Thursday, December 11, 2014

new things

Daisy is doing very well. I am over the moon with happiness. 

Some of y'all may have noticed that the title of the blog has changed. 

{ I apologize to any of you who dislike change. }

I've been debating it for some time. While this blog has held the title "Sick B*tch" for like 5 years and is thus well known by that name, I am sick of calling myself sick. Things are going extremely well in the ED recovery department, so I thought it was finally time to cast aside the "Sick" title for something better. 

Like my stage name. (For when my brothers and I take our musical genius on the road, under the name The Brooks Brothers and the Bastard Henry. Yes, I know, 'tis a brilliant band name.)

The URL will stay the same because I'm lazy and don't feel like learning to type something else.

New post(s) coming soon! I decorated for Christmas, so I might make another video.


  1. I'll be honest with ya Mich, I do like the new name but I thought the word sick in the old title was a reference to being sick in the head not the body, and you were calling yourself crazy. If it was about health and you're healthy now (which is great!) then I can live with the change.

    1. It was sort of both, like a play on words I guess...

  2. Good change for the right reason!

  3. So happy about Daisy! I like the new name...funny!

    Please make a Christmas video....I loved your other one....with the fancy dress and all!

  4. HUZZAH FOR DAISY! If I get something mailed to you it shall include kitty toys.

    I'm neutral on name changes as long as I can remember who you are when I see the post on my feed, and The Bastard Henry does seem very Mich...

  5. I stopped calling myself "loony" for similar reasons.

  6. Three cheers for Daisy!
    I like the new title, and the change is for the right reason. Illegitimate lunatic, sick bitch, close enough :)

  7. As long as the rambling and obscenities continue in this here blog, you can change the title or URL name all you want. :)

  8. That is an awesome name for a band/blog, I agree with Tempest - it seems to suit you. Better than SickBitch, anyway. Keep the url if you wish; sometimes I imagine the 1's are 0's and I call your blog S0ck B0tch. Because i'm a weirdo...

    As to the reason for your name change...shit, if you've conquered your ED you can call the blog whatever you want! Yes it can be tough to change your title when you've built such a following with it, but your recovery is much more important. Congrats on continuing to kick ED's ass!

    I watched your video from Christmas 2010, as I had not yet met you at the time. Your house looks huge! And even in that ginormous dress I could see the 'old' Sick Bitch...would love to see a new Christmas video if you decide to make one :-)

  9. If the ED is under control, I applaud you mightily. When a person overcomes an inner demon, it is always worthy of a standing ovation. Stay strong and God bless!

  10. Oh, and I'll change the link on my blog!

  11. Hope all is well. Here's to a very happy new year!

  12. Hey Mich, I hope everything is okay, you haven't posted in a long time and I am worried about you.

    Take care love


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