Thursday, February 23, 2012

I was there the day the strength of Men failed.

Sometimes when I'm watching telly or a film, there are events in the plots that irritate me because they could easily have been avoided. Now I know the obvious issue with that statement is that if events had unfolded differently and more efficiently, there probably wouldn't be a film or tv program about it in the first place, but still......

What I'm trying to say here is that Elrond is an @s$hole, and EVERY SINGLE BAD THING that happens in Lord of the Rings is his fault. The whole messy business of the one ring--Gondor being without a king for centuries, Sauron re-rising as a bad dude, Frodo and Sam's near-death experience taking the ring to Mordor, Gollum becoming Gollum, and Bilbo's life being ruined forever; not to mention the deaths of Boromir, Theoden, and countless people of Middle Earth--ALL of it is Elrond's fault.

After the first war with Sauron, after Isildur cut the evil ring from the bad guy's hand, he and his buddy Elrond strolled over to Mount Doom to throw the ring back in the fire and be rid of its evil forever.

 and then, presumably,

umm, what?

What Elrond OBVIOUSLY should have done:

Problem solved.


  1. Lol I love how much you talk about Lord of the Rings. But you are soooo correct!! xD

  2. Yes true. But as you said, then you wouldn't have had a story. And it's a good story, indeed.

  3. Wow, now you mentioned it Mich, it really was a dumb move to keep that ring intact, like you say though, if Elrond had allowed the ring to be destroyed then Lord of the Rings would never have existed and I know how much you love it.

  4. Right on! I always hated the fact he didn't do that! But when I told my d&d friends he should have shoved him off the cliff they thought I was stupid and one of my friends said that a good man wouldn't do that... and then we contine to play d&d in his parents basement. Some people are so out of touch with reality!

    Also great pictures! Your art looks awesome as always! I really really enjoy your style! And the picture where hes looking at the ring and saying my precious was my favourite picture! he looks so funny! and cute...? which is awesome when someone(you) can make a grown man in lord of the rings look accurate/real/lively/in motion and cute all at once!

  5. Hhaha! you never fail to make me laugh :) Your so right! So many films have bad plot lines! xx

  6. I guess not even elves possess infinite wisdom. I never liked Elrond anyway :P Gandalf would've handled it - after all, he's pretty much responsible for the way the story played out when the ring was properly disposed of! I don't think the ring ruined Bilbo's life, just made it more interesting. I can still remember the scene at the Prancing Pony in the Fellowship movie where the wraiths are raiding their room. I hadn't read the books yet and was clutching at my mom going "THEY DON'T KILL ANY HOBBITS, DO THEY? DO ANY HOBBITS DIE?" and she had to assure me that No Hobbits Were Murdered In The Making Of This Film. Ah, good times.

  7. Ahahahaha, that would have been so true. But would also have started a war between men and elves.

  8. this is very correct. the entire crisis for middle earth could have been averted if he just cast the ring into the fire, or the wielder of that ring. but then we would have no epic story :O

  9. But you learned something, didn't you? When your friend is being an idiot and you know it will only turn out badly for them and everyone else, LOTR memories will give you the courage to beat their asses back into reasonable submission. Nuff said.

  10. B-b-but if he did that then New Zealands tourism industry would be all the more worse =(

  11. It seems that the testicles skipped a generation or two in that particular family.

    The testicles AND the brains.

    In the western isles Beren is probably shaking his head in disgust and Luthien is cleaning off her bitch-slapper in preparation for the reunion with her great-grandson. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that one!

    (Then again, it was all predestined in the Song, so they can't be too pissed, right?)

  12. Damn right and a much shorter book as well.....

  13. Haha, that was awesome. And Elrond would have the added bonus that his daughter would never marry this man's many-great grandson and chose mortality.

  14. I go even further and say that all elves in LOTR are aloof, stuck up, @s$holes.

  15. I really must watch the LOTR trilogy, cause apparently women LOVE it. Men are from Mars, women are from Mordor. Or something?

    I dunno. I'm sure it isn't nearly as funny as your blog posts about it. But I bet I'd find them even funnier if I understood the references. Hmmm...

  16. YESSSSSSS. Sososo much agreement.

  17. I'm gonna get a little crazy here and say, I like him. We just watched all these, and I do really like him so much! I guess that was a pretty BIG wuss out. But I still like him.


    omg I wanna watch them again.

  18. Hahahah true true... though would killing Isildur have started a war between men and Elves?

    Anyway i finally remembered where I'd seen the name Thuringwethil before, since bad me never read the Silmarillion. It was the awesome Official Fanfiction University of Middle-Earth. I think you might find it amusing.

    Miss Cam's site:

    The PPC (Protectors of the Plot Continuum) wiki

    OFUM can be found at either site.
    I'm happy to see the PPC is still active. I've seen some stomach-hurling "stories" too.

    Did I say all this before? Sometimes my "memory" records things i thought about doing as though they were things i actually did.

  19. ahahaha "and then presumably... "ok"..." made my day! <3!

    also haha my captchas are "Ent" and "Isildent" (blogger thinks Isildur is an Ent?)

  20. P.S.
    Damn, they got struck by the liquefaction sand-fountains? That SUCKS! I'm glad to hear that they are getting back to normal-ish life. My neighbour still freaks out when a truck drives past. (She's a quake refugee)

    It takes more than a natural disaster to keep us down, I can tell you that now! If they ever need another hand with a shovel, let me know ok?



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