Thursday, September 5, 2013

you're looking happily deranged

I am about to complain. (Just be forewarned...)

I don't understand how the music industry reached the point it is at today.

Actually no, I do understand. The people making the decisions that end with Taylor Swift getting spewed all over the airwaves like projectile noisevomit just want to make money. They don't give a crap what they're selling, because it sells. Like you can just grab any post-lobotomied schizophrenic out of the nearest state run funny farm, throw her in a cheap hooker's wardrobe and make her repeat a bunch of nonsensical syllables that rhyme and BAM your record company is now making millions.
(Don't even get me f*cking started on Rihanna. Back to Taylor Swift.)

MY POINT here is that Taylor Swift cannot sing.

Like I don't get how she got so popular.

She can't sing.

At all.

Tarja can sing.

(Why the multitudes are not gathering around her to worship her and rejoice I will never know.)

Dolores O'Riordan can sing.

Taylor Swift cannot sing. Her voice is the equivalent of a jackhammer drilling straight into the eardrum.

AND SHE IS NOT A MF COUNTRY SINGER. Her music is not even remotely similar to country music. These are country singers:

Seriously I got all excited a few weeks ago when a friend told me we have a country station here now (we used to have a legit one years ago, but it was replaced, like all the other good stations, with rap and/or Spanish music). So I found it

and it's not bloody country music. It's Taylor Swift and Keith Urban and all those other a-holes who like calling themselves country when they are just pop singers who think they can sing and play a guitar at the same time and that makes them country singers.


Also I realize this is old news now, but wtf is the big deal with the Miley Cyrus thing?? I mean yeah it was ridiculous and the facial expressions on Will Smith's family were priceless

But singers have been getting up to these sorts of shenanigans for decades.

Remember when people were getting all worked up over Marilyn Manson?

(His music may have sucked towards the end, but he still puts on a damn good show.)

Everyone gets all up in arms because Miley is hardly wearing any clothes and dancing like a stripper (that kind of sums up the entire pop music industry, no?). Honestly when I watched that video, I was way more disturbed by the lyrics of that dude's song. It sounds like he's admitting that ass-raping women is one of his fav pastimes. 

(Also, what in the hell is twerking and when did it become a thing??)

News flash--people like Miley Cyrus do those sorts of things to make money. Anyone else notice that Lady Gaga has kind of disappeared? It's because she's not out and about being completely over the top ridiculous in front of cameras in her meat suit.

Lol the song that just came up on my Spotify says: "you won't find no country on country radio."

Spotify is like the greatest thing ever. I'm not exactly up to date with all these new fangled internets things, but I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Spotify. It is how I discovered the Pine Box Boys.


(actually it's closer to bluegrass, but you get my point.)

(Taylor Swift sucks. That is all.)

....also just found out I GOT THE APARTMENT.   :D :D :D


  1. Tarja can sing, and I would happily worship her. If her and Enya did a duet I think it might actually kill me. As for the music's damn messed up really. Like you said the crap they produce sells and people do stupid stuff all the time to get attention. I hadn't seen the Will Smith reaction but that is priceless. That is beyond priceless. Miley gets a lot of flack for being a ho because she was a Disney girl and we basically watched her grow up and everyone is treating her like she's their daughter. For some reason they seem to think that they have some kind of say in her upbringing.

    Having said that, I do feel kinda bad for Big Daddy Cyrus.

  2. As a huge Taylor Swift hater, I have to say a firm amen. And it's hard to convince people that it's not just because I'm not a teen anymore. That has nothing to do with it. She's just not talented, not talented enough to be a 'superstar' anyway.

    Besides, that whole "Oh boo hoo, my boyfriend broke up with me, let's write an entire album about it" is bullshit. Yeah, that's a great role model for girls.

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA that rihanna pic is brilliant

    The other ladies at work are always putting on shit radio stations and I have to say I agree with you 200% about Taylor. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

    I miss late 90s Manson!

  4. People have been getting their panties in a twist (even the dudes) about music for as long as I can remember. It is what it is. Taylor Swift sucks, I was appalled by Miley Cyrus, and I don't get it about Justin Beiber. But I don't care. I remember buying "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John. It was kinda funny to hear my mom yell, "WHAT did he just say!!??" Plus, she got all bent out of shape when I trotted out "Jesus Christ Superstar." Yeah. This from a woman who loved Elvis Presley, even though his hips scandalized her parents. What goes around, comes around. Or something like that. Congrats on the apartment!

  5. Congrats on the new apartment. And also, with the music industry, there is not much I can say that you and others have said, but you said it well. And Tarja, she is one of my fave ones that can truly sing!

    Your post still cracked me up though.

  6. I agree so much on all of this Mich about the music industry, personally I believe the exact same thing in you, there are some of the most manufactured, rubbish, flash in the pan pieces of trash "artists" out there nowadays that are idolised and it's a joke and it says worrying things about our generation. I love all the good artists you shared but can't stand ones like Taylor Swift and Rihanna, even Miley Cyrus has recently been over discussed, I'm with you on her acting like a slut being nothing new.

  7. Yay, you got the apartment, when do i get to move in???????? No offense to Mum, but this is getting kind of old. She is an expert "side seat driver". Maybe that's why today, i am in a slightly better mood, because although i had to drive all over the Salt Lake Valley, litterally, i got to do it alone. W i t h music!!!!!!!!!!

    i am a drunk and no wonder.

    Sorry, as always, all about me...dumb bitch!

    Your music studies are hilarious! Love them and you are sooooooooooo right! i can't believe how far Miley has fallen. And to think i used to love her dad on "that Doctor show"......reference to "Barney Fife" and what he and his girl used to watch. i really have had too much.

    Love you Doll!

  8. ^This post. All of it.

    What the actual living fuck is going on?!?

    And people look at me funny when I say I haven't listened to the radio in at least 4 years o.O

  9. Twerking has been around for ages, but white people only just now noticed it. It's basically booty dancing with emphasis on ass muscle isolations. Twerk is a contraction of the encouragement "go to work," and Miley isn't doing it right/at all coz she has no.add to work with.

    People are upset about her bullshit performance partly because it is essentially a cultural rip-off that objectified the black female performers as being nothing but butts for her to play with/contrast her skinny privileged whiteness against and partly because she was just such a hot mess.

    Robin Thicke is no better. His song only became a hit because the uncensored video is just full of topless women. =/

    1. Ass! No ass! Lol my autocorrect hates swear words. Also, I also think TSwift is a joke. Fully support the hate.

    2. Oh! And congrats on your place!!!x

      Ps, that pic of Will Smith and his kids was actually taken during lady gaga's performance, not miley's. I think they were blown away by her butt crack.

  10. You're talking to a guy who listens to Jazz and Trance with a bit of Electronic. I don't even get anywhere near this kind of music unless I pass by someone else's radio.

  11. I loved and agreed with every word in this post! brilliant! lol i love the Rihanna picture, absolutely amazing lol. I love the Cranberries, and I've always been a fan of Marilyn Manson, controversial as he is.
    Thanks for the laughs :)
    congratulations on your new place!!
    much love

  12. I agree - I also hate the whole X factor bands thing. They're all so manufactured and shit it's depressing xx


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