Thursday, August 23, 2012


Things are getting a little okay fine a lot craycray since Stepdad's passing. I'm handling the legal end of things, once Mum gets the letters of administration from the Surrogates Court. I thought I'd be able to get those for her, but apparently if an estate is worth less than $10,000 (and this one is worth waaaaaaaaaay less), the surviving spouse can just walk into the Surrogates Court with a list of the assets and be handed the certified letters of administration right then and there, without having to file the standard intestate applications. 

....Now that I've lost 99% of you to confusion and ennui, I shall change the subject.

Thanks, as always, to all of you for your support. I don't deserve you. <3


In an attempt to get more people to notice my book and thus perhaps buy it so I can get my debt back down into the 4-digit realm, I have made a facebook page for my illustrator and myself. (I've also given the website a total makeover.)

I would be absolutely eternally grateful if any of you who are facebook would wander over to the new page and "like" it, and perhaps share it with your friends who have children or who like reading whimsical fantasy? I realize it's obnoxious advertising and shameless self promotion, but starving writers need to be obnoxious and shameless to get noticed before they're dead. :)

I hope you're all having a wonderful week, and have an even more wonderful weekend!


  1. I def. liked the page already!!!

    I hope you can sort through everything. I know it takes awhile to get through all the paperwork (Jake's dad is STILL doing paperwork stuff). It definitly makes it all drag out....


    And as always, I completly adore you!!!

  2. ASDFGHJKL I don't have a FaceFuck to like the page with. I'll have to hack Mum's next time I'm around at hers and like it with her FB ;) I'll get Miles to as well.

    I love the name. Elk and Owl. What does it refer to? (*Needs to be less broke and buy Underwood*)

    Oooooh that legal stuff sounds a little dodge to my law-illiterate self. So she doesn't need to declare him dead-and-will-less to claim his assets?

    *Hugs* Best of luck for surviving the craziness and getting through the legal stuffs. Miss you tons. Arohanui <3

  3. I'm glad that you've sorted out all this legal stuff Mich, it's so brave of you to sort it all out and once again you guys definitely have my condolences. When I get some money I'll be sure to buy your book too Mich, you're such an awesome writer and I can't wait to read it!

  4. I plan on buying your book as soon as I get paid next Wednesday!


  5. I'm glad things are looking up for you and I hope your book does well!! I'll go "like" it on facebook! What are internet friends for!!

  6. I was executor of my father's estate (which consisted of a nice little house, but not much else of import.) Had I known then what I know now, I would have farmed the whole deal out to lawyers. Instead, I spent near to four years doing all of the paperwork and such myself. I did it, and it was something worth being prideful about, but nowhere near worth the aggravation.

    I'm thinking the situation you have on hand is a bit less bothersome in some ways, but more so in others. Take care of you and yours first. If you can find anyone else to handle crappy details, and the price isn't too bad, do it.

    Just my uninformed opinion, of course.

  7. Nothing wrong with self promotion. Someone's gotta promote you and it's not like you can afford to hire a promoter! If I had done all that work to get a book published, i'd be self-promoting too!
    Have you ever considered a Kindle version of Underwood? My stepmom won't get my half-sis a book but is generous with Kindle cards. Probably because it's easier for a scatterbrained tween girl to keep all her "books" in one place that way.
    Sending hugs and strength vibes your way <3 <3 <3

  8. Hey Dear Mich, i tried to go over to FaceBook to like it, but i am soooooo hopeless at Facebook i don't know what happned....i hope it did what it was it was supposed to!

    i hope you are doing okay....i go "home" in 2 days and hope to cure my Vodkaism there, as hub is a tougher taskmaster than Mum. God, i need help,i am a blimp!
    Love you lots and hope you are doing much better!

    You are the best!

    Love you so much , dearie, and i hope your are holding uo okay,

    xoxo, tracy

  9. Mich, how are you doing? Tomorrow i go home,i am not so happy about that, but shall do my best,
    change is the hardest. i hope you are happy and doing well. i will e-mail you. :(
    love you lots, i know you have so much not goood going on now.

    Sending Love.

  10. Hey, im really sorry to hear about all thats been going on. Hope youre feeling better- all that stuff is so stressful!! Anyways, I was a follower of yours before ('dragonfly & a moth') but i went away and now im back! Hope to read more soon and I will defo be getting your book. It looks good. :)
    Sending lots of love to you hun!
    Take care, Sirenne x x

  11. I hope you're doing ok, I know you'e been going through a hell of a lot these past few months. You seriously deserve a break. You know I'm here if you want to vent right?


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