Thursday, September 22, 2011

F**k your Mitsubishi, I've a harse outside.

I got a package in the mail today!! Fresh off the stud farm, Fireball is now making himself at home. 

He hit it off with the other lads right away. 

He thinks he's pretty hot stuff, Fireball does. There was some partying involved.

I think they drank too much. They made quite a ruckus, which did not impress Wigwam, their fearless herd-leader. 

He laid the smack down. Fireball was kind of pissed. 

Fireball questioned Wigwam's authority. But seeing as Wigwam has sired the most offspring, no one is in any place to question him. 

Here's Fireball, lookin' all fab. 

Ho hum. 


  1. I love that you own a copy of the Bible in Latin.

  2. laughed with my roommate over your pictures. Didn't know that there were boy ponies!
    Thank for the love. Sadly I already messed up due to bad things in life. But next week is a new week.
    Good luck in NYC and with the eating.


  3. Have I ever said how much I love your pictures? Cause I doooo <3

  4. Okay, I know this is probably, like, soooo obvious, but...

    I'm kinda struggling to improve my diet, which is mucho impossible b/c I don't eat breakfast unless it's all that high-carb bread product crap... anyway... I'm finding that if I go a long time (say, six hours) w/o eating OR I eat a very small meal when I should be eating a rather large meal... I end up bingeing that night or the next day.

    Progress=wasted. Insomniac=still unhealthy.

    On a completely unrelated note, your ponies are adorable. That is all.


    Also, I thought all MLPs were female?!

  6. AND, you are not fat. Even if you gained 40lbs (oh god, don't freak, this is purely hypothetical) you still wouldn't be fat.

    You go to the gym. You don't eat creepy food. Your body is not a filth-pit. Shake it off. Dance it out. Or hug it out. You are clearly JD. WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR TURK?



  7. Underwood arrived! Please reserve my goblin market bag, pics are coming. And I am really curious what those mischievious goblins have come up with.

    Does anyone here know if you can use more than one giftcard on

    Omg I love these pics. I sometimes thing of digging out the old barbies or something to do stories but since I'm not collecting them what story would I do?
    I thought I vaguely remembered boy ponies but I couldn't remember what they looked like. Guess my faded childhood memories couldn't quite tell the difference! ^_^

    Yay giving your book to your fave author!

  8. Haha, that totally made my day! :D

    Don't feel too bad. If you fasted 1½ day before eating, and burned 650 at the gym, and want to fast again tomorrow, I'm sure it'll all equalize each other.

    By the way, I had a couple of pony-dolls when I was little, but after 2 (real) horses had kicked me of, I got scared of horses, so I gave the pony-dolls to my baby sister. Haha :)

    Oh well,
    stay strong!

  9. lol ur crazy hun love ya neway
    good luck driving into nyc i freak out just int he passenger seat like panic attack freak out have funt hough

  10. BAHAHAHAH Your pont story line is AWESOME!! Party horses - sooo hilarious!!

    Hope you have fun in NYC, I'm sure you'll make it back in ok :) Glad you get to meet your favorite author!!

  11. I love my little pony posts!

    Hope your trip goes ok, how exciting :] Don't worry too much about the binge, it happens. You're still beautiful <3

  12. love your pictures! and the trip sounds perfect!

    and thanx so much, as you are an actual writer and one i do enjoy a lot i have to try the hiking thing. the only problem is - not a tiny hill in sight. but - maybe some monuments with countless stairs will do - or a huge lake to walk around.


  13. I love the ponies. :)

    Peanut butter pretzels sound kind of nice. ADA Cabot sounds just a little nicer though. ;) Good luck driving in NYC. It looks terrifying!

  14. Hey mitch i just want to say that you are my only inspiration! Maybe you'll say im weird but id love if youd write a book..i would totally buy it! love u ..really

  15. ps im english sucks sorry

  16. you're a mad woman & I like it.

    crazy staging for your homies

    pumpkin rav. yumyum

  17. I love that song, and Wigwam was brilliant! Best. Comeback. EVER!

    I'm waiting for my package from Interweave to arrive. 'Spin to knit', so at least I'd be able to spin some yarn out of loo paper if I got locked up (The Mythbusters team=Divinely sent) Tried knitting with plastic bags today, that was. . . Interesting. I think I need to go up from the 4.5mms to at least a 5mm, hmmm.

    *hugs* Best of luck driving in New York. You have SERIOUS balls, mate! I'll make an offering for your safe return <3

    I fully understand the drunken sad-so-I'm-eating binges. Never fun. Why do we decide that food is the best crutch to deal with feeling like shit? It's fucking mental. Gah.

    Love you <3 I hope you have a great trip!


  18. i'm loving the MLP family photos, especially the one with the babies and Party the way, Tappy says Hello, she is all cozy in her stall on the dresser.

    i am all fatted out, haven't been this bad in years...BLERG!!!!

    Be careful in NYC...brave one!


  19. Latin Bible!!! How cool is that?? Seriously. Latin is the one language that should have stayed. I wished they would have offered that in my high school, but nooo, I had to take Spanish and only remember a few words 8 years later -__-. I the the my little pony stories you create- they're so creative and adorable! I hope you enjoy yourself as much as humanly possible in NYC ♥


    also, is underwood in bookshops in the uk?

    x x x x x

  21. omg. I've missed your posts. sosososososososososoooooo much. And I'm totally buying your book come next paycheck.

    I missed your birthday. I'm so sorry. Happy belated birthday. I've missed you!

  22. i think your intake and workout for tuesday more than makes up for eating on YOUR BIRTHDAY! :) Also hope you did not die from driving in NYC, that would make me sad.

    You should totally do grad school! Although it is very weird, socially, and I've heard this from multiple people so it's not just my social awkwardness at play here, although that is a big part of it, I'm sure. I took on a fecking shit-ton of debt in order to manage the tuition beast, so I better get a job as soon as I graduate or else I'm going to have to file for bankruptcy, which would suck, especially because student loans are exempt from bankruptcy (I'd still have to pay it back)...

    Aaaah narcotics and permanent injuries :( I also just do the elliptical, although I will sometimes run outside, and occasionally use the treadmill, but my injury acts up faster when I run than when I use the elliptical, and in any case elliptical burns more so at least we have that? :) hope rest of week/weekend was great! <3 xoxo

  23. I WILL be buying your book, just so you know. Its on my wishlist! I just.. don't have a credit card.. T.T
    Also, thursday, 5pm central time <3 can you come?


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