Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States

(Originally sent to me by Tempest, so I cannot take credit for finding this masterpiece.)

.........every time it gets to the "we're going to build a wall" part, I can't stop laughing. 

A real post soon. Maybe. I've been working on a lot of art (remember ages ago I promised some of you art? I have not forgotten. Three pieces are currently in progress).


  1. Oh, man! I'm howling...

    The accordion really makes it.

  2. You're right. "We're going to build a wall" cracks me up. What if every time they build part of the wall, a nice big group of people take it back down? Or we can all visit the wall and leave bubble gum on it. It could be a great place to put up posters with our opinions about our incoming president. Any other ideas for ways to use the wall will be appreciated by many people.


  3. Yep. This is what we need to do. Continue to poke fun at him. It's the only way we're going to get through this nightmare.

  4. He ought to actually bring an accordian with him to press conferences. It would be an even better distraction technique than tweeting insults about celbrities.

    Bread and circuses. Without the bread.

  5. I love a good bit of satire. It seems like it's been too long since we had some.

  6. this is hilarious. Thor kitten is perfect and so are you. and so is whoever made this video.

    agreed with Mark on the satire. satire is always good. always.

    -Sam Lupin

  7. Jesus Christ, that's funny! Thanks for posting it!

  8. It's sad we'll have this joke at president for the next 4 years

  9. Holy crap, this is hilarious. If nothing else, at least the next 4 years will be filled with laughs.

  10. Mich, I do remember requesting art. I'm so excited that you are finished with it. My email is rarichards68 at Send me an E and we'll work out the details.



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