Friday, January 6, 2012

You tell me. You're the one that looks like you just crawled out of a microwave.

No progress on the M issue yet... Our work schedules clash a bit, so I prob won't get a chance to talk to him until the weekend.
More progress in the anti-ED movement. (That being said, I feel the need to apologize again if I'm not commenting on your blog when you've commented on mine. I'm not ignoring you, I promise; I just need to to avoid triggering posts. Self preservation and whatnot.) It's a daily struggle, but I'm doing pretty well, I think. It helps that I do really LOVE food. I like trying new foods and experimenting with making new foods. I'm still counting calories, but not in order to restrict them; it's more because I have lost the ability to know how much I should be eating on a day to day basis and I don't want to unknowingly start consuming 4,000 calories a day. I figure I'll ween myself off of the calorie-counting as I re-learn how to feed myself properly.

Keeping the ::omgI'mtoofattolive:: anxiety at bay is tough, but I'm starting to like my body again. One good thing about the weight I've put back on over the last couple months--my boobs are back! The ED robbed me of my delicious rack, but it's now starting to come back into its former glory. And I'm starting to remember how much I loved having an actual figure. 
that's the dress I wore on Christmas Eve

Matthew nominated me to answer some fun questions (thanks, guy!!), so here goes:

Question One- Sadly you're forced into competing in a fight with famous boxing legend Mike Tyson in his prime. Before fighting him in the ring however you're allowed to pick three other bloggers who would come out individually to fight Mike before you had to (you know, with the intention of weakening him or beating him so you'll have an easy fight or won't have to.) Who do you pick to fight Mike?

Well now, that is a dilly of a pickle. Sadly, I don't think I could live with myself if I sent someone else into danger in my place, so I'm afraid I'm just going to have to take my chances and fight him. I might propose, since he clearly has the best chance of winning a fight in a boxing ring, that we compete against each other in a different sport?

I might not win that one either, but sure at least I'll have fun while I'm being slaughtered.

Question Two- What super power would you pick? The ability to read minds, to teleport to anywhere you want to three times a day, to see everything you touch turn into gold, or to turn into a cockroach on a whim (that's not really a power though but still!).

The cockroach power would actually be quite useful, but I'm going to have to go with teleportation. I've no desire to see the inside of anyone's mind (my own is quite enough thanks), and gold kind of clashes with my skin tone. But teleportation would not only allow me to never set foot in an airplane ever again, it would ensure that I remain in 1st place in the ongoing competition between myself and my siblings (and a few cousins) in which we attempt to frighten the living daylights out of each other with stealth.

Question Three- Some record company bigwig phones you up and orders you to feature with any musician alive or dead in their next album. Which musician do you pick?

Marilyn Manson, without question. I've always wanted to be in one of those videos.

Question Four- Can you draw? If so draw me however you interpret me, it's fine if you can't!

Question Five- What would you rather be? A bar or a car? (My best friend Ryan once asked this question during "open mic" night at a bar and the confused faces made back at him were hilarious.)

I'll have to go with car, as bars tend have more of a chance of being filled with skanks, idiots, and vomit. But what kind of car? So many choices!!
1968 Firebird?
Monster truck?
Jaguar Roadster?
Question Six- Um, could you tell us something about your past that nobody on here knows yet?

I tried to think of a good story, but me mind is a blank. So instead, here is something almost as fun.......
ONE of the following is NOT true:
- I lost my virginity at age 14.
- I once crashed into a parked car and fled. it wasn't a bad crash, but still...
- I have never told either of my parents that I hate them.
- My favourite meat is wild boar, second favourite are game birds.
- I have participated in consensual incest, and it was within the first 4 degrees of kindred.
- I adore Phil Collins, Abba, and Britney Spears, and have all of Brit's albums on my ipod.
- I started working (as in for money, and not doing things for my parents) at age 12.
- I have twice worked as a bookkeeper for vitamin* dealers.
- One of my close friends used to kill animals for fun, and leave the bodies on his enemies' doorsteps.
- I have peed in my sister's shampoo because she pissed me off.
- I do not own any pornography.
- My mother used to bring me to the bar with her when she couldn't get a babysitter, and leave me to sleep on a bench in the corner.
- I have been a serious insomniac since age 12.

