Thursday, February 9, 2012

This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed........b*tch!

There is but ONE fun thing left from the hoard-pressies, so if you haven't joined the mailing list yet.....
Tell Mich to send you stuff!

Some survey thingies, because I have blog-writer's block...

This one is from my bff Jeanne:
1) If you could be a superhero, who would it be?
Can I be a super villain instead? Obvs, Harley Quinn.

2) If you woke up one day and found that you have become invisible,
what is the first thing that you would do?
Torture Little Sis to death, then Boss; then follow Stephanie March around until I get to see her nude.

3) If you were marooned on an island with just one person,
who would you want it to be?
That's a very difficult decision. Do I go with someone yummy, or someone entertaining? Keeping in mind that eventually I'm probably going to end up killing and eating whoever is on the island with me when I go insane/get bored....
I think I have to go with Wolverine. 

4) If you could do anything OR wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish?
That Mummy would win the Megamillions.

5) What was the last movie you watched?
The Help.  Little Sis promised I would be balling by the end of it, so I spent the entire film in absolute terror thinking it would have a horrific ending with a lynching or something. It didn't, and I didn't end up balling. Nice movie.

 6) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Pay off my credit card bills and my car and my outstanding medical bills, pay off Mum's bills and her mortgage, pay for Little Sis's college education (providing I haven't killed her yet after my stint of invisibility); and then buy a nice little cottage on the coast of Maine, and a nice sailboat.

7) Do you have any strange phobias?

8) What's your Favourite Car?
1968 Pontiac Firebird. And it MUST have the bird on the bonnet. 

9) What do you want to be when you grow up?
Idk. Not this. 

10) Tits or Arse, or both?
Yeah I definitely have to go with boobs.

...I realize this took ages, but I'm finally accepting the blogger award from Peri (thanks, m'lady!!).

7 things that make me happy:
- my kiikiiiis

- My Little Pony

- writing
I got a package from Elk in the mail over the weekend, with some of the original illustrations from the book. There was much squealing, and I had to dig out the book in its original form so it could meet the pictures. 

- birds,

... and especially owls

- tea

- the sea
I want to live by the sea one day. 

- music. I would DIE without that radio station. 

 ...and I'm supposed to nominate 5 more recipients, but I'm doing 7 instead so it matches the list of things I like:
- Elk

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand one more

This one is from Bersercules, my pretend boyfriend:
What is the first TV show you ever saw? 
Most likely some murder mystery. Mum is an addict.

What is your favourite TV show? 
At the moment, Breaking Bad, but it changes...

Who do you think is the greatest character ever conceived in TV? 

Who is the greatest villain? (in TV) 
That's a tough one. Do we mean favourite villain as in the one I like most, or the one who is actually the baddest mf'er on the block? I think imma have to go with Lucy Butler, because she probably freaks me out the most.

Best weapon in a TV show?

Biggest pet peeves in TV? 
The annoying wives of the main male characters on cop shows--the ones that get all upset that their hubbies are spending too much time out fighting crime instead of time at home with family. CRY ME A FECKIN RIVER, like seriously, you KNEW your hubbie was a crime fighting bad ass when you got married, so why the eff do you suddenly develop a problem with it later?!? Some examples of the wives I want to punch in the face are Elliott Stabler's wife, Agent Hotchner's wife (but she's dead now, so it's all better), Frank Black's wife....this list could probably go on and on.

Did you realise I was riping off R.gers questions? 
I don't even know who that is.

If you were a character from any TV show who would you be and what would you do? 
I think I would have to be Ignignokt, since I apparently channel his spirit already. The Moon rulz #1!!

What is the one question you love to answer? 
"Can I get you a drink?" YES PLEASE.

If you could be one animal what animal would you eat? 
As long as I get to eat all the other animals, I don't care what I am.

Did you ever watch the movie This is Spinal Tap? 


  1. Why do we all enjoy chains (mail, survery, challenge...)? Why are they so much fun to do? My favorite was probably that accent youtube challenge that was passed around a couple months ago. Accent's are the greatest.

    My favorite tv villain(s) are The Gentlemen from the GREATEST EPISODE OF BUFFY EVER. Hush.
    so much scary/so much fun.


  2. I like the saber-toothed hippo; if it had darker hair it would be a dead ringer for my eighth-grade English teacher. Also, This is Spinal Tap is really something everyone needs to watch.... It's amazing!!!

  3. Oh God, we are so alike!! The owl is my favorite bird, I always answer that I'd be a supervillian and not a superhero and I've long dreamed of being a hippo. The freedom to be a glutton and not worry about it is the main attraction for hippodem!! You look fab surrounded by My Little Pony!!! It looks to me like Mich is back and she's better than ever xoxoxo

  4. i get writers block terribly haha and i never know what to post.
    a room with a moose is my favorite, thats my favorite episode from invader zim :)
    ill be following

  5. If that's you Mich you must seriously love My Little Pony which is cool, you're very pretty as well considering how you sometimes post about how you worry you might be fat and stuff like that! I'd love to be on a desert island with Wolverine too, he'd be a handy guy and fun to chill with too! Great post as always.

