Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I don't like nobody touching me. Any of you homos touch me, I'll kill you.

Sorry for the long silence. It's been a busy and hectic few days.

I took Friday off work to bring a car-load of stuff to the apartment and clean. Lil Sis came over to help and did an amazing job cleaning the bathroom.

(The previous tenant--who is now my next door neighbour--is very nice, but I do no think she cleaned. At all. Ever.)

Then my friend C and Niecey G hung around for a while, as mentioned in the last post.

Saturday, Drummerboy* and I picked up the Uhaul, and then he and 3 of our church buddies loaded it up with all of my belongings. During this time, the Simple Cat and Daisy called a truce, and Daisy allowed the Simple Cat to cower beside her under Lil Sis's bed.

When we arrived at the apartment with the Uhaul, Mike the Band Leader showed up with a bunch more people from church. They had everything into the apartment in 15 minutes. I have never seen furniture moved so fast.

I spent the rest of the weekend unpacking. I think the place looks quite nice.

living room
view of the kitchen from the living room
view of the kitchen from the other side
and the bedroom
Also the fridge is now adequately stocked.

Sunday, I had my date. It was.... ok I guess. We had a nice dinner. The Farmer is very nice and very much a gentleman, but I definitely get the feeling that he is the type of guy who expects the relationship to get physical after very little time has passed. I told him I am the sort of person who needs to take these things 
E X T R E M E L Y   S L O W L Y, 
but idk if he took me seriously. I'll see him again to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I don't think it's going anywhere.

In other news, I've been asked to join a second church band as one of the bassists and backup vocalists they keep on rotation for their Tuesday evening service. I may also be joining Mike the Band Leader's actual band as a third vocalist. And all this time I didn't think I could sing at all....

Some highlights from my hour+ish commute:

*I think Drummerboy has a new girlfriend. I'd be lying if I said that didn't sting a little. I told Mumsy about it on Friday. She admitted to me that while she was talking to him Saturday, it took every ounce of her willpower not to punch him in the face and call him retarded because OBVIOUSLY I am like a billion light years out of his league and what in the hell is he thinking. That made me feel a little bit better.


  1. Awww yeah, the apartment looks great! I love that Japanese wall divider. And your fridge, of course, is the best part. I see that Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot in there.

    As for the farmer, maybe next time you should show up in a solid steel chastity belt. That'll get the message across, and if all he wants is the booty, he'll learn to move on quickly.

  2. The apartment looks nice. I guess the Farmer isn't meant to be. Well, there are more fish in the sea.

    1. I love the apartment, it looks great and in the winter, it will be "cozy! I am really sorry about both Drummer Boy and Farmer Boy...MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha, ha, what "Beer" said! Love your kitty drawings.

      Love you!

    2. PS Sounds like Son's bathroom, husband thinks he "(son) cleans it...HA! Every few weeks, I go in and sanitize the place....GAH!

  3. You and your church buddies did an amazing job with the move-in. The place looks great! Looks like a place you can call home for a long, long time - and in a good location that seems to suit you.

    I'm glad you and Drummerboy are on good terms, but I am equally glad that your Mom had the urge to slug him for moving on so fast. I co-sign her sentiments +1. Good call on the Farmer. If he's truly a gentleman he'll understand.

    Also, you must be underestimating your singing talents if you're getting so many gigs and offers. I'd like to see a video of your band if you've got one posted somewhere?

    I have a suggestion for your next book, even if its a 30 page e-Book: write something about your life, complete with MS paint illustrations, dialogues... and Simple Cat stories. I would happily purchase such a thing. MAKE IT HAPPEN MICH!!

  4. Looks like a nice apt. Pretty drive. Love your cartoons!

  5. The place looks great. I'm glad everyone came together and got everything done so quickly. The more people you have doing something the quicker it gets done. It sucks about the hour long commute but at least there are some nice sights on the way. My own cats managed to call a truce earlier to hide together from the terrible vaccuum cleaner.

  6. "(The previous tenant--who is now my next door neighbour--is very nice, but I do no think she cleaned. At all. Ever.)" my insides are squirming just thinking about it. my sister has taken refuge in my room and it's full of bollocks.

    i ship Simple Cat/Daisy.

    "They had everything into the apartment in 15 minutes." what? did i read 15 minutes?

    it looks very home-y already. in fact, your flat looks absolutely stunning! hope you're settling in and breaking it in!

    ah, well, whether it gets serious or not, i'm just hoping you've both had a good time together!

    "In other news, I've been asked to join a second church band as one of the bassists and backup vocalists they keep on rotation for their Tuesday evening service. I may also be joining Mike the Band Leader's actual band as a third vocalist. And all this time I didn't think I could sing at all...." why am i not even remotely surprised?

