun day.

    I'm a ginge, and no offence taken aha ;) It was international kiss a ginger day like two days ago and I only found out today, definitely feeling cheated.

    Hope your well, I'm sorry it's been so long! Loves xxx

  10. I read the post title and started laughing uncontrollably, and then that turned into a choking fit when I saw your first attempt at a polar bear WHATS WRONG WITH ITS FEET

    one day everyone will realize that I'm always right.

    Your sister actually wants to spend her free time with large groups of children? God bless her!

  11. You did a great job on your winter banner. I can't draw a thing. I'm always impressed when I see people's work. I hope your weekend was great and your sister's store is a huge success!

  12. WTF? You're a ginger-basher now? As a former ginger (now white-grey) I am appalled. Somewhere in your Bible, it says, "Judge not, lest..."

    Oh, wait. I'm doing that right now. Never mind.

  13. Those sneakers are quite festive. I could understand why ginger boy would want to keep them. But...why would he keep the box before opening it? Why would he sign for your mail and refuse to give it to you? Very odd.

  14. Loving the polar bears my dear!

    I promise promise promise I am going to get my shiiiiiit together and get us to make some real plans before the end of this winter! The weather hasn't been helping, but hopefully February will be mild?

  15. Free or otherwise, Chinese food gets my vote.

  16. Hey Mitch. I just logged on yesterday and caught up on your blog from November 2011!! It's been so long since I've been around, I can't believe it. Anyway, I hope you are well. I don't know if you remember, but I deactivated my FB last March. Do you have twitter? I'd love to keep in touch on there. Email me if you do!


  17. I got your comment on my blog and have followed you on twitter! (Sorry to comment on your blog again, but I haven't been on here for so long, I don't know if you'd be notified of my reply in your comment or not.)

  18. Btw, I'm the chick with the Glen, Daryl, Rick header, And I'm kind of a twitter addict as you will surely see. Ok, enough with the excessive, creepy, stalker comments.

  19. Love the banner and love the shoes! I see the pony charm!


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