Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mike! I found the chocolate pudding!!

Last week., Bosslady was away in Europe. So naturally, Bossman and I reverted to childish behaviour for the entirety of the week. We gorged ourselves on all the gift baskets we received, played with the office toys, and did not put together the new table.

(emailed to Bosslady when she got back.)

I cleaned out Bossman's mailbox and found an unused $100 gift card from Urban Outfitters. Normally I would never buy anything from them, but hey free money. I got Ziggy Stardust on vinyl and a nice landscape curtain to hang over the bedroom closet.

We had quite a nice Christmas this year. The usual crowd--Mumsy, myself, and Lil Sis, plus Big Sis#2 with Niecey G and Useless-in-Law, the Jewish Orphans, and M. There was a highly entertaining moment in which Useless-in-Law turned off the stupid Christmas movies so he could watch Nascar, and he was promptly disciplined by Mum, who put the Christmassy stuff back on.*

From Santa, Mich received some records, a storage box for said records, a remote controlled BB-8, a Gryffindor bathrobe,** and a cheapie left-handed violin.***

Mum had the best Christmas yet, I think. She got a giant television for her bedroom, a bunch of classic country CD's, a painting of the view from my grandmother's bedroom window (painted by me), and tickets to see Kris Kristofferson at the end of January.

Harleyquinn escaped and climbed the fake tree.

(I brought them along for the couple days at Mum's****, but because Simple Cat and Daisy do not get along, my cats had to be shut in downstairs.)

The day after Christmas, Daisy knocked over the giant bouquet of roses we had on the table, soaking two of the dining room chairs. She also ate a good number of rose petals and immediately vomited them up beside the tipped over flowers.

Daisy loves bingeing and purging flowers. And plants in general. She once binged and purged an entire bonsai tree.

I will probably be eating leftover turkey for the next month. It turned out fantastic, as I cooked it upside-down, which is the only way to roast a turkey.

Y'all do anything exciting over the holidays?

*We love our stupid Christmas movies.

**It is beyond fantastic.

***I'm sure my neighbours will be thrilled by this.

****Simple Cat hOwLeD for literally all of the hour+ car ride.


  1. It sounds like an exciting Christmas indeed. Cats always make things more exciting.

  2. Ha! What a fun Christmas. My cat once ate and purged half of a fake plant, including its fake potting. And yes, I'm quite envious of that Gryffindor bathrobe.

  3. My son binged and purged the dessert we made for Christmas due to his lactose intolerence...

  4. I didn't do squat except for taking a walk through Golden Gate Park. It was chilly (for here), so there were not a lot of folk in the park. I did see, however, some orthodox Jews setting up a giant Menorah & rolling out a gas barbecue in an open area just off one of the main drags in the park. I guess they were having a Hanukah BBQ. Now that's pretty exciting!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas, in spite of the cat that seems to adore foliage. Turkey gumbo is very easy. Boil the carcass for a bit to make a broth, meanwhile, make a roux. Once the broth and roux are ready, put the roux in the broth, add a can of diced tomatoes, lots of chopped onion and celery and bell pepper, okra, and leftover bits of turkey. Salt to taste and put in some Tabasco or other hot sauce, but not too much. Let it simmer until the okra is soft. Serve over rice.

  6. Tha'ts one reason I didn't get a cat this year. My tree was safe

  7. *Monday mash-up* *posts on a Tuesday*

    i caught you, Mich.

    "We gorged ourselves on all the gift baskets we received, played with the office toys, and did not put together the new table." this sounds like the best.

    i'm glad to hear that you had a nice Christmas. i feel like everyone i know had a terrible Christmas, so this is a pleasant and smile-inducing surprise. <3

    Useless-In-Law omg.

    you had me at Gryffindor bathrobe.


    i love your cats. ugh. 1,000 points to cats.

    "as I cooked it upside-down, which is the only way to roast a turkey." does not know how to cook.

    i just remembered you can cook, draw, do office things, are efficient, and are generally one of the kindest person ever. God, you have it all. and you deserve it all and more. god i love you. so much.

    comment reply:

    i know, right? those simple errands that will eat you up until you do them but for some reason, you are reluctant to do them even though it takes virtually no time.

    shhh. i did fail once, you know. i failed in my own language, because i didn't study for it. thankfully, i went into medical school where they don't care about the fact that you failed art (yes, i did.)

    "Please post of your experience bathing in jasmine chocolate." i believe a Percy photo is required soon.

    i am offended by the fact that you are offended by the fact that i worry about offending you. ;)

    -Sam Lupin

  8. One of my cats likes to binge and vomit grass. I get the feeling she'd do the same to trees if she could. She actually ate cheese yesterday. She didn't die so that's good but I had no idea a cat would eat cheese. Sounds like you had a pretty good christmas overall. Mine was the usual really. Nothing overly spectacular but it doesn't take much to please me. I think my dad had a nice one though. I picked him up a portable record player and Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  9. Oh man, I miss stupid Christmas movies. We used to have a couple of VHS that we'd put on every year, but I can't for the life of me remember more than a couple of TV show specials that were on them. I did find a copy of the Mr Bean Christmas special on YouTube this year though, and both mum and brother actually sat around the watch it too.

    THERE'S A KITTY IN YOUR TREE!! Too cute! Unfortunately, we haven't put up the tree since having Misty. Maybe I should next year, just to see what she'd do.


  10. Ha! Sounds like Christmas at my house minus the kitty. Well, not to knock your splendid holiday or anything, but for Christmas this year, I got my gallbladder taken out. Jealous? :) I hope you have a very Happy New Year and do something fun!

  11. My cat is always trying to get at the flower petals. I didn't realize that was a thing.

  12. Hello, Daisy!

    Happy New Year, Mich!

  13. My brother raises chickens and occasionally gives me a frozen one and I invariably cook it upside down. Still good though. Glad you had a happy Christmas :)

  14. i finally got around to doing that jasmine chocolate pic! http://glassimagination.blogspot.com/2016/12/repeating-rabbits-monday-3-update-percy.html <-- ;)

    - Sam Lupin

  15. Useless-In-Law. Hahaha.

    Despite the cat binge/purge, your Christmas sounds lovely. That was a very thoughtful gift for Mumsy.

    I'm sure your neighbors will learn to love the violin;)

  16. As I read on the internets not long ago, about cats: I love you, but you suck. I love my kittehs to death, but jeez, lay off eating everything on the floor and puking it up again.

  17. Re the tiramisu, Yes! My folks generally make it with whipped cream instead of cheese/ eggs. I'm just a bit old school about these things! Sure an egg custard arrangement could work too if it's thick enough to set!

    And binge/ purge flowers made me laugh! Always had an odd sense of humour though!



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