I'll let y'all guess which one is the lie, because I'm never telling. :)

And now I need to come up with six more questions, and six people to answer them. 

First, the victims:
- Kazehana
- Insomniac#4
- Jeanne
- Elk
- Honor Regzig
- Peri

Question the First: Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
(Bonus points if you know what movie that's from.)

Question the Second: What was your favourite band/musician when you were 15?

Question the Third: You're on a crowded train and the person sitting next you has REALLY BAD gas. The only other seat available in your car is next to a mother and her screaming child. What do you do?

Question the Fourth: You're running late for your best friend's wedding, and you're in the bridal party. (Or you're one of the groomsmen, if you're a dude). While you're flooring it down the highway to get to the church, you see your arch nemesis pulled over on the shoulder--their car is on fire, and they're struggling to get their 2-year-old and their dog out of the back seat, but they can't seem to get the door open. There's no one else on the road. What do you do?

Question the Fifth: Why is a raven like a writing desk?

And finally, Question the Sixth: Are you prepared to give your life for Gondor?


  1. So glad your doing well :) Yay for boobs!!! :D I've learnt a lot more about you from this post! Happy bunny :) Keep going strong! xxx

  2. I love that drawing of Matthew, he's so cute. And boobs are good. Men like curves on a woman you know. I'm going with the consensual incest as being the lie. Good to see you feeling better. Love you! xoxoxo

  3. Your mother used to bring you to the bar with her when she couldn't get a babysitter, and you sleep on a bench in the corner? No wonder you've been a serious insomniac since age 12!

    (also I know which one is a lie and I'm not telling!)

    Love the picture of you and mike tyson! Very funny!

  4. cute dress, blondes always look good in red ;)

  5. bahaha, Iove your drawings, as usual... and you look great! xx

  6. One the dress, and I think the incest is false? I know the shampoo one is true and the others seem fairly probable? I dunno!
    And I love the jousting picture!
    Lottie x

  7. You look hotter than hell in that dress!! I'm questioning my orientation.


    I'd believe all of those facts but one. I find it difficult to believe that you do not own any porn.

  8. Remind me never to eat cereal while reading your blog. I laughed so hard at your teleportation pic that milk discharged from my nostrils!

    You would fit right in on a Marliyn vid, methinks. And I bet you could take Tyson at a joust. If you could handle a zombie apocalypse you could handle 'Iron Mike'. And I think you could handle a zombie apocalypse. Just ask Anne.

    I've been tagged, have I? Well, maybe that'll lure you to my new blog! I understand why you're staying away though. I don't! I'm not an ED blog. Though I did just post about diet and exercise. Okay, screw it. i'll go back to pining away for Windows 7 girl!

    I have a guess as to which fact is NOT true, and I know what movie the quote is from. I will answer them in the appropriate places, though someone will likely chime in with the correct answer(s) first. So I can't come back here until those are done. Sigh.

    p.s. hooray for boobs! LOL! srsly, keep doing what you're doing. it suits you :)

  9. Hi sexy! boom boom boom! just wanted to drop a line. I haven't been posting on EITHER of my blogs lately. But if you don't read my "bad" one anymore you are still my friend and that's cool. I'll letcha know if I post anything useful on my good one. I AM about to make a good post about a very healthy meal i made last night so stay tuned.xo

  10. I love these answers Mich, I just knew that you wouldn't let me down with this. That drawing is absolutely amazing as well, I hope you don't mind that I've saved it haha? It's awesome how you've illustrated every answer too. As for the lie among the truths I'm going to actually go for the one about having all of Britney Spears albums on your ipod (although I love Phil Collins so much myself so idk), it seems like it's a trick amongst all the serious ones. If I'm right though you've had quite the interesting life, it'll be great to learn more about it through here!

    Great stuff anyways Mich and I hope things are a bit better for you than they were last time you posted!

  11. I nearly wet myself laughing at the Mike Tyson pic. OMFG you think I would have learned to go pee BEFORE reading your posts!

