Thursday, December 15, 2016

My drive to work this morning:

That haze is not fog, it is actually so much snow I could barely see the car in front of me.

Yes, I was using my phone whilst driving. But I am always sure to make certain there are no cars beside or behind me so that if I should hit a deer, I won't ruin anyone else's day.*

I do not understand the weather.

My new license plates finally arrived.

I'll let y'all work that one out yourselves.

The Simple Cat has discovered that heat comes out of the vent above the stove when the oven is on.

It is now her favourite sleeping spot. 

^I posted that picture in a facebook group (of which I am no longer a member) for crazy cat ladies and was more or less crucified for it. It's so upsetting!! How could I do that to my cat?!?! 

Yes, I am that freaking stupid that I would allow my cat to get burned. 

I f**king hate everyone seriously

This coming Sunday is Ugly Sweater Day at church. I have sacrificed my own sweater, which is the ugliest sweater in creation, for Lil Bro#2 to wear. 

He has actually been wearing it out in public and it is now his favourite article of clothing.

Earlier this week, Lil Bro#2 reviewed Fatal Attraction.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I don't even care. I decorated Mum's house and put up her tree, threw some fairy lights around the apartment, and decorated the office, but I'm just not feeling it.

The office dog even got decorated.

Listen to this band, they are phenomenal:

*At this point, I am fairly certain that I am unkillable. After 3 attempts, one unintentional overdose, thousands of accumulated prayers for death, and countless accidents that would have given the Lord ample opportunity to kill me, I somehow remain alive. 


  1. Love all the pictures--my fave is kitty on the cooker!
    I think I've driven in snow once in my life. It's slightly less scary than walking in the darn stuff. May your commute not take too much out of you! Your lil' bro #2 looks pretty fly in that ugly sweater. Office dog looks good in antlers, btw.

    I went to an Xmas party somewhat recently. No one dressed up, but everyone sans me got pretty drunk. It was fun until the slurring & stumbling happened.

  2. My eyes! MY EYES! omg that fugly sweater is FUGLY!

  3. The Simple Cat! Hahahhahha! I am new to your blog and that is hilarious. I have a Simple Cat of my own. Not a whole lot happening upstairs but I love that fur ball. He can't help that his mom was also a sister. These things happen.

    No clue on the license plate.

  4. Too frosty on the roads for me.

  5. I guess you should have waited until 9:00 to leave for work.

    That is one very ugly sweater.

  6. If you hit a deer, you would also ruin the deer's day. Probably.

    I live somewhere without any rain or ice or sleet, so your pics look cool and atmospheric to me.

    Don't hit a deer.

  7. That is one interesting sweater. One of these days I'm going to make myself an ugly sweater for Christmas. Probably not.

    Funny how it's awful on the road but gorgeous where you're ending up. I've had those drives (well, not ever in snow...) and the opposite (beautiful drive, awful at destination).

    I'm not feeling Christmas either. I've done no shopping. I may call in sick...

  8. That's some pretty harsh weather. For like that hour at least. It's always weird when there's a giant rainstorm followed by bright and sunny skies. It would be even weirder with snow. I unironically love ugly Christmas sweaters and I wish I had one. My boss wore a Sonic the Hedgehog one to the Christmas meal and it was glorious.

  9. I just love the fact that you have an Office Dog. Every office should have one.

  10. I woulda been crucified on that cat FB page too, because my first thought was, "I know how to break him of THAT real quick!"

  11. "WHERE ARE YOU" thank you for noticing i have ceased to exist bby

    what the hell is this

    what do you mean it's not fog

    9am. *clear sky*

    what is this sorcery

    winter is coming (?) and is now going and doing confusing things? (i did not watch the apparently best season of Game of Thrones yet. i'm too busy rewatching and getting in touch with Arrow.)

    i will not even attempt to figure that plate out. i'll just read the comments.

    aye they didn't figure it out yet. as for me, i'm a blank.

    i am the Simple Cat. literally.

    "How could I do that to my cat?!?!" lads she's not flambeeing her cat. relax. i'm sure you'd rather cut off your own hand than harm one of these precious things at this point. (i am eerily confused at how confident i am saying this?)

    that sweater is not that bad. yes. i do not own a worse one but i've seen worse ones being worn with the defence: "but it's comfortable!"

    the actual horror is people that wear sweaters that are horrendous but do not know that they are ugly. terrible, terrible things.

    still, he has swag. (do people still say this?)

    "He has actually been wearing it out in public and it is now his favourite article of clothing." suddenly, my respect for him has increased by 20 points.

    i'm not feeling it either. it's less Christmass-y this year than it is many years. even though i do not celebrate Christmas. maybe i need to eat more Mr Kipling sweets. maybe i need to do Christmas Zumba (last year i missed it because of exams :( and the years before it was not a Christmas Zumba. i believe i one went to a Christmas Combat.) i did get sister Ginny her first candy cane though.

    serious time and i hope that i said the right words in the right sequence (i really really do hope i did not offend you with anything i do say and i tried to reread this to make sure that nothing i said may be offensive but still, you never know):

    as for the last bit, i want to say that the only reason i think you're alive is because /you are meant to be here./ if you were meant to die, you would not be here. but you aren't. because there is more for you. you are meant to live. and if that isn't proof of it, then idk what is. i mention this because i know you've been struggling recently and i also want to let you know this for any time that you feel like you are not meant to be here, or that your value is not worth as much as anyone else, it is. and you are definitely meant to be here. if you weren't, you wouldn't be and it is as simple as that. i bless the Lord for that (i know the Arabic Muslim equivalent but i am attempting to guess the Christian equivalent.)

    keep holding on, love. you are strong and you are capable and you have done this before and you can do this again, alright? i have full faith in your capabilities, even when you are not very sure of them. and i think you're one of the sweetest things ever. that, and i still don't know how you notice me (and continuously notice that i am missing for stretches of time.)

    love love love you. and will update soon. maybe today or tomorrow. <3

    -Sam Lupin


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