Thursday, October 18, 2012


I am off on a holiday to Maine at 6.00 tomorrow morning! I was going to do a proper post before then, but time got away from me and I'm also quite lazy, so no proper posts until I get back on Tuesday. 

Instead, y'all should tide yourselves over by checking out my newest writing project. I'm trying to get as much feedback as possible. This project is record breaking, as I only started it a month ago and already the first novel is nearly finished. o.O

So until I return from the Great North, here is a picture of my cats bullying each other:


  1. Have a lovely holiday, I love your suitcase on fb!!! I WANT ONE TOO!!! X

  2. The cat photos are so awesome Mich, your cat is awesome! Here's hoping you have a great time in Maine too, Maine always strikes me as being the Northern Ireland of American states if that makes sense and I've always wanted to visit it for that reason, I think I'd prefer it to the New York type of state.

  3. Yay for glorious kitties :D Though I hope they're actually getting along. Have a good time in Maine. Seeing as you're interested in writing I'm guessing there's a lot of Stephen King related stuff there to keep you occupied.

  4. My internet has been down again. I'm less than pleased! I hope you have a lovely holiday. Travel safely. Much love. :) ♥♥♥

  5. If I had read this yesterday, I would have warned you to be careful not to squish any stinkbugs.

    (My post today was about them, see, and it involved being in Maine for a bit, and...)

  6. Have fun in Maine. I'd love to go on a vacation right now instead of studying. ._.

  7. Have a lovely holiday!!! Take loadsa pictures for us :D xxx

  8. Have an amazing holiday and KITTEHS BEHAVE YOURSELVES! Are they both torties? o.O

    Love and e-hugs from Down Under <3

  9. P.S.

    I'll definitely read your latest work around NaNo prep. Augh it's so close!

    Yup, men don't listen. Their brains are not wired to the subtleties of female communication. Less bilateral redundancy in the communication department. Silly sex-differentiated brain wiring!

    Thank you for your words. h=He is an awesome bloke, and we did have a talk. Will be trying to spend more time with eachother.

    I hope you can break your weekend-human-hoover cycle too. Holy crap if I tried to live on steamed veggies at work I'd be ripping customers limbs off and attempting to roast them over the hot food case D: (Give me cheese and coffee or prepare for violence)

    Safe travels. Love you to bits <3


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