Sunday, January 4, 2015

happy new year y'all!

Not much to report on my end I'm afraid. Hope y'all had a pleasant Christmas and Hanukkah and any other holiday you might have celebrated.

I have the worst writer's block ever. Literally. I haven't written anything remotely creative in MONTHS. Even blog writing has come to a halt. I'm returning to music this week, beginning bass lessons after a 12 year hiatus. Got a rather gorgeous acoustic bass on craigslist and have had the strings and everything flipped lefty. We'll see how that goes...

I'm also attempting to plan a road trip to Paducah, Kentucky maybe in late February or early March for no reason other than Kentucky is far away from here and I can drive there.

In other news, I'm looking for apartments again, up in Orange County. I love Mumsy dearly, but this living situation is going to kill me.



  1. Oh, Mich, I have been waiting to hear from you......I hope everything is okay. We spent Christmas week at my mum's. I swear we wrapped more packagrgeds then in a life time! Yay, what fun. Now we aare home and DH is very sicj, I swear he better call ion a sub for tomorrow......happy holidaysa!

  2. Chris and Sam are driving me crazy......can I move in???????????

  3. As far as I'm concerned, the only reason to be in Kentucky is "on my way to Tennessee." But that's related the Smoky Mountains, and I suppose you have Appalachian options that are a wee bit closer.

    Make it Lexington and I'll randomly show up and be like "Oh, I just happened to be in the area. Want to grab a cuppa?"

  4. I celebrated having no exams and nothing to study. that was awesome.
    you are absolutely brilliant, Mich.
    I find this strange. I suddenly start writing again and you stop. I know a lot of people like this around me. they can't write a bloody thing and suddenly, i'm writing a million pages a day. strange thing it is!
    good luck, dear.
    also, I love you. so much.
    happy new year!!!

    -Sam Lupin

  5. Sorry to hear your living situation isn't as great as it could be. My sisters are the same. They love eachother but they just can't live together. Sorry to hear about the writer's block too. I'm managing to really get rid of mine and it feels pretty good. Focusing on something else like music will probably help.

  6. Sorry to hear things are a little slow. Maybe that bass playing will help stimulate the writing creativity. I find that when I have writer's block any kind of creative stimulation gets me going again. Even watching a movie or playing a video game in the same genre as what I'm writing at the moment seems to help. Either way, good luck and happy new year!

  7. Sounds awesome! Although writer's block absolutely sucks, the best thing is that it always ends. I didn't know you were a lefty! That's cool Hope the apartment hunt goes well
    <3 Lee

  8. Come back to the east coast... you were around here, weren't you? and yay for more writing. I'm on the same page actually.

  9. Popped by your blog to say hello :)

  10. Wow, I had no idea you played bass! That is really cool.

    It's Clytie/adder-doll/you-know-my-real-name. I'm glad I'm back-I always liked reading your blog.


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