Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greetings from the Jersey Shore! Again!

Hey y'all.

So I got to LBI yesterday evening, and my shore trip got off to a ridiculously scandalous start.

Remember that boy I liked a couple years ago and that horrific date I went on?

We met up secretly on the beach at 1.30 AM.

We were there until 3.30 AM.

::burns in hell::

I feel like these sort of things only happen in movies and Harlequin romance novels.

Thankfully, no sand got in any *sensitive* places.

BUT HOLY HAND GRENADES I HAVE SAND FECKING EVERYWHERE. Like it's in my ears and still falling out of my hair and between my toes and I have tiny bits of seashells embedded in my skin.

Good times.


I'm going to the beach now, and I plan to start drinking at noon.


  1. You didn't get sand stuck in places it should never go? It's a Christmas miracle. But for now invest in a beach towel and it's good to hear the trip got off to such a good start.

  2. Target is also selling picnic blankets for like $10, I love them, they definitely keep the sand out of my hair and ears and swimsuit at the beach, (cos they're large - they have 2 person and 4 person ones) and just toss 'em in the washer afterwards...
    Anyway sounds like you're at least having a little bit of fun in spite of the sand everywhere! xo

  3. I clicked the link and and that is the very date I had thought of! Glad you're having fun. If you're going to hell, may as well make it for a good reason ;)

  4. GO MICH!! Hahahahah Rah Rah!
    Also, big beach towels/blankets/tablecloths are handy barriers between sand and skin.
    Martin Luther once said that if you're going to sin, then sin gloriously!
    At least I think that was Luther..... the various guy religious leaders tend to blend in my head..... there's so many of them.

  5. This is awesome Mich, so glad that you guys got together haha, sounds like you're having a great time!

  6. Yeeeeeahhh Mich! High-five!

    Very smart of you to arrange your shenanigans after midnight since the temps have been triple digits all week. Hope you brought protection--SPF 8,000 or so. ;)

  7. Oh, Mich, you rock! To be single again. But then i was a terrified Christian gal, so i guess not! Enjoy the time i misssed out on!

    Have a lovely, wonderful vacay, you so deserve it!

    You are a doll baby, missy, love you tons!!!!!

  8. woo hoo, someone got more action than anyone else in the blogosphere haha...

    But where in LI did you go to the beach? ewww

  9. You hussy! I hope you walked off into the moonlight and never returned any of his calls.


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