Tuesday, August 25, 2015

There we were minding our own business, just doing chores around the house, when kids started killing themselves all over my property.

Lil Bro#2 and I took a mini road trip this weekend, to see some weird roadside attractions we had passed on the way home from Kentucky.

So we headed out at 8 on Saturday morning, our first stop being the world's largest miniature town along Route 78 in Pennsylvania

It was pretty cool.

and had some fairly amusing signage

seriously people stop throwing your money
 Obvs the wild west was my favourite part.

Lil Bro#2 was surprised at the number of Confederate flag stuffs in the gift shops. Having spent a considerable amount of my teens out in the boonies of Pennsylvania, I was not surprised. I've noticed the border between the North and South gets pretty blurred in a lot of PA....

Next we went to the antique shop down the road. I eventually stopped taking photos of all the incredibly weird stuff I found because there was just too much.


time to block up the chimney
::runs screaming from the building::

The shop also contained several cats. I made friends with three of them. 

and made a fool of myself in general following them around the shop saying "kiiiiiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

After that we had lunch at Cracker Barrel, where Lil Bro#2 officially beat my Epic Fail with those peg game thingies.

You're supposed to end up with one peg left. I've managed to end up with 7. Lil Bro#2 finished a game with 10.

Then we ventured on to the Crystal Caves

We did not actually get to go into the cave because their website made no mention of the fact that they only do tours every few hours, and we were an hour and a half early for the next one. Since the Weyerbacher Brewery's last tour was at 5.00 PM (and also free), we could not do the 4.00 cave tour.

So we wandered about a bit. Made friends with a giant spider. Putzed around in the gift shop. And walked the nature trail.

Super awkward conversations with strangers:

[[passing an older couple near the entrance of the nature trail]]

Lil Bro#2: "How far is it to the top?"

Gentleman: "Maybe ten minutes."

Lady: "There's a bench there with a nice view. You two could sit and hold hands."

Lil Bro#2: ...

Mich: ................................

Lil Bro#2: "....umm... yeah ok thanks."

[[run away]]

Lil Bro#2: "At least they thought you look young enough to be my girlfriend."

We then ventured to our final destination: the Weyerbacher Brewery

I forced Lil Bro#2 to sample a number of beers.

Since their beers range from 8% - 12% abv., he was rather tipsy by the time we left.

Sunday, Lil Bro#2, Stepmom, and I went to Bethel Woods to check out the Threads exhibit. 

and naturally we played with the dress up clothes because we are adults.

Mum and Lil Sis left for the Shore this morning, so I have the house to myself for the next two days. I am ecstatic. 


  1. Love this post!
    And your photos are so cool!
    Is that you on the right in the last couple?

    I love to go on road trips too
    I often think I should install a go pro camera in my car
    As my sister and I have the most crazy conversations when we are driving around

    Sounds like you both had much fun
    Can I come on the next one? X

  2. I hope the peg thingy is not an indication of IQ...kidding. I've never won.
    The santas look creepy, but funny.

  3. Those Santa's are waaay too scary, I agree. Remind me of the photos from that "Peculiar Children" book. Love the mini town. And the Flag controversy...aggggghhhhh! I am the most liberal person I know and even I am sick of it....love the pic's of the three of you!

    Have fun" Home Alone"!

  4. Look and sounds like fun and memories are being made!

  5. That sounds like a fun outing! Laurie can do the peg game with little problem, but she looked up how to do it so I'm not completely impressed.

    I know a lady named Holli who'd like those figurines for her annual HolliWeen party...

  6. I haven't been to Crystal Caves in years! Probably 20.

    That miniature village place seems really cool! Where is it located?I might have to get some friends together to visit it. And yep, there are a lot of places in Pennsylvania that do sell the Confederate Flag. I'm a huge Civil War buff and it's interesting how the lines blur here.

  7. throw your money at me!!! i'd even get naked for it (wait, i just remembered that is a thing and it's called be an 'exotic dancer').

    "Obvs the wild west was my favourite part." my heart just stopped when i got a look of that photo

    the rabbit figurines would be something to haunt me in my nights if i ever bought it.

    it is perfectly acceptable to act like a fool when encountering cats.

    what the fuck is a peg game?

    "At least they thought you look young enough to be my girlfriend." aye, the ultimate compliment.

    "I forced Lil Bro#2 to sample a number of beers." i lost it.


    Gosh, you look like you had lots of fun. and here i am, sitting by my chair, looking at fanfiction and threatening to throw myself out of my own room if i don't complete any neuroscience today. obviously i have an interesting life.

    -Sam Lupin

  8. comment reply:

    "The muscle relaxers could be causing the daytime jitters and shakes." aye, i see what you mean. i'm looking into the whole unable-to-sleep-never-feel-tired-at-all thing soon, so hopefully i'd be prescribed something else. i'm sort of taking these because my father told me to as to help me sleep. they are not exactly prescribed to me.

    "The concentration issues and jumpiness are probably a result of not getting enough sleep and general anxiety. " <--sounds just about right.

    ahaha love the phone thing. i don't know. i think it's just a strange state of mine where i am so happy it actually makes me physically anxious? it's strange. it's an uncomfortable elation, which in itself, sounds like an oxymoron!

    -Sam Lupin

  9. For what it's worth I'd totally have followed the cats around going "Kittttiiiiii" and played dress up too. One of the reasons I'd love to travel around America is to find all the weird places like the world largest miniature village, or the world's largest ball of yarn. Basically if it says "World's largest" then it's something I want to see. I guess lil bro was more confused by the confederate flag because it's become such an issue, rather than your proximity to the south.

  10. lovely post i follow you on GFC
    please refollow me on GFC too



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