Thursday, July 25, 2013

god save the queen

Yeah so despite the fact that we actually went to the trouble of declaring war on England to get away from their monarchy, the royal baby was still all over the mf news on every station all bloody day on Monday.

I realize that this is a fun news story, but the fun was kind of destroyed by the non-stop news coverage.

After reading some of the snippets of stories from royal births past, I looked into England's whole tradition of Officially announcing the birth of the next king or queen. The whole thing with the signed note from the doctor and the notice outside the palace seems woefully boring.

Like seriously, if *I* was queen and had just birthed my heir to the throne, you better freaking believe I'd be sending the king out to the balcony where he could raise the baby up Lion King style, amidst cheers from the adoring crowd of my subjects.

There would be cannons and church bells to announce the baby's arrival. Holidays declared in his name (and mine), and feasting for a week.

Not a boring little sign on the bloody door.


  1. Well to be fair it was only a princess that was giving birth. Although I would actually care a little more if a holiday was given. Then again we had one for the jubilee and I didn't care.

  2. So does this mean that Jeff Hardy would be the baby's father and next King or am I missing a step here? :P Great post Mich, I'm with you on one side of things, you're right that America put a lot of effort into getting away from Britain yet now they love that same royal family. I hadn't considered that yet but it's a very valid point.

  3. haha but then again, would we all give a shit about it? If you add booze to the festivities, Im sure the popularity of the royalty in question would increase by a tenfold. And food for the poor and opposing porn censorship overthere. pffft the nerve. :P

  4. Ha ha.......and, Ladies anf Gents is why i love Mich sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you ever-so-much, Mich!!!!!!!

    (Sends roses).

  5. The constant news coverage drove me a little dotty. Wooo, married woman of childbearing age has babby. Big hairy deal.

    Hmmm, yeah I would be blowing stuff up and making everyone take a day off work, too. A note on the door?!? Wtf are we doing, changing lecture theatres? o.O

    Arohanui <3

  6. He he...I love how you look in that drawing..
    To be honest, I had no idea how they announced it either til you just told me(and I'm, erm, in the UK). It kind of amuses me how it seems - from what I gather from wasting time on the interwebs - that it seems to have been a much, much bigger thing over in the US. I mean it has been all over the news, but it's also been pretty easy to bypass, too. Or maybe it's just that people in the US are more outwardly enthusiastic? But then I suppose you also have about five hundred thousand more news channels than us, too, since we are but a tiny little blip in terms of land mass.
    Or maybe I just excell at being oblivious to things :P. I didn't even know the name(s) til a co-worker told me, and I misheard 'Alexander' as 'Aslan' and was all "Aslan as the middle name??!! That's bloody brilliant! I'd so call my royal child Aslan.." and then they laughed at me. And laughed and laughed.
    Still think Aslan would've been a better name...

    1. ^ that should say I love how *smug* you look in the drawing...doh.

  7. I like it!! Jersey style...but definitely not England style.

  8. Boring Brits don't know how to do it right. But you are sorely mistaken deary, because Jeff Hardy is in MY harem.


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