Friday, September 13, 2013


Take a moment to stop and listen to this song. All of it. (It is crucial that you experience the whole thing. Also it's only a minute and forty seconds long).

Because the Shack Shakers have managed to take my entire personality and sum it up in a song in less than two minutes.


...well, not so much for the actual moving of stuff. Harry Potter needs to get over here like now and vanish all my things to the new apartment. 

Or I could do what my friend M suggested and tell the Make a Wish Foundation that I'm dying and all I've ever wanted is for John Cena to move my furniture. 

I feel like I'd go straight to hell for that.

Will hopefully be meeting some kitties over the next few days. I want Harleyquinn to have a friend her own age, so she's not lonely at home alone all day. I have already named the cat and I don't even have it yet (Poison Ivy).

Harley's excited!


  1. LMAO I just noticed the freaked out deer in your banner

    that song made me really really confused for a moment. It most definitely matches your personality.

    CONGRATS on moving! And look at kitty there bein all helpful and making sure your books dont fall over.

  2. John Cena does so much stuff for Make A Wish that I think that plan is a genius one, best of luck with the move Mich, it's a huge achievement and I hope that you make the most out of it!

  3. I think if you could convince Make-A-Wish that you were dying Cena would do it. There's probably nothing he wouldn't do for Make-A-Wish. You should get as many kitties as you absolutely can. One is good, two is a start, more is better.

  4. You could probably get Make a Wish to get you head of the line at Disney World, too.
    Sure, you'd go to hell, but you'd ride Space Mountain without waiting.
    That's gotta count for something.

  5. So that's what it's like to be Mich, huh? :)

    Congrats on the new digs. Jersey ain't cool enough for you anyway. If Cena won't help you move I'll send a football team your way.

  6. And then you'll want a 3rd cat so that the 2nd cat doesn't get lonely when the first cat goes to the litter box.

    And a 4th cat just in case. And a 5th cat because he came with the 4th cat and can't be separated. And a 9th cat because it was a gift. 15th because you fond a stray.

    The path to becoming a crazy cat lady is a slippery one indeed.

  7. I can't understand a bloody word they're saying. Is that hillbilly rap or something? o.O

    I'm a packing/moving NINJA. Seriously, 3 times in 8 months with only 2 trips each for an ENTIRE flat-laod fo crap. I can Harry Potter that shit for you if you can manage the flights and convince Paranoid Bordergaurds I'm not a terrorist :p

    YESSSSSSSSSSS I APPROVE OF THAT NAME! Did you see what DC did? People have been spamming them with pictures of poo ever since ^.^

    Awww Harley packed herself. I've got the most adorable photo of Dralion curled up next to her toy basket and scratchpad when I moved from Leckhampton :3

    Take care and best of luck with moving! (Save your boxes and build a box fort. IT IS MANDATORY!)

  8. So your personality is... difficult to understand because of the background noise? Lolling @ Peri's "hilbilly rap." YESS, KITTY COMPANY! Poor Pip has to suffer alone until I get a dog because I'm afraid a second cat would not be as well-mannered around my bird. I shall live vicariously through pictures of Poison Ivy.

    Also, your new home is rad. You must post more pictures once you're settled in.

  9. Ah-yeah, The Shack Shakers are boss! I love their psycho-billy sound!

    So excited for you moving on Sunday. Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well and that Miss Harleyquinn makes some cool new friends. God, she's so cute! Looking forward to meeting Poison Ivy!

    Again, all the best for the move. Much love. :)

  10. Absolutely the best song ever. Moving is shit, so good luck with that! xx

  11. Absolutely the best song ever. Moving is shit, so good luck with that! xx

  12. You don't have to tell him what you're dying of, you know. Just tell him after the fact that you were, I don't know, dying of loneliness. Figuratively. But now you're in brighter spirits and your stuff got moved! Everybody wins, and Cena has a good laugh (maybe).

  13. That video is amazing & the sound too, kinda rockabilly, punk blues, never heard of them before but will defo be listening a lot now, so big thanks for that :)

    Gutted for you on the moving front, I hate it :( but excited for you with the new addition, Poison Ivy is an awesome name for a kitty

    Hope it all goes well

  14. Not to stir up a pot of shit that doesn't need stirring, but has Harley ever been an outdoor cat? Outdoor cats never get lonely :-)


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