    OMFG YES GET HOARD! We can have International Multiplayer Nights where we terrorize the countryside. Do you have Vent? (I need to get a headset)

    Damn you're looking SMOKING hot! Welcome back the boobs and pride yourself on looking more womanly than 99,98% of the Japanese Population :) (Remembering that I had the biggest rack in Tokyo kept me sane when I was the only girl -Native OR Exchange- there with a technically overweight BMI. I think my host sister actively hated me for having long legs and big boobs)

    Oh shit, I have NO IDEA what movie that is from. *Reads rest* You. . . You sadistic draconic munter. HOW am I going to answer those with a total of 10 functional braincells? XD (Your questions are full of win. Evil, devious and full of win)

    I like the MichterTruck. You'd never have to worry about gutters, traffic islands or being towed.


  12. Whoa! Check out the fox in the red dress! What a gorgeous bod, M.!

    You really are to most interesting person I know. It's hard to tell which of those things is false, as they are all very plausible, even the Britney albums!

    Thanks for the nomination, I hope my answers aren't crap! Love you. :)

  13. I presume you're not counting John Waters movies as pornography? Because otherwise that one is a blatant lie. ;) I think it might be the bookkeeper one, because that one is ridiculous. Lol tho I guess drug dealers need to manage their finances too. I DON'T KNOW.

  14. Lol, I've always cursed my lack of a suitably feminine jawline&chin. You know all pointy and delicate that looks amazing with pixie cuts. I had a massive double chin for years and it still haunts me, maybe it broke my eyes? Like staring at bright colours too long and getting an after-image? Buh.

    I sent you a request on Steam! I'm TopazTangles, meh craftyMcBlog alias. There is serious thought going into the 3m long dragon project. Like: How would I do the underbelly? What kind of head? Asiatic or Western? What would I stuff it with?

    Oh dear, a monster has been created.

    Alas, the weekend is almost over. Only two more working days until MY weekend gets here. Muahahahahaaaa, it shall be truly appreciated! The person in charge of hiring is back from holiday tomorrow, and she'd better bloody well do some hiring!

    Take care and drive safe. Wouldn't dragons be the BEST winter transport EVER? (A little expensive in terms of meat needed, but meat takes less time to renew itself than oil) If Ed tried to fuck with you, channel your inner HoneyBadger and tell him to get fucked.


  15. must not drool on Mich... it's rude...and drool ruins dresses...

    WTF are you doing so far away from my bed?

    *slaps self!*

    seriously.... you are looking HOT! Mmmm boobies are niiiice...
    *slaps self again*

    Anyway.. hehe your "one of these is not true" list.. only one? Wow you live a colorful life!

    Must get to your questions soon... right now I'm in fevered-frustrated-creator mode. Grrrr too much to figure out!

    Oh! Remember those kickass little mince pies you posted earlier?

    Lookie what I found!!:

    who needs an oven? :p ^_^

  16. I am lost. Perhaps if I followed your blog all, I would understand, but as it stands...I am lost.

  17. You've got boobies! I think you have a very lovely figure you should be quite proud of! (And I mean that in a completely non-lesbian way) I loved reading your answers to these questions! You're hilarious and as always, your drawings are adorable :)

  18. You look gorgeous!
    I totally cannot guess which one's a lie :D . But doesn't matter anyway...

    PS: SNAPE *_*

  19. I'm going to guess that the incest one is not true.

  20. In honor of that delicious rack (your words, not mine) I'd totally be in your corner for that Iron Mike fight. I trained Muay Thai in Thailand, and my best friend is a jiu-jitsu instructor who's been training me for 3 years now. No one said anything about a fair, hands only boxing fight, so you distract him with those ta-tas and I'll choke him out with a rear naked choke. See? Totally win-able fight.

  21. I'm glad you're doing well. Thanks for the Christmas card, sorry I'm getting to you so late! I really do appreciate your thoughts though, you're really so wonderful. That dress looks gorgeous on you!

  22. i love that dress! you look awesome!

    and i'm glad the ED-battle is going well! x

  23. Hey Mich! If you get the chance, please check out my blog today. I made a video review that I want you to see!

  24. Can I just say something? You are freaking gorgeous...



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