Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy bloody New Year me arse

So I began 2013 sick as all hell.

Like legit sick, with a FEVER for feck's sake, of 101.3 on New Year's Day. Since my normal body temp is 96.8, my doctor informs me that this fever is the equivalent of a 103.3 fever in a normal person.

This may explain why I felt like I'd taken a cocktail of hallucinogens and angeldust.

And like any sane individual with influenza, I got up and went to work last Thursday, January 2nd. Bossman made me--there was an emergency with one of our clients, and an Order to Show Cause had to be filed NOW NOW NOW.

My job is a wonderful source of entertainment sometimes:

Aside from the fever I had that morning (up to 102.1) my chest, throat, nose, and sinuses were on fire. Bossman was all like yeah I know you're sick; I'll let you leave early.

He let me leave half an hour early at 4.30. And I was working NON-STOP all day. When I arrived home, my fever had skyrocketed all the way up to 103.4. I felt just as insane as anyone might feel with their brain being boiled into sludge. (I actually can't remember most of the latter part of that day. I probably should not have driven home...)

And Bossman actually asked could I come in EARLY the next day.

I laughed at him and he rescinded that particular request.

On Friday, I got up at my usual time to get ready for work. I felt too ill for breakfast, so I got some tea and went back upstairs to do my makeup.

At which point I discovered that I felt incredibly nauseous, and then I spent the next 10 minutes bowing over the toilet. I texted Bossman that I was having a somewhat difficult time getting ready, and that I might be late, and then went to lie down for bit before trying again.

A couple hours and several more getting-up attempts later, I discovered that I could not stand for more than 30 seconds without starting to black out.

And so despite my best efforts, I was forced to tell Bossman that I was unable to make it into work on Friday. Surprise Surprise, he was pissed. I spent half of the day laying immobile in bed before I was finally able to get up and go lay immobile on the couch instead.

And of course, me being me, I can't stand to sit round all day like an invalid, confined to bed or sofa. I want to GET OUT and DO THINGS.

But that doesn't work too well when you're actually sick.

Lil Sis was sick with the same thing. My doctor (I spoke to him on the phone both last Wednesday and Friday) was at a loss and said it was most likely the flu, and to just deal with it until it went away and not bother medicating it yet (which is why he is my doctor). Lil Sis's doctor first said it was bronchitis, then the flu (when the antibiotics didn't work), then allergies (after our friends who had their flu shots all caught whatever we had), and then he said he had no clue and gave her an inhaler.

That's the third time that doctor has given her an inhaler for what is definitely not asthma, or anything related to asthma. I realize that inhalers get prescribed for other things like chronic bronchitis, but Lil Sis's bronchitis has never reached that level, and never once has she found any relief or reduction in symptoms from using these inhalers.

As Americans, we pay upwards of $500 a month for this bullsh*t.

Lil Sis and I feel much better this week, but we still both have the chesty cough and I'm blowing my nose twice as much as usual (I go through so many tissues in an average day even when not sick that I am probably personally responsible for the destruction of at least one rainforest). I hope the rest of you had a better start to the year than I did.  Several plagues are making the rounds amongst friends and family and co-workers and I think Lil Sis and I started most of it.......


  1. please get well soon, no matter how lame that sounds i mean it!! hate the fact you have to pay that unfair!

  2. So those three spirits who visited Bossman on Christmas Eve didn't do the trick?

  3. I really hope you feel better soon Mich. Ignore your bosses ragey antics. It's not your fault you got sick, and there's not much you can do about it. You need time off, you need time off.

  4. That email really made me laugh despite your boss being a bit of a dick by getting so angry. I really hope that you get well soon, sorry that you've kicked your year off by being ill.

  5. Shitty deals on the illnesss. :( reminds me of when I had mono and couldn't take a whole flight of stairs in one go. BUT I'd already missed the maximum amount of classes (1) you can miss before they can kick you out of a class. lol

  6. Just keep your mutant virus on the east coast, k? Bossman should thank his lucky stars he has an employee psycho enough to show up to work AT ALL when you're that sick :P I feel ya on the bills. I've lost over $700 in the last month trying to keep my lungs in working order.

  7. oh noes! everyone is getting sick. i hope you and your sis feel better soon! bossman needs to learn to do something for himself, and give you a break. (:

    stay lovely. <3


    I hope you two recover ok. I hope your boss gets a really bad dose of it, douchecannon. He sounds like Mr.T and Stressbunny "But we neeeeeeeeed you here* /facedesk

    Take care of your fine self and stay warm over there <3

  9. Quick question, your ChCh rellies are ok, right? They didn't blow away/burn up today? If they need warm woollies or sunblock or bungee cords, let me know ok?

  10. When did Dan Halen take over Downton Abbey? I must have missed that episode.

    I bet you're a wonderful cooperative patient when you're ill, and just a joy to be around for everyone else in the house.

  11. Glad to hear you are doing better...can't imagine Bossman could be such a @#%$& about you coming to work.

    So far my 2013 has sucked...hoping for better days....

    Love ya, tracy

    PS Boy, do i understand the insurance i have a story for you!

  12. Love the snowman...can't spell the sorry!

  13. Urgh that sounds awful! I hope you are feeling a little better!

    There definitely is a super-bug going round the tri-state area... I was home in CT for a couple of days and it was awful, everyone was literally like the walking dead. I hightailed it out of there...

    And your boss is a tiny little bit douchey for trying to make you work when you're sick

    Get well soon, luv!


  15. The beginning of my new year isn't going that well either. Though I'm not sure which one of us is having it worse.

  16. Ack, that sounds horrible!! As this is a few days on and late I hope you're back to your adventurous ways. If not I really, really hope you both get better soon. Next time your boss gets that ill maybe he'll remember some manners!

    Also, massive thank you for that award. Finally got my shit together and posted a few days ago. Your questions were awesome. I hope you are a quiz master or something. You'd come up with the most random and obscure things. It'd be like an episode of QI - I hope you've seen it, I don't know if it's something people watch outside of Britain, but it does include Stephen Fry!

    Lots of love xxxxxx


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