Wednesday, June 15, 2016

If you don't watch Vikings, feel free to skip the majority of this post.

Things have ended with The Farmer before they really began. I just wasn't feeling it, and he could tell, so at least we parted friends.

Lil Bro#2 has been binge-watching season 4 of Vikings and texting me his thoughts on same:

he's either overtired or tipsy; Lil Bro#2 never swears

I was enormously entertained by all this

We're very emotionally invested in this show, if you can't tell.


This is Ragnar's brother, Rollo:

 that is the most glorious piece of man-candy I've ever seen in my fricking life ok



but then

(remember the Vikings bingo card?)

Then Rollo went to France, AND THEY RUINED HIM

look at this sh*t




  1. Not watching Vikings, but this cracked me up. Your brother is Lil Bro#2 on your phone?

    1. He's only Lil Bro#2 on here, for the sake of privacy.

  2. When I lived in Iceland, I was told that Icelanders were the descendants of Vikings. "Those nice people?" I scoffed. Then, I watched them in action at a Reykjavik bar near closing. Yikes. I think they're part Klingon, too.

    1. OMG, I had the same thought ~ maybe they beamed down to earth and infiltrated and we never knew......(Klingon)

  3. When I lived in Iceland, I was told that Icelanders were the descendants of Vikings. "Those nice people?" I scoffed. Then, I watched them in action at a Reykjavik bar near closing. Yikes. I think they're part Klingon, too.

  4. okay, about Vikings - i watched most of the first season and then got bored because i didn't have that OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS CHARACTER moments. i have to rlly love at least one character loads to finish a show. i think the one i liked most was Rollo and it wasn't like i had an intense love for him. (*cough* in Game of Thrones, it's the stupidest character alive that i like the most *cough*).

    i mean i get why anyone could like it. it's a very propelling plot but i didn't feel particularly close to any character. and i hated the characters that most people like (shhh. i don't like neither Ragnar nor his blondie wife but i'm alright with a token few.)

    the good-looking bloke that played in Les Mis? i don't know why people love him. it's not a bias or anything.

    Bro #2's commentary is bloody brilliant.

    Asslog. had to look her up to realise that her name was Aslaug. obvs haven't gotten that far but i definitely would like Lagertha way more than her. she looks like a smug bitch but that's just from how she looks like/dresses like.

    ROLLO. aye, i know Rollo. "that is the most glorious piece of man-candy I've ever seen in my fricking life ok" i absolutely love you.

    what the hell is this? Rollo in France? why is he wearing robes?

    ew. so they ruined the only character i liked even a little bit??? sucks.

    -Sam Lupin

  5. comment reply:

    "I bet you did marvelously well on your exams." not just well, but marvelously well? i'm holding you onto this.

    i did mention how much i love that you change your blog according to season, right? just checking.

    "You and Lil Sis should have had your own study club." if she's anything like me, then it'll be two people in a room speaking no words to each other and face buried in a copy of an ancient book. doesn't sound like much of a fun club now.

    "DEEP BREATHS. This level of stress will kill you via stroke before you even manage to graduate. And I really really don't want you to die." i'd said i'm not stressed but nobody believes me. trust me, i won't let my blood pressure get that high. i'm too neurotic to let that happen... which is a paradox on its own, isn't it?


    -Sam Lupin

  6. Yes, he's definitely better as a VIking!!

  7. Yes, he's definitely better as a VIking!!

  8. I've never watched a single episode of Vikings, and I'm not big on 'man candy', but to stir up that many impassioned text messages, I might have to consider starting.

  9. I watched the first two seasons, lost the show then watched here and there but most of the last two.
    It drives me crazy that it is freezing cold and no hats and bare arms. I have to bundle up to watch it.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  10. Sorry to hear things didn't really get to start with the farmer. At least you got out before either of you could really get hurt. I love the relationship you have with your brother. Makes me wish I was closer to my family.

  11. I don't watch Vikings
    But I just wanted to say thank you to you
    For your comments
    Your horse riding tips which came in very handy by the way
    And just for your continued support
    And for being such an awesome and thoughtful friend
    You are amazing
    That is all x

  12. comment reply:

    oh, i can deal with external noise alright. i think it's a special skill rlly to be able to do that. she sounds like she might be holed up in the library at my uni, where there is only the sound of the fountain pouring.

    aye. i definitely know about 8 straight days, buried into books for hours... aye. then the inevitable crash.

    "who is your fav on Game of Thrones? Mine is Ramsay."

    Ramsay is pretty brilliant. his insanity is amazing. my fave on Game of Thrones is coincidentally Ramsay's bitch, i.e. Theon or Reek or whoever he is right now. i'm waiting for Season 6 to end so i can binge watch the lot. maybe after Ramadan ends.

    maybe i have a thing for characters nobody notices or care for.

    though after you said Ramsay, i think i love you 100% more.

    -Sam Lupin

  13. I watched the first season of Vikings with my hubby. He loves it but I lost interest...but not because of all that eye candy! Your brother is hilarious!

  14. I've never seen nor heard of this Vikings show (and I dislike the football team) but I'm sorry that your Viking man candy cleaned the blood off his torso and put some clothes on. That is quite wimpy. (then again, how manly can he be with a name like Rollo?

    1. Hi Mich, I loved this blog but didn't dare do it on my own, as Facebook and e-mail and effing me big time...GA! I guess we should have paid attenting to Comcast when they said we needed new equip........damn! Love you!

  15. That was a slow descent into unmanliness. Why did they do that to him? I want man-candy back.

  16. I don't watch Vikings, but I enjoyed this nonetheless.


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