  6. I love it when people do this stuff. It always makes me feel like I know my fellow bloggers more :] You have such a collection of MLP! Thanks again so much for Princess Saphire. I've miss you!!!!

  7. Randomly neat post and you know if you were stuck on an island with Wolverine at least he could fish and open coconuts for you.

  8. Oh man, I STILL have to answer your questions! D:

    And someone else's I think. I'm such a horrible person when it comes to the social aspects of Blogger.

    Yesssss Jessica Rabbit! I always wanted to be as elegantly sexy as her when I grew up. WTF happened???

    IF Miles and I can get this beach house we're looking at, you are SO coming here for a writing retreat/holiday. I'll even stock it from my own personal tea collection just for you :p And yes, New Things! Maybe some Fire Staff or Pass Juggling on the beach?

    Hmmm, you gave me a video idea. I'm going to have to consult the Video Whiz on this.

    I haven't pricked my finger on the wheel. . . yet. I think what Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on was the distaff, and not the wheel itself. My wheel lacks spiky bits :(

    I made the brownies with Dark chocolate chips and cadbury's bourneville cocoa mixed with budget cocoa and they came out insanely chocolatey. Not bad for a first attempt, but I shall be practising! Thank you so much for linking me to your post *Squeezy hugs*

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, DragonyQuinn. Don't work too hard, ok?


  9. YESSSSSSSSSSS I'm not the only one who gets pissed off at the wives on cop shows!!! Hubbie says I'm an anti-feminist.

    I just sent an email in to your Goblin Market. My nephew will be waiting anxiously for his goody bag!

  10. Two things...

    I love how you answered the phobias question with a "Yes" and no elaboration. How in hell did you resist the temptation? I would have had to blab on about my fear of heights or how I hate having sticky hands or, well, see, I'm doing it now.

    You've never seen "Spinal Tap"? Even MY WIFE, who is a Perry Como fan and believes that The Cowsills were radical hard rockers, thinks it's one of the funniest movies ever.

  11. I got your card in the mail,thank you so much! In the process of sending you something. Anything in particular you'd like? Ideas? Let me know. Amazing post as always. Although,I feel like I knew most of this stuff about you already from reading previous posts. But that's just lurker me. :)

  12. Ok so...I'll do this tomorrow!

    Also, you are SO, SO smart not to name your weird phobias in public. Only stupid people discuss what they're afraid of so their jackass friends can then torment them with it endlessly for their own amusement.

    I used to have a collection of Firebird Hot Wheels that I loved as a kid. My favorite was this lurid green one and the bird on it was black and yellow. *sigh*


  13. i love love love HarleyQuinn :) favourite supervillain.. i hTE batman though...also..those are ALLLOOOOT of dolls :P

  14. "But she's dead now, so it's all better." ROFL. I hate/d those wives too - but I understand why someone would feel that way. Which is why I will never date/marry a man with any form of I-must-save-the-world complex. Don't forget my questions next time you have a block, k? (Post: Frabjous Day)

  15. Love, love, love this entry1

    i WILL do the post...soon as i finish that other thing......hee.

  16. So many MLP!
    I'd be a super villain instead too. It looks so much more fun to be a little twat than someone who insists on saving the world. :P xx

  17. I wonder if past entries make any mention of your strange phobias? ^_^
    You'd look sooooo hot in that skintight catsuit.
    Moving on before I have to slap myself...
    I do like these social chains...but I keep forgetting about them! I think there's a list somewhere. Xo

  18. This post made me smile! Great photos, M.! :)

  19. I could totally picture you writing novels in a little seaside cottage. Maine is the only NE state I have not been to, (need more of an excuse than "I want lobster") but I will make it up there someday.

    I did one of those surveys not too long ago, but no one replied or copied my questions or anything. (High school all over They are fun though, aren't they?

  20. You cheated us with the phobias question. You're supposed to tell us what they are. :P

  21. I probably wouldn't want to be marooned with Wolverine, but you made up for it with the car. Rawr. Just don't fill the back window with a ton of My Little Pony, k?

  22. Thanks so much for the card! Very thoughtful of you, indeed.
    Enjoy your Valentines Day!
    xoxoxo, cd

  23. I GOT YOUR CARD YOU ARE WONDERFUL. It seriously made me cry in the dining hall.

  24. That is a WHOLE lot of ponies.

  25. Hey, Mich, Happy Valentines Day! Got the Ring in the mail :-)

  26. Wow! That is a LOT of my little pony dolls! Are any of them doubles or are they each a different pony?

    I'm wondering what your strange phobias are!

    I'm your pretend boyfriend? (blush!) Cool! I can't wait to tell all my friends I have a pretend girlfriend!

    That's one of my pet peeves too! Its almost like they make the wives have a problem with their husbands job just to pad out the show or do make an other wise irrelivent character get a few extra lines!

    The only animal I know who eats all other animals is humans! I guess you got your wish with that one!

  27. lol The captcha for that last comment was: emate


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