Monday, February 27, 2017

The stove is a bit like a servant. You need to whack it a few times to get it to work.

Happy Monday, friends.

To start the week off, I thought I'd offer y'all some free advice.

There are five essential tools that everyone should keep in their home. You do not need a big fancy toolkit, but you should always have the following on hand:

Any and all household issues can be fixed with one or all of those items. I promise. Even large appliances can last up to 2 years past what probably should have been their demise if you know what you're doing with duct tape.

This weekend, I fixed the draft stopper on my front door, as it had partially fallen off. I also managed, during that time, to superglue the door shut and to superglue myself to the floor.

It is unwise to attempt home improvements when drunk.

The cat formerly known as Not-Ivy* and now named Eleven has gotten very affectionate.

and last week she brought me a dead mouse
I'm thinking about bringing her in if she gets a little more tame. Right now though she's still pretty wild--I can only touch her if I'm sitting down and only after she has established that I will remain sitting. We haven't seen Kiikiii-8 (the orange and white kitten) in about a month now. I'm praying someone took him in. He's much more tame than the other strays, and he's also super cute.

Some of my art work now hangs in the Sugar Shack in Warwick, NY. My family tells me I underpriced everything.... Hopefully I make some extra money. I've been arting tiny kingdoms and mushroom cottages like crazy.

In other news, as of yesterday--and much to my shock and disbelief--I have been elected to the church council. The council is made up of 6 people, each serving 3 year terms, and is basically the board of directors for anything and everything related to the church (services, Sunday school, the band, all the different ministries, activities, etc. etc.). I'm hoping this is my chance to completely overhaul (and possibly even take over) Youth Group.

I made a very large mistake this morning in opening the scratch and sniff sticker that came with my electric bill.

Now the office reeks of gas and my boss keeps thinking there's a gas leak.

Now listen to this important message from Left Lane Cruiser:

*She followed me around the whole time I was looking for Ivy outside and she looks just like Ivy, only not fat.


  1. Well, at least you didn't superglue yourself to the cat.

  2. Thank you for the tips. At least you didn't superglue yourself to the beautiful cat. :)

  3. Wow, congrats on the council gig, let the Lord guide you; Wow, that artwork is great! Many jobs should be avoided while on alcohol. I would just once like to try mine on it, just to see how it would work out, but that ain't gonna happen until after dementia sets in.

  4. Would not want to be a servant at your place.

    You got all the tools correct, but you should add a can of WD40.

  5. Love the last one. If your family thinks you underpriced them, perhaps you need to raise your prices. I've heard that things that are priced too low sometimes scare off buyers as they think something's wrong with the art.

  6. and it is important to always have underwear. that is the biggest tool. ever.

    "Even large appliances can last up to 2 years past what probably should have been their demise if you know what you're doing with duct tape" i can vouch for this.

    "and to superglue myself to the floor." that hasn't happened in a while. dear God, Mich. it hasn't happened to me since i was a child.

    "It is unwise to attempt home improvements when drunk." OH. that is the culprit. i see now. everything is so much clearer now.

    ELEVEN. that's such a perfect name.

    i'm praying someone took him in too. i really hate seeing strays and i hate seeing them go away. i wish i can take them all home... where my mum can scream.

    your artwork is sublime. i should know. i have a real life Mich masterpiece in my own room!

    ^agreed wit Liz A. you should probably raise prices cause buyers might actually think there's something wrong with the art. plus, your art is brilliant. you should be charging them proper.

    i'm not surprised. congrats on getting elected!

    omg. scratch and sniff of gas. that's hilarious.

    again, your music choices are both weird, interesting and admirable.

    also, on the comments of "at least you did not superglue yourself to the cat"... i don't think this is a particularly bad idea.


    - Sam Lupin

  7. If you keep working with Eleven she may come around. I found treats/food work well with these cats. Absolutely love pic #3. The light is luminous. How do you get good pics of your art? I tried to photograph something of mine

  8. WAHOO FOR ARTING! Your birthday present was so fabulous. It's on my finished clay item shelf waiting for me to get something for display so all my pretty papers won't curl.

  9. I threw duct tape in my dryer but now it's louder than ever. Not a life hack

  10. Keeping my fingers crossed for Kiikiii-8. I hate it when that happens being a cat person and all.

    Great art. Listen to your family, though. :))

    1. P.S. Where is a fine stash of duct tape when you want to shut your neighbor's big mouth in the middle of the night? Just wondering if I should use the superglue instead....

  11. You are so right on the 5 tools.
    Hope you can bring the kitty in soon.
    I love your artwork!
    Congrats on being elected to the church council:)

  12. It's amazing what you can do when you have duct tape, i agree.

    Congratulations on being elected to the board at church! Your art is really cool, and i think it shows you have the kind of personality that would do great taking over a youth group.

  13. Yay for your art! That's so awesome!

    When you say church council, I imagine 6 people sitting in a very dark room, behind giant podiums, in black robes, whispering as they decide the fate of the world. I know that's most likely not what you do, but don't take this away from me.

  14. I'm pretty sure everyone who's used superglue has glued him/herself to something. ;)

  15. I have all 4 in my home plus tons more since my hubby knows all about tools (don't take that in a rude way...even though I do:)) Gorilla Glue is great to hold things together. Duct Tape is essential and, to me, very Canadian as I once saw a car all duct taped up driving around as if that was the norm. The pussy cat is cute and I hope becomes more friendly. I love your art work! It is so cool looking and very well done. I hope you sell out!

  16. That cat is super cute. It's great it's taming up a little. Even my domestic cats will run if I make any sudden movements, so it's not surprising she only approaches when you're sat down. Congrats on being placed on the church council. Take over that Youth Group. If you're passionate about it I don't see why they would stop you.

  17. I have a rescue dog that is still skittish and we've had her for six years. Any sudden moves and she's either hunched down to the ground, running for her life, or spraying...yay! But she's also my favorite because she's kinda standoffish and for some reason I like that about her...maybe because I am too until I get to know someone. I still feel she may be part cat.

    I really like your art. I hope it sells well!

  18. "One time I drove into New York City by accident because I missed my exit." oh dear God i cannot imagine how horrible that must've been for you! i'm glad that you were escorted back. dear God... the dangers of missing an exit! seriously!

    "Can I come live with you? I'd really like a maid." yes definitely. the only rule is you have to bring cookies. <3

    - Sam Lupin

  19. The scratch-n-sniff bit is funny. Sorry, boss. Oops. The church gig sounds cool. May you have fun with it! Super cool about getting your art up at the, I'm assuming, food joint. I hope you make some ££££. (Don't have a US keyboard, can't find the dollar sign. :)

  20. I just got Dandelion Field With Scrappy", and it's AWESOME! Thank you so very much, and stay tuned for a picture post on my blog soon as the queue clears!

  21. Hello came over via Chris's blog, like what I see except there is no follow via email option that sucks as that is how I follow blogs if there was I would be back but who knows I may get back anyway only time would tell

  22. I think when Im older Im going to be rescuing every single stray or outdoor cat I see. I can't possibly let any of my cats go outside, regardless of the dead mice they bring over.
    In other news, congrats on the church council election!

  23. LOL You superglued yourself to the floor!?
    When cats bring back a rodent, but too cute to be furious at...I mean come on look at that pic! Cute cat posing...


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