Monday, November 26, 2012

At least you have your health.

So I have a question for any of you lovely readers who are in the medical profession....

For the past several months, I have been manifesting some odd symptoms. Three in particular have become somewhat bothersome:

1. The Headache. I'm not sure when it started, but it occurred to me about 2 weeks ago that it does not stop. Some days it gets worse than usual, which it did when I was coughing violently for 2 weeks, and I realized then that I don't even notice the basic headache anymore because it never goes away. I think this one is probably stress, but that makes it no less annoying. It also could be because I never wear my glasses.


2. The Random Chest Pains. The first one occurred about six months ago--it's an extremely sharp pain in the very middle of my chest, which sometimes makes it hard to breathe properly. I thought maybe indigestion, but it happens both recently after eating, and when I haven't eaten in 2+ hours. It happens when I'm exerting myself and when I'm not exerting myself. I never know when it will strike, but it makes me nervous.

3. Morning Sickness. And NO, unless it is the Second Coming of the Messiah (or the antichrist) I am not pregnant. Every morning, about an hour to 90 minutes after I get up, I feel sick. Like about-to-vomit sick. (On 2 occasions I have actually vomited.) It does not make a difference whether I eat breakfast or not, neither does what I have for breakfast make a difference. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. It's starting to get obnoxious because it now takes me twice as long as usual to get ready for work or whatever. 

Is there something wrong with me? As y'all know by now, I am not inclined to go to the doctor, especially if I may have something serious. Also my health insurance will absolutely not cover anything more than a basic doctor visit (i.e., it will not cover blood tests, MRI's, etc etc), and I'll probably end up getting a bill for the doctor visit anyway because no doubt Whoreizon Blue Cross Blue Shield will claim that whatever it is, it's pre-existing. 

.....Also since the apocalypse is coming, I see no point in getting anything treated until after the world ends.



    They could all be from stress. You've been under a hell of a lot of it. But just in case, I think you should get yourself checked out. <3 Please. We love you.

  2. I wish I knew what was wrong with you Mich. I mean sure it sounds like heavy, heavy stress to me but I can't be sure because I'm not a doctor so please if you haven't already please go to see somebody. Even if at the very worst they tell you it's just stress at least you can try to do your best to focus your mind, get well soon Mich, it doesn't sound pleasant. Not going to lie when I first read the words "morning sickness," the pregnant word did float into my mind first thing haha.

  3. I have to agree with Pogo, please do go to the doctors. I hate them too, but when it's this bad you really need to go. The only thing I could think of is pregnancy but you're pretty adamant that isn't it, and I guess if anyone would know if you're pregnant it's you.

  4. It all sounds like low blood pressure, especially when you get up in the mornings. after your body stays horizontal for so long and then is forced to exert energy at what it thinks is 'too quick' your blood pressure drops and it makes you feel faint/dizzy/ sick and can make you vomit. this used to and still does happen to me quite often. The heart pains are worrisome, I have heart palpitations myself and it can have many causes. Over exercising, any kind of abuse, etc. The headache can be stress related, or lack of sleep related, which I'm assuming your not getting proper sleep considering the headache and chest pains. Your body probably isn't going into a deep enough state to feel rested. It could also have be related to the chest pains somehow. Go to a drug mart somewhere that has those DIY blood pressure cuffs and look up online how yours looks (low or high) and check out the symptoms.
    I hope you feel better!

  5. I must add to Pogo's comment with the following addition: get MORE than just your ass to the doctor.
    Unless you're going to see a proctologist.
    Then you're probably good to go.
    That's the best I got. I'm no doctor, but I HAVE watched CSI.

  6. Quick! Move to Canada and marry a Canadian!!!! FREE healthcare lol. But I would do the same as you.... I'm bad for not going to the dr until i think i'm dying. Like right now! I have a bladder or possible kidney infection. I didn't go until I started catching myself veering toward ditches... But you should still go.

  7. I'm thinking low blood pressure and stress -- or maybe that's just me. :)


  8. I'm not one to go to doctors, myself. Haven't been in years. But the combination of things you list sounds pretty serious. I do believe if I had all three of those I'd get to a physician. At the least, how about if you put all three into WEB MD and see what comes up?

  9. You definitely have a brain tumor, a stomach ulcer, and are a carrier of the zombie virus. Oh, and a hiatal hernia, too.

    My final thought is a gallstone. One of those nifty things with an array of symptoms.

    I will be the first to tell you that stress can wreak havoc on the body... and the first to tell you that doesn't mean something else can't be wrong, too. I'm sorry you're under the weather but a doctor bill is better than a ruptured internal organ, right? I know I'm a total hypocrite here, but get it checked out.

  10. Shit, haven't the foggiest clue.

    All I can do is send ineffective e-hugs and hope that you can find out what is causing it and get it sorted.

    What the hell is wrong with America? Why can't you go to a doctor or a hospital unless you have insurance? Is it that expensive? From someone down here on the other side of the world your healthcare system seems incredibly fucked up. Sure our doctors aren't exactly free, but we can still afford to go if things start causing the level of shit you're having to deal with!

    Since neither the Mayans or the early Romans knew about leap days, the world should have ended 7 months ago. (Without leap days we would be in 2013 right now) This whole apocalypse thing entertains the hell out of me. I'm personally hoping for an alpacalypse, coz ALPACAS ARE ADORABLE!

    Take care of yourself up in the frozen north <3

  11. strange, i have those exact same symptoms, but they come and go and im not one for doctors, so i let it slide. feel better, dearieee. *hugs*


  12. My wife's had these same symptoms for years, and believe me, we know your pain with the whole pregnancy thing. "Oh, morning sickness, she's just pregnant." No, she's not. And yet the doctor insists she takes a pregnancy test every time she goes.

    The bad news: No one can figure out what it is. We've run every test imaginable. It's not diabetes, it's not low blood pressure, it's not stress, it's not iron deficiency, etc. So I hope you have better luck than my wife does, but as the others have said, see a doctor.


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