Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hey y'all. 

You know what's really t'ing me the eff off? Blogger spammers. 
So now if you please, your humble narrator asks that you take a moment to visit this ahole and this other ahole and REPORT THEIR ARSES for all the rubbish they keep posting on people's blogs. 

Just a quick post because I haven't posted in a long time and I don't want anyone thinking I'm dead... (I'm just on tumblr all the time because my brain is currently unable to transform my thoughts into any sort of coherent narrative.)

I'll hopefully start posting again soon, but I want to catch up on everyone else's blogs first. Because I'm polite like that. ^_^

So instead of a real post, here's some pictures of my cats:
Harleyquinn loves the sink. 
...yeah, I don't know either.

She likes playing board games, too. 

And pretending to be asleep so you don't expect it when she attacks. 


Daisy is fat. 
(She's on a diet. It's not working.)

Exercising would probably help, but she doesn't do anything other than sleep. She used to be really good at slaughtering things outside, but I think she's gotten too fat to run. 

I am going to die alone with 100 cats.


  1. Oh my god they all look so soft and adorable aww.

    There's this one stray cat that lives in our college campus. The other day, she snuck into the lounge and was chilling on one of the couches. She looked so out of place yet was so comfortable oh god it was hilarious.

  2. Your cats are adorable Mich, love all of these photos. I'm overjoyed to see you back Mich, don't worry about catching up too much though, your blog's better than mine!

  3. Daisy may be fat but she also has glowing demonic eyes so I wouldn't mess with her. I've seen my cat sleeping in a washing basket and in the bath, but never in a sink. I think it's just always too wet for her.

  4. So I've been doing my best to catch up on your blog, and had a comment about your Bear Mountain hiking experience. The AT also goes south, way south, to my general neck of the woods. (Yes, that's a common phrase down here.) So, depending on if you had turned left or right, it would either have led you to Maine, and we probably would never have found you but as a frozen cadaver in the snow a thousand years from now, or you would have descended into the depths of Mordor. I'm glad you found your way out, either way, because you're a vital part of me staying sane (hahaha... yeah, me, sane, I know... Funny...)

    Anyway, I'm glad you're alive. I see that regularly on FB you are alive, as well, and this makes me happy. I hope you realize your description of your Christmas desserts makes me want to nom out on very unhealthy, gooey, sugary delicatessens that will inevitably make me fatter than usual. It's okay, though, because I do that to myself anyway.

    Hope you're alright, aside from having awesome cats.

  5. Daisy looks exactly how I feel sometimes. Even with those spooky "flash eyes."

  6. I've missed you dahling! Being away from blogger much too long- what was I thinking?! I have so many posts of yours to catch up on! You're cats are adorable by the way- and there's nothing wrong with being one of those old ladies that has 100 cats. Then, when you die, you leave one cat to each person in your will, saving the demon-possessed kitties for family members you're not very fond of!

  7. Isn't dying alone with a hundred cats INFINITELY better than dying alone with no cats??

    I'm glad to know you're not dead - it does occur to me what with your black mold tongue and gallstone symptoms and tendency to wait until near death to consider seeking medical attention and all that good stuff.

    It's lovely that you do reciprocal commenting, but you will at least want to avoid my posts with a triggerfish warning. I'm in a struggly place right now :P

    I need an MLP (standard size/pose) to finally get your project done. Would it be cheaper to try to find one myself or have you mail one? (I would return it in original condition with said project)

  8. Harleyquinn is so pretty! Daisy looks like a good snuggler.

    And what is up with cats and the sink and bath?! One of mine always wants to get in the bathtub right after I've showered. I don't get it.

    Nothing wrong with being a crazy old lady with 100 cats.

  9. I see you on Tumblr so I breathe sighs of relief and find cute Yuri with your two favourite Sailor Scouts for you :p

    Your cats are ADORABLE. I'm so glad little Harley liked the cat toys ^.^ Maybe a laser pointer will help ChubbyMcFluffypaws learn to run again?

    Sending you a ton of love <3

  10. Hi Dear Mich! i was sooo happy to see your post!
    Your Kitties are adorable! i am Daisy....complete with glowing eyes.....! Desperately need to get home and drop the booze and hit the treadmill!

    i hope you are doing okay, i worry so about you, sweet muffin!

    i owe you a loooooong letter of thanks for the lovely package, you are an Angel!

    Love, love, love, tracy

  11. PS Your new header pictures are "the bomb"! So great!

  12. Oh, and also: "It's 'BOO-KAY.'"


  13. Those are some adorable cats you've got there! Love the pic of Harleyquinn in the sink. Tempting Daisy with a Hershey's chocolate blankie isn't going to help her lose weight, lol. And you're never alone when you've got that many cats, so there!

    I actually applied at another law firm here in Clark, even though I knew I wasn't qualified to be a legal secretary. If they responded I would have asked you for some advice or something. My sister and most of my friends go to PF, too. I'd prefer the lunk-free zone but Bally's is like 2 blocks from my house. Convenience is like 90% of its appeal. If it were a burger joint I would have been there 10x by now.

    Also I just now noticed that A Tale Of Fairies is available for purchase?!? Shit, where was I? Oh that's right, I was wallowing in self-pity. For two months. Some friend I am, eh?

    It's hard as hell to think clearly when the little ones are awake so the only time I can even think about creating is when I walk (hence the name Pedestrian Writer) So I bring a lil notepad & pen to jot down random notes. Used to decipher them at the library when my laptop was working, but now I guess I'll have to do that on the laptop at 2am.

    Computers are evil and you are right to be distrustful of them. Hand-written copies don't crash or get deleted/erased. Just don't lose them in the black hole of your hoard!

  14. i am eating a half sanwich and drinkinking a vodka and diet coke....please send someome to kill me........ :( Love you, Mich!

    1. STOP THAT. I went out last night and ate a WHOLE sandwich (roast beef and fried onions with mayo), plus wine (and voddi later), AND ice cream.

  15. Love you Mich and your kitties too....thanks :)

  16. Your cats, they needs mah kissehs! Mwah! :)

  17. Bahaha Daisy looks priceless.

  18. Kitttiesssss!!! I want to cuddle and kiss them!
    I shall cuddle and kiss my own kitty.
    She was not amused ^_^
    Love the new header pics.
    I have startd pimping Tale of Fairies out. So proud of you! Squeeee!! *tacklehugs*
    *shrieks at the hidden knife in your stylish boot*
    Maybe tacklehugging you is bad idea. I should ask/warn you first ^_^
    Love you! I must get tumblr.

  19. hahaha I love your cats... Mine is a saber tooth on steroids. If she ever would stay still in one place, I would think she's sick.

  20. Good to know you're alive and well. You're kitties are beautiful! Also, I just went and blocked those 2 users and reported them. I have also been pestered with a ton of spam here lately and it's pissing me off. I had to change my comment posting thing and I don't want to have to monitor comments! Douches.

  21. Ha! If you weren't sober enough either, just like me, should have texted me instead and advised me of a closer bar in Northern NJ instead of NY and not go broke

  22. See, my blog isn't special enough for the blog spammers to pay me any attention. :( Well, consistently get spammed anyways.

    Come to think of it, my blog hasn't really been trolled either. ._.


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