Friday, September 20, 2013

You know, when I heard that Eddie was pregnant, I told her to abort! ABORT, ABORT, ABORT!

Some sneak-peek photos of the apartment (I'm not done decorating, and I am still in desperate need of more furniture):
the kitchen and living room, and the candles in my fireplace
And a close-up of the fireplace, because I rule:


....I wasn't going to post this because I was kind of ranty and ravey when I wrote it, but I feel the need to say it.

Recently someone insisted on getting into an argument with me about abortion.

I don't like arguing. I especially do not like arguing about that kind of subject matter (where everyone has a very strong opinion and an equally strong belief that their opinion is infallible).

I am not pro-choice. I am not pro-life either. I am pro-we-should-never-have-had-the-need-to-invent-this-in-the-first-place.

But of course it's a bit late for that.

I guess I am also both pro-choice and pro-life. There are very valid points in the arguments for and against them, and I have seen extreme cases on both sides.

I know someone who was raped and had an abortion and felt totally fine with it and has since also gotten past the rape. I know someone else whose mother almost aborted him after she was raped, but changed her mind at the last minute, and his father (his mother's husband) has always treated him like a son and they have a great relationship, and his mom also managed to heal from it and accept him as her son and not her rapist's son.

I know someone who had an abortion because she had to choose between treating her leukemia or having a baby, and she ended up beating the leukemia and now many years later has 3 happy, healthy children and is still healthy herself. One of my best friends (since we were babies)

 is the daughter of a woman who was encouraged by all her doctors to get an abortion so she could begin chemo for her breast cancer. She refused, because she wanted her baby. She died only a few months after my friend was born.

I know several people who have had multiple abortions because they refuse to use condoms or go on the pill (this makes me so angry I can barely form words).  I know a girl who had an abortion because a pregnancy would have disrupted her plans of joining the army (which was the only way she would be able to go to college) and even though she had been totally ok with it and had considered all her options, she ended up sinking into an epic depression afterwards. 

I had a friend in college who got pregnant and her family kept telling her abortion was murder, but she was manic-depressive (among several other things), in an abusive relationship, and anyone who knew her could have told you that she would not have been mentally able to carry a child for 9 months and then give it away. She was already suicidal. So she had the abortion, and now over ten years later she is in a healthy relationship with a nice guy, and seems to be managing her emotional issues pretty well.

There isn't one right answer to this debate.

Do I want kids? F*CK NO. But could I have an abortion? Probably not. WHICH IS WHY WE USE CONDOMS AND BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. Or in some cases, the morning after pill, because accidents do happen, and there really is no need for them to turn into accidents that lead to you begging Lil Sis to push you down the stairs several months later.

In the cases of things like treating serious illnesses, that is no one's choice except the woman who MIGHT DIE if she does not have the abortion. 

And as for rape cases, it is my opinion that anyone who has not been raped should shut the fuck up.

Ok I'm done.



    I'm with you on the aborttion issue. I refuse to argue about it and you've laid out pretty much every reason why.

    Good luck with the furniture and decorating. it's so fun right?

  2. I sort of agree with you on abortion but to be honest I guess it's a subject I stay well clear from. So brave of that lady with cancer to carry on the pregnancy and not have an abortion but on the flip side I'm well aware that it cost her her life. I love your house photos too!

  3. there's a ghost living above your fireplace idk if you noticed that

    1. We're very well acquainted, we've been watching Oz marathons all week.

  4. Its never a debate that you wanna have with anyone.

  5. I have bookmarked this rant, next time I get in a discussion on this topic I will just email this to them and say "What sick b*tch said."

  6. Mich, I so agree with your opinon on abortion....there is no right or wrong answer, ever situation is so unique....HAAAAAAAAAAA, try telling that to the people i am living with! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the apartment...looking lovely!

  7. The people who actually use abortion as a form of birth control seriously sicken me. It's one of the reasons this has become the problem that it has and you're right, it shouldn't even be a problem. We have some incredibly good contraceptives these days including the morning after pill, there's very little excuse unless it's something seriously medical. My sister had her tubes tied after her last kid was born because she almost died giving birth. I think one of the things that really makes things tough though is something related to what you said at the end. A lot of the people who make abortion laws are old men who have no right to be talking about such things.

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  9. You have a RED kitchen counter? And a deerskin rug? And swords on the mantle?! ::swoon::

    You have always been very tasteful and delicate about controversial issues, and I appreciate that.

    I love many things about Tumblr, but people can get, shall we say, militant, about social issues, especially abortion. What they don't seem to understand is that ultimately the argument for or against abortion is a philosophical one, not scientific. Repeating your philosophical argument does no good if someone DISAGREES with you because they have a different philosophy.

    I personally would never have an abortion unless it would save my life. I believe that human life has inherent value, and I don't believe I have the wisdom or the right to decide who should not get a chance at life. BUT.... BUT.... Apart from the abortion-as-casual-birth-control (which is my only firsthand acquaintance experience with it - and I held my tongue) I would never ever react to a woman in that situation with judgement. I have never known anyone that would. My response would be "I'm sorry you're facing this decision. Come over and cry on my shoulder and let my cat bite your fingers and you can let it all out or we'll watch stupid movies together so you don't have to think about it for a few hours."

  10. I had an abortion. The condom broke, I took a day-after-pill, but still managed to get pregnant. I did three pregnancy tests on a Sunday, all came out positive, so Monday morning I called the women's clinic and made an appointment.

