Monday, October 29, 2012

This is Why I Do Not Like Swimming Pools

Kazehana and I had an amusing conversation on Facebook after I posted this picture:
So I turned it into a picture book:
"Lol, then how do you feel about the ocean?"

I actually hand-drew all but the last one of these....

"...perhaps, but I've got Cthulhu looking out for me, and he could kick the Kraken's bottom."

"We should be in for some serious tidal waves."

"Pickled or braised?"
I feel like I should try and get this published. 


  1. I would like to see a fight between the Kraken and Cthulu but would prefer them to find love. Everyone needs love, especially ancient evil old Gods. This was very well done and chances are if you tried you could turn it into a proper book for publishing.

  2. This is so good Mich! I love the little background things that are hilariously awesome such as the boat being called "the Saucy Wench," and an Irish flag hanging on the mast, I'm not sure how keen I would be to eat some of the Cthulhu-Kraken spawn but I'm pleased for them both haha, love this, it would be awesome if you got it published!

  3. HAH! Made me laugh out loud =]
    Especially the spawn on toast part lol
    Hope all is well, and definitely get it published. Very funny!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!


    lmfao at this! I totes think you should publish it! At least in ebook form! Also, I love the crazypants lettering when you talk I imagine you trying to talk like a pirate whose trying to like a shakespearean, swaying and waving your arms about ensuring at least a 6 foot radius around you.


  5. Hahaha too funny!!
    Hey Mitch, I'm not sure if you remember me but last year and the year before I had a blog that I have now made private because I decided it was too negative. I started a new (more positive) blog on depression and anxiety and if you get a chance I'd love if you'd take a look :) But either way, I hope you're doing well!

  6. At first I thought you hated swimming pools because Jersey is being turned into a giant swimming pool at the moment. I hope you're keeping dry and safe!

  7. I recently tried octopus and have to say any tentacled spawn would probably not be on my favored cuisine list... but I'm imagining you gifting this to friends with small children ;D

  8. This is soooo fabulous! i love, love, love it! The pic's and story are so great! Mich wins again!

    Thinking of you in the storm, hope you are safe (and have power!)

  9. My first thought... yay! a new post from Mich!

    I also squealed on seeing the boat's name. I love it.
    I loved the whole thing!!! Hope you're ok down in Jersey! xx

  10. Is the phrase "Cthulhu has my back," in Gaelic? Because that's hilarious.
    Also, is it completely egotistical of me to be so amused by my own nonsense quotes now that they have pictures? lololololololol

  11. You should get it published! Its an awesome story!! I quite enjoyed it! I always love your cartoons/comics!!


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