Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I am incapable of making decisions.


Or your eyes, I guess, as this is all words on a screen and not me actually verbally rambling. 


It's a really frigging nice one, too. Like it's not even an apartment, it's a house. Living room, kitchen, and closets downstairs, 2 bedrooms, full bathroom, and more closets upstairs. 

And they only want $725 per month, plus utilities. 



that's like nothing

So naturally, the moment the owner told me they had approved me as a possible tenant (ahead of the 3 other people interested in the place), I began second guessing myself.

I attempted to make a pros and cons chart, which is as follows:

I asked the property manager person about maintenance (as I do not want to get stuck in the same situation as last time), and she said there is someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only drawback is that they are nearly an hour away, which I don't see as much of a problem, since my last landlord was only 4 minutes away and yet nothing ever got fixed unless my life was in imminent danger. 

 I don't want to rush into a decision, but at the same time, places like this do not come on the market in Orange County very often, and when they do they get snatched up immediately. This house, for example--the property owners listed it on Monday, and already 4 people are in line to rent it. 

I think I just need some more xanax, and a few days to think. But WHAT SAY YOU out there reading? I've always thought it wise to get as many perspectives as possible when it comes to making large decisions. 

 On top of stressful decision making, I also apparently have a pinched nerve in my back, which requires physical therapy. And IT EFFING HURTSHope y'all are having a better week.

*The "neighbourhood" is comprised of a bunch of farms, a couple other little duplexy things like the one I want, and an itty bitty village with one pub and an antique book shop.


  1. I say take it. It seems like the worst problem with it would be access - to your job, laundromat, and other things/people. As long as someone can get to you in an emergency and the property manager manages the property as needed then you should go for it. The pros outweigh the cons imo, and it sounds like your kind of place at a damn good price. Hope you get it, and I hope your back feels better. xo

  2. Between the bird sanctuary and the farms and the tiny one-pub town... it sounds almost like you'd be livingin Hobbiton. Maybe the plumbing could support adding a washer/dryer later? And/or a dishwasher? I have seenthose combined washer/dryer units fit in a closet and dishwashers even smaller.

  3. Living alone... Isn't that the goal?

  4. Who needs furniture when BIRD SANCTUARY?

  5. "Or your eyes, I guess, as this is all words on a screen and not me actually verbally rambling." dude, you had a moment there. i actually heard you yelling this into my ear, so...yeah. verbal rambling to me.

    i don't know anything about moneys on apartments, because i live at home.

    i love how "it's in the middle of nowhere" is a good reason.


    TAKE IT. TAKE IT. TAKE IT. who gives a shit about furniture and hey, you can do some pretty interesting things when driving and shit... so...

    TAKE IT.

    also, i hope you're feeling better! i hope physical therapy does you some good.

    -Sam Lupin

  6. Go go go! Who needs furniture? Or a dishawasher (like, it sounds as though you'll have plenty of time to wash them, while watching birds out the window....I hope there's a window). Romeo and I once made a couch out of our old waterbed.....nah, it didn't work too well, but it was a creative conversation starter. We sat on the kitchen counters to eat.....we had tables with cinder blocks and a plank. You can make it work.

  7. Do it, woman, do it!! You won't regret it!

  8. I like being alone. And far away from the rest of the world. So I'd take it in a heartbeat, driving be damned (I love driving too, so no problem there). But that's just me. Good luck no matter what you decide.

  9. Well I would go for it. If things like this dont come up often, they don't. Grab em when they do. :)


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