Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In which everything goes to hell (again), depression occurs at inopportune times, and I have realized I don't want to own any more possessions than what will fit in my car.

Turns out my cats did not have fleas.

My f*cking apartment did.

I had this whole long thing I had started to write, but I really don't have the energy, so here's what's been happening in the exciting life of Mich:

- I have more or less moved back in with Mumsy. Until last weekend, I had not returned to the hobbit hole for two weeks.

- On Sunday, I discovered there are so many fleas in my apartment, you can't go inside for more than 5 minutes without coming back out COVERED in them.

- My landlord says he didn't see any fleas at all when he went in. He therefore refuses to do anything other than spray some (non-toxic) stuff. Which means everything in the apartment is now garbage because he flat out refuses to bomb it.


- Following that conversation (during which landlord also hinted that I may not get my security deposit back), I turned into a hysterical sobbing mess at work.

(- Several minutes later, I had all four attorneys in the building come into my office telling me to calm down because I work for lawyers and obviously this sort of behaviour from landlord will result in a huge motherf*cker lawsuit.)

- My ability to cope with things in general died by late afternoon. Attempted to drive up to church to help out with VBS (which doesn't end until Friday), but only made it as far as some commuter lot off 17A and cried for like an hour.

- Emptied my purse and evaluated all the pills in my possession. Contemplated taking all of the xanax and valium. Sat there debating it for half an hour before deciding not to because I didn't have enough pills to kill me.

- Arrived home at 8.30. Mum has decided I need to go back to the shrink.

- Dadum and Stepmom called and asked for landlord's number, because obviously they're not treating their tenants right and it's time for Your Father to take care of things.

(-Stepmom believes men should always handle crisis-type tings. At the present time, I agree with her.)

-Today I just feel tired, and numb (possibly a result of the xanax--I have started taking it regularly so as to deplete my supply in an attempt to avoid taking all of it at once). 

- Hobbit hole situation is now in the hands of Dad, who is trying to get landlord to agree to have an exterminator of our choosing come in and evaluate the flea situation. We will go forward from there, based on landlord's response.

This blog is probably going to go quiet for a while. I don't know for how long.


  1. Take your time, we'll still be here.

    Things are never as bad as they seem when they are bad and never as good as when they seem they are good...well actually sometimes they are, but it sounds profound.

  2. Landlords. I hope Dad rakes him good.

  3. Oh, hon< I wish there were something I could do for you. :( Please don't let the darkness get you. Know how much I love and care for you, My Sweet.

  4. You have nothing to worry about hun, obviously your landlord hasn't had anyone stand up to him before, you're gonna be fine =)

    I wish I could make you feel better, I honestly feel like living off my valium right now. But I wont ( my boyfriend hates it) I'm trying to find a way to deal with my emotions without it. Fuck its hard but one day, I wont have a choice.

    Hope things get better lovely, you'll get through it =)


  5. Wouldn't the weapons alone take up a good chunk of (Virus Pimp?) though? I'm kind of in awe that you have a parental unit willing to step forward and take up an issue on your behalf. Holy shit, that must be nice. I'm sorry things are so shitty overall, though. My Liquor & Cats Closet Refuge should be open Sept 1...

  6. Also, holy f*ck what kind of mutant "fleas" do they have in New York?! Around here once you put a high-quality killing product like Advantage on the critters, any flea that hops on for a snack dies and the population is eliminated very quickly. There has to be some kind of flea-to-edible-creature ratio to sustain the population so what are they eating while you are gone, each other? I am never going to NY.

  7. Mich, I don't have any words of platitudes or wisdom and as someone whose life is going down the crapper,
    I can't even offer you hope. But I will say this, you have survived much worse in life and you will continue to do so. Going from what I've read since I've joined this blog, you are much much stronger than you think.

    Stay tough lady. :)

  8. P.S. Troll my Tumblr tags kitteh, critter, lol, rofl, or self care any time for enjoyable mindless fluff if that kind of stuff helps take your mind off things for a minute.

  9. Landlord a sexist asshole? Yea let the dad deal with it. You need a break. You do work for lawyers and you know this shit is lawsuit city so maybe after a break you can draw law knowledge and kick landlord's sexist ass in the name of hobbits? Cuz I think using your weapon collection on him might get you in trouble, no matter how much he deserves it ^_^

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  11. Wow, babe...you've had to deal with a lot over the past couple months. Sucks your landlord is being such a total dickface. Seems like you have some good people on your side, though. Definitely let them take on some of the burden so you can decompress a little. Love you as always!

  12. Good Lord that is horrific... I have spiders in my ancient house, but it's not a bloody infestation!

    Sorry that things are going to shitty over there, I know you were so excited when you found that place... but between the mold and the fleas it sounds like a nightmare... and didn't you have a solid sheet of ice for a driveway??

    We still need to get together! I don't have fleas at my house! Also, I'm free every weekend except August 23 I think...

  13. Oh wow, right when I come back to blogging and you may need to leave. But of course, in this situation is totally understandable. What a nightmare and on top of that, they don't want to return your security money? Perhaps the landlord's apartment is already covered in fleas that he is immune to them when going to your apartment. I've heard too that the laws in NY for buildings, are very protective of tenants and can make your landlord a living hell if so you chose. Something I would highly advice if the bug situation is not under control. Or hire me to make someone's life a living hell. I have the right friends that can make one's life, the perfect hell on earth situation. Good luck.

  14. Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you! I know how horrible landlord's can be especially to young women who seem like they have no one to advocate for them. I had one landlord who refused to fix anything and eventually I called the Livable City Initiative (the particular city I was in had one of these) and they went to town on him for being a slumlord. Eventually the entire buidling was deemed unlivable but I had long moved out by then. And last year I had racoons in my walls for ages and the landlord didn't believe me until a) I showed him their paw prints going all along one of the outside walls (they were climbing into the attic through a vent and getting into the walls that way) and b) a baby died in the walls and the stench was unbelievable. I'm so glad I moved from that place. I hope your dad / attorney friends were able to sort things out with the landlord. At the very least you should get your deposit back! Hugs! xo

  15. I'm late to the party but I hope the worst of this is now over. That sounds awful. My dog got fleas once, from an idiot friend who didn't tell me his dog was infected, and I thought THAT was a nightmare. I couldn't imagine an entire apartment, especially with a landlord who doesn't even want to deal with it. Hang in there!

    Also, not that you need anymore infection on your plate, but I figured I'd mention that when I come to this page my antivirus starts flipping out, telling me that it's blocking something. Just thought you should know.


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