Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hey y'all!

It's been a while. ......Again.

I had a WONDERFUL time in my travels through Kentucky. I have also fallen in love with the state of Kentucky and everyone in it. At least Western Kentucky, where we spent most of our time. Lil Bro #2 and I left on a Sunday morning and returned home the following Saturday night, splitting the actual driving over two days each way.

Some trip highlights:

We saw some really exciting road signs whilst driving through Ohio.

Once we got to Paducah, KY, I felt like an blundering fool every time I opened my mouth to speak to someone because they all talk fancy and I'm from New Jersey.

The second day there, we happened upon a moonshine distillery. While my brother took photos, I sampled everything they had, purchased some of their delicious wares,

and walked out rather less steadily than I had walked in.

Lil Bro#2 insisted on visiting every single antique shop in Paducah. I counted an absurd number of racist cookie jars.

I also somehow managed not to spend a ton of money and ended up buying only a book on the history of Paducah.

Our third day in Kentucky, we visited the Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland, which JD Wilkes recommended. I think this might have been my favourite part of the whole trip. It is artwork constructed entirely out of bad puns, and it is hilarious. Keith the owner/artist is lovely, and even though it was kind of freezing out by the time we got there, he took the time to give us the full tour.

The next day we went exploring in the Land Between the Lakes, but couldn't see much as the roads were a bit too snowy for my car. Thursday we went to Nashville to visit Lil Bro#1. I bought new cowboy boots and a Stetson hat. Lil Bro#1 is there for a semester of nothing but music-making. His "school" is basically a giant stage with a very nice sound system and a bunch of recording studios, and all they do is make music and perform music. I'm jealous.

We sent a nice photo home to the parents.

I feel like a whale. I try to cover it up with clothing 2 sizes too large.

We left Paducah early Friday morning and drove to the Maker's Mark Distillery

Lil Bro#2, who does not drink, really wanted to go there. I obviously had no objections. It was a pretty cool place. When the zombie apocalypse happens, I will be there, behind the retaining wall I just built.

There was some really nice artwork in one part, a glass ceiling that ran the length of one hallway near the tasting room.

We got to taste whisky at the end of the tour.

Which is why Lil Bro#2 drove the rest of the way to the motel in West Virginia.


Tudor's Biscuit World is like the greatest thing that ever happened. I'd move to West Virginia just for that.

Our final day of travelling was relatively uneventful, though we are now planning a day trip along Route 78 in Pennsylvania, because I have never seen so many bizarre roadside attractions in one place. (We will be ending at Weyerbacher, and Lil Bro#2 will be driving home.)

Another post soon maybe.......


  1. KY is one of the states I plan on visiting one day soon! I could've tagged along just to help you carry (in the blood stream) the heaviness of the alcohol, as a means of solidarity with fellow blogger and NJ resident (or past resident. I forget, I think you bolted out of here ...(?) )

  2. I love the weird shit found on vacations. Of course, our normal shit is someone else's weird shit.

  3. My co-worker's brother owns Weyerbacher! When you go (the tours are free, I think), please call me... I would love to meet/meet up with you! Their Belgian triple is my faaaaavorite....

    Your trip looks like it was a ton of fun :) I'm glad you got some good family bonding time in! Road trips are my favorite - hence why we are doing a road trip for our honeymoon. Although, it's ironic, because I actually hate to drive, as a general rule, but with road trips, it's different for some reason...

  4. wow at those cookie jars. i had no idea those existed wow am i sheltered.
    that glass is GORGEOUS!
    AAAA i wanna go to Tudor's Biscuit World!!!
    this trip does look like fun. and yea kinda cold but ehhhh i've walked 2 to 4 miles in that weather, just gotta dress right :p
    you can have my share of the whiskey though :)

  5. I've seen the same type of billboards in Indiana. "Your goin' to hell!" type stuff.

    1. You're, above.

      And I'm the only person who does not own a gun in the state of Michigan, I believe.

  6. "We saw some really exciting road signs whilst driving through Ohio."

    HELL IS REAL wasn't really what i was expecting but goddamn.

    is it bad that i find the racist cookie jars a little fun? though damn, man, i've got the worst sense of humour since the end of time. anything crude i find funny.

    "I feel like a whale. I try to cover it up with clothing 2 sizes too large." firstly, you might feel like one but you look like a gladiator princess (or maybe it's me). dude, you know how that doesn't make any sense when you think about it? like, hey i'm big, so i'll wear something that'll make me look ten times as bigger. fuck me...

    PS. i'm doing it right now.

    look at how you were pulling me in! sending me pieces of bacon. damn you, Mich. this is uncalled for.

    i'm sure you left a comment on my blog, and i would go see what it is but i'm too lazy.

    oh gee look there there's my phone. i guess i can check it after all without having to go through the labours of opening a new tab.

    "SEND ME ONE" but portal is broken.

    -Sam Lupin

  7. Dear Mich, I'm so happy you posted. I was really worried when you disappeared from Face Book....even put out an APB for you! So loving this post, looks like an amazing trip. Guess who's dressing just like you but doesn't look nearly as smashing?! Love ya Gal!

  8. You're alive! To piggyback off Tracy's comment - I was also worried, checked in when I noticed you hadn't posted in a while and your blog had gone private. Should have known you were off having adventures in good ol' guns n' whiskey country!

    Those cookie jars remind me of the black Santas in Paper Towns lol.. does that make me a racist? I know nothing of Kentucky other than horse racing, bourbon, and horrible politicians...

    ...and of course J-Law :-D


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