    I have never wanted children. I have no yearning for a child. I have Aspergers and suffer from severe depression and social phobia, which means that I can barely take care care of myself. I could never expose a child to a life with a mentally challenged mother.

    Was it easy, the abortion? Well, I never wavered, I have always known that if I get pregnant, I will have an abortion, so that choice was easy. But God in heaven, I hope I never have to do it again. Standing in a hospital bathroom pushing pills up my vagina to stop the pregnancy, effing hell, it was horrible. And then a few days later, when I had to go back and have the other pills that would flush out the dead foetus... I had to lie still in a hospital bed for hours, until I started bleeding, Then I went home, bled for half a day and then it was over.

    Do I regret it? Never. Do I think about what would be like if I never had the abortion? Yes. It would have been a boy and I would have named him Alexander Johannes.

    So, yes, I am pro-choice. But, as you say, using it as a birth control sickens me. Use a f***ing condom, get a IUD! Take some effing responsibility, ffs.

  11. Hi Mitch!

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dropping by my blog yesterday. Nice to meet you!

    "There are very valid points in the arguments for and against them, and I have seen extreme cases on both sides."

    I agree. I think each case is different. To use abortion as a means of birth control, that's just being irresponsible. Because there are other ways to do that.

    However, I do think a woman should have the right to choose. So I'm pro-choice.

    Great post topic!

  12. Yes, this is a very difficult topic to ever discuss. I don't know that I would have ever had an abortion but I don't want anyone taking that decision away from me. Great post!

  13. I'm a guy so I usually steer clear of the whole abortion debate simply because I don't think men have the proper understanding of the subject, but I do have one strong opinion: If there is a certain political party that is all about personal freedom and keeping the government out of our daily lives (i.e. the "Nanny state" can't tell us how many guns we can have, what light bulbs to use, or how much soda to drink) wouldn't it be logical if that particular political party also said something along the lines of "Government shouldn't dictate what a woman does with her body. That's an invasion of our personal lives and a violation of our rights as a free society."

    Yeah. This is why I hate politics.

    Also, you have a LOT of friends. I have like ... 2. Can I borrow some of yours?

  14. Your place looks fucking AMAZING! Imma need a postal addy to send you some stuffs, ok? I've got you some pretty threads from Needle'n'thread and a bracelet from the gypsy fair ^.^

    The question to abort is a case-by-case thing and if you're not the person with the uterus in question I reckon people should butt the fuck out. It's not their business to be making that person's decision for them or take the choice away from them. Using aborting instead of birth control in the first place drives me up the fucking wall. Inefficient and idiotic.

    I'm of the opinion that if it's only affecting you then it's YOUR body and YOUR decision. When it comes to things that will affect more people than yourself (Say, herd immunity) then you don't have the right to put others at risk. (We have a whooping cough epidemic that is killing newborns because of fuckwit antivaxxers. I'm literally seeing red over the situation.)

    Hellpig out.

  15. What a cool looking apartment. Although I'm thinking it wouldn't be safe to talk smack to you around your fireplace.
    As far as your abortion rant/rave/essay, I agree with you 100% Nothing is (or should be) completely black and white.
    Except those black and white cookies.

  16. Your new place looks awesome.

    Also, you pretty much summed up my own thoughts on abortion. I once knew a girl who used it constantly because she was a "man-trapper." If we get pregnant, I'll be happy. Then she found out she wasn't happy and would abort it. In fact, she had so many that at the most recent one the doctor told her, "if you have any more, you'll never be able to have kids naturally." At that point - that's just wrong. That's not the point of what this procedure is for.

  17. I haven't been online in a year or so but I've always loved your posts and am so pumped to see you're still here ^-^ congrats on the new digs

  18. Not going to comment on the abortion issue. I've discussed it far too many times, hell I even wrote a paper on it once for a course.

    Seeing you in a new home is a reminder that I need to find a way to move out soon.

  19. Cops used to trigger that reaction in me too -.- Thankfully it wasn't as ingrained as yours and serving Smiley Cop twice a week has moderated it to "Oh shit, COP" ^.^;

    Maybe you could ask him to wear a trenchcoat? Or would that be worse? :p

    Mmmmm Copstiel. Copstiel strippers. Brb, drooling.


  20. This is brilliant! I am a firm believer that it is our choice and ours alone. No one should have the right to say yes or no to your decision, especially when it comes to abortion. I do share your firm belief in birth control too LOL. I have had friends who've gone through this. I had one have one at the age of 17 because, well she was 17. It was her choice and her boyfriends at the time to make. I also have another friend who got 'knocked' up at that age and aborted but now suffers from endometriosis and can't and may never be able to conceive again. That's life, it's a bitch sometimes but shit happens for a reason don't it!

    Dancing in Black

  21. PLEASE tell you stage fabulous sword fight reenactments with those swords on your mantlepiece? I WANT SWORDS ON MY MANTLEPIECE, I'm totally with you on the abortion thing. I absolutely don't believe in using abortion as a form of contraceptive I can't even begin to talk about how much that infuriates me, but I do believe there are many reasons why people might choose an abortion-everyone has their own reasons and as long as they're valid rather than simple "this is inconvenient" then I believe in pro-choice x

  22. I won't argue with you. As with you, I wish it did not even have to be considered.

    That counter/backsplash is funky. What is it made of? I've never seen one that color.


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