Friday, January 27, 2012

That would be an ecumenical matter.

xoxoxocd sent me GORGEOUS print of one her watercolours. 

Y'all should check out her blog--she's really amazingly talented. 

You know how sometimes when you partake of certain smokey treats, some things are like 1,000x funnier?

When I'm not boarding up the windows, running from black helicopters, and scouring the house for listening devices, I am in fact prone to intense fits of laughter. 

Like the kind of laughing fits that leave you writhing on the floor and sobbing. And you never know what's going to set off these laughing fits. It could be anything. 

Jump ahead to 50 seconds into this song:

I happened to catch this in a scene of Breaking Bad  after a nighttime smokey treat.

And I almost died laughing. So I thought I'd share. :D

Sometimes you really just need a good laugh

Hope y'all have a nice weekend! I'm behind on comment replies again, but I shall try my best to catch up. I have a busy-ish weekend ahead, what with getting my hair did and going on a shopping expedition for Jeanne's birthday basket, but then I think it's good to keep busy. 



  1. What the hell did I just hear? That has to be the most random thing I've heard all week. Buh?!?

    Lol, some things that are funny with herbals are just as funny without. All the guys were crowded around the BBQ commenting on the size of the 'sausage pile' (They were cooking saussies and steak) and that still cracks me up. Although it was a billion times funnier with the herbs.

    You MUST read Phillip Mann. Very good work! He, Heinlein and Asimov wrote REAL Science Fiction. It is hard to find good SciFi these days. It's all soap fantasy, mills&boone and teen drama books *Sigh* *Eyeroll*

    Going for the distractions like a champ. Found Hatfilms and watched their entire skyblock series in a day. They made me laugh until I cried. They fucked up their cobble generator like PROS!

    Need more throw pillows now. Pillows to throw. Hmmm, sport in the making!

    Hope your weekend is going well. Stay warm!

  2. That is a lovely picture up there. She does nice work. I didn't know you smoked weed Mich. I gave it up years ago as it gives me the munchies. Between the munchies, cotton mouth and the desire to do eff all, I put on a few pounds. And don't worry about commenting, I think most of us understand that you run behind and are okay with it. Have a great weekend petal xxx

  3. This is such a lovely picture, I'm going to have to check out this girl's blogs because she obviously has quite the talent. Like Anne I never knew you smoked either but I can agree I understand that moment where non funny things can be very funny.

  4. That song is ridiculous.

    I know what you mean though, for me there's a couple episodes of Squidbillies and Aqua Teen that do it. Aaaannnnnd in fact quite a few of your posts still crack me up until I can't breathe because I the first time I read them I was a little "herbalized" as you once put it. I think the one about your make-up is still the biggest crackup, and the one about your ocd with the dishwasher and your bed.
    Crying. On the floor.

  5. Thank you so much for the birthday wish <3 That is such an interesting song hahah! Hope you're doing well! <3<3

  6. For some reason New Jersey shows up in my stats independent of the rest of the United States. It's the only state that does that, other American readers just get lumped into one pool. But not New Jersey, it stand out like it was its own country. You would think NY would do that, but it doesn't just Jersey. Do you guys have some special secret the rest of America doesn't know about? Now that I know you're a stoner, I'm wondering if you're not the one behind that Mich. Just what do you guys in Jersey smoke and where can I get some?

  7. Breaking bad is an awesome show

  8. The Youtube blocking thing really gets on my tits too. There is a fanvid I'm DYING to watch but I'm unable to because EMI have blocked it in NZ due to 'copyright reasons'. I own both the song AND the the first two series of the show (The only ones worth watching), yet I cannot watch a fanvid that combines the two. Drives me up the fucking wall!

    Hmmmm, I beg to differ on the hypothesis that being able to relate everything back to LoTR makes you somehow weird or wrong. LoTR was an extremely typical heroic quest fantasy descended from early folk tales. This genre naturally contains many relatable events and characters, as it grew out of people creating stories they could understand to explain the world around them. (If people couldn't relate to the charters or events, it would be a pretty useless attempt to explain the uncontrollable events that shaped their lives)

    The lecturer in the English department explains it better. I think you'd love the Four Worlds in Fantasy Literature paper. You should campaign for Tailgunner to come teach in a University close to you, coz he was planning on teaching a similar course if he could get a job in an American University. His speciality is Pre-Tolkenian Fantasy Lit, but he's having to branch out into the horros of Gothic Lit so the USA would consider employing him. Seems the old British fantasy writers aren't good enough for you guys :p

    I googled 'mo mhuirnín' and the first thing that came up was one of my favourite songs, Siúil a Rúin. *Huggles*

    Lol, you can have the cold snap! Take it! Please! XD

    Weekend is OVER. Woooo! No more ridiculously cheap champagne ham! My real weekend is running Wednesday-Thursday. I hope your weekend treated you well with proper wintery weather and fun things.

    Take care *Hugs*

    Arohanui <3

  9. Lovely watercolour! Very you!

    Stoned or not, that song is hilarious! One of the best days the boys and I ever had was spent with a few 'shrooms, a bit o' ganj and Bill Hicks! We put a matress in the lounge, laughed ourselves silly and fell asleep in a heap. It was awesome! I laughed so much, my abs hurt for 2 days!

    Yay, a birthday basket! I have a 'best friend box' for you. It started getting out of hand, so I bought a bigger box! Will send it out first thing this week! Love you. :)

  10. Hello, my friend!

    Your book has arrived...just in time for me to read it on the flight to Tampa!
    Thank you so much! I will give you my "review" when I get home.

    And thanks for the mention about my blog. I hope your friends drop by...I love "meeting" new people!

    xoxoxo, cd

  11. Just popping in to say, "hello." I hope your weekend was fun with your shopping and hair appointment - do we get a photo soon?

  12. Answer yer telephone!
    That song is pretty crazy too. Makes me think I should maybe watch Breaking Bad? No idea what it's about.
    Hey! New artwork in your header! Is that you? All cartoonized? Who drew those?
    Also when I switch browser windows now I see a little mspaint Mich face on the window tab. Coolness!
    Somewhere out there is a song the WoW people made called I Am Murloc. It makes me laugh. WoW also made their in-character commercials for a "news show" run by the gnomes. They did a spoot on those jewelry commercials that use shadows. Those are things that make me laugh. I did play the game thru 3 expansions tho. But I think they can be funny to a nonplayer too.
    Ugh why couldn't they have done something different w the Cataclysm exp? Sigh. I miss Wrath of the Lich King.
    Ok time to stop geeking out. Love you!

  13. When ever someone asks me a question about religion and I don't know how to respond I just say:
    That would be an ecumenical matter.
    It can answer any question on that subject.

    Great banner by the way! Love the drawnings!

  14. I'm dying, too much laughing...thanks for killing me.
    blalalabababalllablasaaaaa ttuuuuuurrriiiii.


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