Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I have a present for you; it's very sharp.

 Why is it that some of simplest and easiest things cause some of us such frustration that we will avoid doing them at all costs? A combination of laziness and boredom is my best guess. Simple tasks such as


Doing laundry is not difficult. It's not even that time consuming if you think about it. Even if you have to go a laundromat to wash your clothes (so long as you're not in a sketchy location), it takes all of 30 seconds to throw your clothes in the washer and then you've got like half an hour before you have to come back and put the stuff in the dryer. I will say that not having my own washer and dryer is annoying, but I am permitted to use the washer and dryer in both my parents' homes whenever I need to, so it's hardly a hassle.

I spend more time thinking about doing laundry and planning to do laundry than it probably takes to do the actual laundry.

I will avoid doing laundry until I am literally down to the very last pair of emergency underwear.* Which is totally stupid, because by then I have such a ridiculous mountain of dirty clothes piled up it takes me like 4 loads to get all of it washed and dried. Which means I'm stuck at Dad's house all day on a weekend, or stuck going back and forth from work to Mum's house for three days in a row (currently on day 3 at Mum's--first load folded, second load needs folding, third load to go in the dryer during my lunch break). And that's just the clothes. There is still a pile of sheets and towels sitting on my bedroom floor that has been there since I came back from Indiana.

Even more than doing laundry, I hate

Getting the Car Serviced.

This is even easier than laundry because all I have to do is drop Gyr off at the mechanic and pick him up a few hours later. Gyr should have an oil change every 5,000 miles, but he actually get serviced about every 6,000 miles because I spend that last 1,000 miles thinking about scheduling the car for service, being anxious about it, and not actually doing it.

Since I travel over 120 miles a day for work, this little mental mania has become something of a constant in my life. As has

Going to the Bank.

I have managed--as far as my personal finances are concerned--to ensure that I never need to set foot in a bank again. Unfortunately, I have to go to the bank for work to deposit checks.

I don't know why I hate going to the bank so much. I really don't. But every time I see Boss man emerging from his office with checks and deposit slips in his hand, my heart sinks and my lunch break is ruined. Because I have to spend all of two minutes in the bank. I think this is solely the result of laziness, because Bank of America got rid of all their drive-thrus and I definitely started hating the bank more after that.....

One of our client's is currently sitting in Bossman's office complaining because we only got him $650,000.00 for his car accident. Like really, dude? On my current income (after taxes), it would take me about 20 YEARS to amass $650,000.00.

 How are the rest of y'all doing? 

*the Christmas thong, because of course you needed to know that


  1. Gives a new spin to "Here comes Santa Claus..."

  2. I actually never minded doing the laundry, it's a piece of cake

  3. All I can say about your Emergency Underwear is: YOWZA!

  4. I actually enjoy doing laundry. And I can have my paychecks direct deposited, so the money just appears in my account on payday. But the car... Yeah, I do not like getting my car serviced. Mostly because they always find something and it's never just an oil change.

  5. I've been tumbling clothes in a dryer with no heat for a year and a half. Doing laundry isn't too terrible, but having service people in my home? Death first.

  6. I never really have to go to the bank (perhaps I should go more) and I've never had to get a car serviced, but I am totally with you on laundry. My washer and dryer are downstairs next to each other. It couldn't be simpler for me to do it. But I just really hate doing it. It doesn't help that I live in a house with two other guys who all feel the same way about laundry. There's a chance that, when I finally drum up the effort to do laundry, either they will be using the machine or they'll complain that I'm using it.

  7. "it's very sharp." dear God, Mich, what is this post even about? i'm skimming through the comments and i read 'laundry' a lot.

    "Why is it that some of simplest and easiest things cause some of us such frustration that we will avoid doing them at all costs?" me and cooking. i have honestly thought of ordering eggs. EGGS! and i order coffee consistently. okay, the last one is because i think i'm addicted to coffee shop coffee but EGGS? dear God.

    "I spend more time thinking about doing laundry and planning to do laundry than it probably takes to do the actual laundry."

    yeah, this post is not relatable for me. i have a maid. she does the laundry.

    dear God, why do you have to drive so much for work?

    again, not really a big thing for me. as for getting the car serviced, people still do that for me! maybe because i still can't navigate the car more than a few minutes away from the house without accidentally doing something stupid... multiple times.

    going to the bank... that is a weird one!

    only? what the fuck?

    honestly, the best part of this post was the Christmas thong. that - that made my day. dear God. i'll reread this post just for that amazing ending.

    this comment sucks BUT I LOVE YOU.

    - Sam Lupin

  8. Don't get me started with laundry.....
    Definitely take more time to plan and think about doing it vs the time it would take to do it.

    Once upon a time my dryer only worked on airfluff. Sucked ass but prevented the mountain of clothes to fold.
    Got a new dryer. Nuff said....

  9. I tend to put off little things--getting my car washed, going to the bank, going to the post office. When I do make myself do them, I try to do them all at once! Then I feel a sense of accomplishment.

    1. .........I have never gotten my car washed

  10. Laundry - always done in one load. I literally cram every piece of clothing I have into the washer (including emergency undies), dump in a ton of soap, and then let it go. Never had a color run. Still laugh at all the time my mother wastes separating loads by color.
    I hate going to the bank, too, even if it's usually not busy when I'm there. Maybe because it's a painful reminder that I'm in a place dedicated to money while having almost none myself?

  11. If I had laundry at my house piece of cake but even tho the laundromat is only a few minutes away I still hate to go. I also hate food shopping, even tho the store is only a few minutes more away. I wish I could send my list of exactly what I want and have it delivered.

  12. I find your thong quite . . . festive.

  13. Vacuuming. I make like the cats and scram. I HATE that monster of DOOM so the boyfriend always has to warn ahead in time so I can go outside for a walk or something.


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