Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ladies and gentleman, Mich's sanity has fled the building. 


  1. yeah I saw your tumblr and twitter, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!? Are you ok???

    1. I may be having a manic episode. All I know is I AM GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE ASAP. Getting shit DONE this week: bank loan, payoff debts, find an apartment, and throw out half of everything I own so I don't have to move it. Today I (hopefully) conquer the bank loan...

  2. YIKES! Good luck. I was going to toss off a snarky comment, but...YIKES! Good luck.

  3. I hope it is the kind of insanity that leads to better things, even if the road between is bumpy.

  4. Miiiiiiich.......i hope you are okay!

    Love you tons!

  5. Bloody hell! Look after yourself or I'll fly up there and sit on you.

    Lope you're ok :s


  6. For what it's worth, you're not alone. My sanity is also out the door! I think your reply to Pogo is a brilliant idea! I wish you everything of the best with making it all happen. You can do it, M.! Love you. :) <3


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