    Mumsy has her moments and this is one of them! ;) forget about him, love. if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. what can i say?

    i love you and i hope you're taking care of yourself. i hope you're feeling better mentally now that you've moved into your new flat. there's a bounty of adventures waiting to happen!

    comment reply:

    "MMMMMMMMMMM DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARDS omnomnomnomnomonom Chocolate ice cream and Oreos please. And a clean bathroom and baby bum wipes for the hellfest afterwards." you give the best comments in the world.


    "Have you tried Peanut Butter & Co.'s magical creations? The maple one is my favourite." they stocked their creations once a few months ago. i've had a try of White Chocolate Wonderful (tasted like a little sweeter pb) and Dark Chocolate Dreams (which may be one of my favourite things ever).

    they haven't stocked them for a while :( i hope one day i'll just go to the store and find them!

    -Sam Lupin

    -Sam Lupin

  7. The apartment looks comfy and cozy. I love the screen. Don't go out with Farmer too soon. If you think he wants thinks to get physical in a hurry, then make him wait to help avoid getting the wrong idea. I agree with Mumsy that you are out of Drummerboy's league. I've found that most people don't clean much.


  8. The fridge! Hahaha. I keep all my booze in the freezer.

  9. Ever feel like you walked in on the middle of a conversation?

    Well, I don't know what's been said about this Drummerboy character, what he did or didn't do, but apparently you guys were a thing (and he broke up with you?), but you're still friends (like that's not weird or anything), and he actually helped you move (and get the truck), and you still spend one-on-one time together, and all the while he's started seeing someone else (you think...). Am I pretty much on this? And the footnote was awesome, because Mumsy has done some clunky things here recently, but that was "on point." All I will add to this is don't even bother looking back now at Drummerboy, because even if he wakes up and changes his mind, chances are too much water has gone under the bridge. You'll always wonder about his motivation(s) and ultimately want someone who knew right from the start that they wanted you just as much as you wanted them. And you'll resent that he was such a dummy about the whole thing (and rightfully so). So, move on. Though it sounds like not with Farmer Guy since it seems like he's looking to just get laid. Lots of girls are out there also looking to get laid. Tell him to turn right. He'll bump into one of them.

    As for the band stuff... that's awesome. I think YOU are way more awesome than you think you are. It's nice that you're getting some validation on the things that you do well. Feels good, no???

  10. Your new place looks so cool! What a great space there with the kitchen and living room so open and light.

    The commute looks pretty but without much variaiton to hold your attention for that hour.

  11. The cartoon made me giggle so much. I'm in love with your apartment. And the things in your apartment make me think you're a person I would hang out with. LOL! Now I sound like a creeper. Fabulous!

  12. Love the new apartment! I'm especially fond of the screen with the branch with blossoms on it.
    Nice for the kitties to call a temp matter how reluctant, lol.

  13. Nice floors in that apartment!

  14. The new place is great... it already looks like you've been living there for months. (and I mean that in a good way.)

    I'll have you know that I clean twice a year, whether the place needs it or not.

  15. I agree, your place looks fantastic! Moving is the pits but when you people to help you out that makes it a bit better. I also couldn't help myself from voting in your poll although I'm quite late to the game. I see I'm in the majority though, so there's that!

  16. Looks good! I really like the divider between the kitchen and lounge. Making a mental note of that one.

    God, I love Simple Cat.

    Sorry the date didn't go so well. Why is it so hard to find people who're looking for more than a quickie?


  17. Give him a chance, sure, but trust your instincts with farmer boy. I'm sorry it wasn't right with you and Drummerboy, that has to burn a little... but maybe it's better if you don't tangle up with a fella who has so much family baggage?

    Your apartment is lovely and homey. I don't know how to homey; I've literally never hung something on a wall. I'm staying a second year for the first time in my life with Charlie, so maybe I should change that once I can carry heavy things again. I have shelves in boxes in my car (too heavy for me to carry) and crap all over the floor in my rooms. Blargh.

  18. Boy, the amount of scrolling needed when one arrives late to the party!

    But anyway, that apartment looks really nice. Watch out for farmers, they do it in the dirt. And nice of Mumsy to at least attempt to say something constructive. And while it sucks abt Drummer Boy, you had to kinda figure he was leaning that way. I mean, you start dating someone and then go off on a trip? Heart wasn't in it. You are better off without.

  19. Didn't know you could sing and play bass!! Bass is bad ass.
    I dig your separator between the kitchen and living room. Not a bad idea...
    Screw those douche bags. Keep your self respect and eventually you'll earn a keeper.

  20. -love the windows in the living room. Your new digs look very comfy. May you enjoy your new home!

  21. Those roads...pure walking Dead

  22. The place looks fabulous! I especially like the use of the screen between the kitchen and living room :)

    1. Can i move in with you? I promise I will curl up in a ball someplace so you won't have to see me and I will bring money!

    2. Tracy my love, you are more than welcome any time. In lieu of rent, you can try to keep the cat hair under control. And you know the Wit's End Tavern just posted a sign looking for a part time cook.....

  23. Hope the new home is full of good vibes!! And a date... OOh! Hope it goes well, just be open minded! But always trust your gut...


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