Wednesday, September 19, 2012

get me the eff out of here

After much himming and hawing and dragging my feet and making excuses, I am finally doing it. 

I am applying to grad school. 

Because I need to get the f**k out of here like now.

Ok so I haven't gotten very far. At the moment I've only started the process for one school, but that's one more than I had before so yeah I'd say that's progress. 

But I need some help. And I cannot think of anyone better to ask than YOU, my precious readers. Because each of you probably supports me more than everyone else in my life combined. 

I was going to go for a masters in creative writing (and still might; one step at a time here...), but part of me has always fought this notion because I already have a bachelors degree in creative writing and so if I'm going back to school I should try for something different. And so for my first application, I am trying for something different. 

I've been taking photos for nigh on twelve years now, and have never had a chance to do very much with it. It seems to me like a masters in fine arts (specifically, photography) might be a good choice. Lord knows what the heck I'm going to do with such a degree later, but sure by the time I get it I'll be as far away from New Jersey as I can manage and it won't matter anyway. 

What your humble narrator needs help with is deciding which 20 photographs to submit with her application. I realize this is asking a lot (because it's asking for some of your free time, and such things are very valuable), but I would be eternally grateful (most likely with fun things sent to you via post at some point in future) if y'all would take some time to go check out my photos and tell me which (if any because honestly I think maybe I'm kidding myself here...?) I should include in the application, and leave a comment as to your choice(s). 

Thanks my lovelies. ♥ ♥ 


  1. I know this doesn't help much, but I think all your photos are beautiful. You have a real talent.


  2. Ok, I've been looking through you photos again and I think you should submit #26 and/or #27 in the Lakota Wolf Preserve album.

    Those are some of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen!


  3. I will go through and comment on the ones I think you should use. Hope it helps and good luck!


  4. oh yay! good luck with apps! i know sometimes it can be a gruelling process, but I'm so glad you are finally going for it! This will probably not be helpful because I liked pretty much all your photos but...

    I really like the swan picture (7 of 22 in that album) the detail on her feathers in the wings and the "fluff" on her neck and the ripples around her is stunning. Actually I like 5 better than 7, and I like 17 as well

    On "Long Beach Island" I like 7. The wisps of cloud in the sky are beautiful. Might be a bit risky to go for that though

    If you're going for landscapes, #5 in "Closter" looks almost surreal, almost painted. It's absolutely gorgeous. So does 7.

    The mossy rock in "Colorado (6 of 49) is interesting.

    The pictures where you can see the tree 'skeletons' in your branch brook album are also really interesting compositions. And you have one where there's a really striking contrast between the pink blossoms and the blue sky

    Mich, you're photos are beautiful! And very well composed! I don't know how many you're submitting, but I'd showcase a bit of everything (land-sea-sky-scapes, wildlife, man-evidence-scapes :P (e.g. 17 in the album with the swan - the lines in that are just beautiful)), and steer clear of those that might be perceived as cliché or lacking a story. You want to make sure that there's art behind the pictures you submit and that they're not just pictures for pictures sake if that makes sense. But

    1. * heh, that got cut off somehow*
      But you're obviously a very talented photographer! You are NOT kidding yourself! xoxox <3!

  5. Since I have nothing to do at work today, here's the 20 photos I think you should use:
    #11 in the Ramapo Res early fall 06
    #1 in Ramapo Res summer 07
    #1 and 3 in Keel
    #5 and 13 in Keem
    OBVIOUSLY the dead sheep
    #4 in Atlantic Drive
    #3 in Sterling Forest winter '10
    the entire Ramapo State Forest fall album? I'll come back to that because I can't pick one.
    #7 in Feltville
    #19 or 20 in Columcille, can't decide
    #15 in the Great Swamp
    #1, 8, and either 6 or 7 from DeKorte

    my boss just came in but I'll be back

  6. I would suggest the bird watching ones, things to do with nature. But you should also mix in some city shots, show how well you can take pictures of nature, and show how you can find the beauty in the ugliness that is the industrial world. Either way, I wish you nothing but luck with this, and well done on doing something, on just wanting to be something.

  7. I'm so pleased to hear about you applying for grad school Mich, best of luck with everything. All of your photographs are awesome but I love the bird watching ones the most like Mark, great job Mich, I'm proud of you for taking these steps.

  8. Go for it girl! I love all your photographs :) You are a talented woman :) Do what makes you happy!! xx

  9. I'd go with nature pictures. Unless the particular nature is either taking a dump or a hump.
    Hmm...come to think of it...if you wanted to go funny, that'd be the way to do it.
    Nyah, better play it straight. Nature pictures are beautiful.

  10. I must get on computer... until then I vaguely remember a quote.... don't ask what job the world needs filled, instead ask yourself what makes you come alive, and do that. Because what the world really needs are people who have come alive.
    I mangled that quote but there's the gist of it.
    Yay for pro photorapher friends I can beg to stal Samantha Ronson for me!
    Err...I mean.. umm..

  11. Yay, we can go through the "wonders" of going for our Master's together. Well, that's assuming I can even get into a program. ._.

    My laptop is being a piece of garbage and is lagging on everything. I'll have to sort through your photos another time. :(

  12. Long past time for a change, it sounds like!

    Doing something different in Postgrad would be a good idea. Help keep you from getting bored and stale. Tailgunner did Pre-Tolkeinian Fantasy Literature for his English PhD, while he originally graduated with a degree in history XD LOTS of research trips to the UK and USA, woot woot!

    Some of the ones I like:

    Thank you for your comments! I think I'll start getting over this cold in another 5-7days. At least the others who have had it so far say it took them 2 weeks. Ugh.

    Arohanui <3

  13. I think getting a masters degree in fine arts/photography is a good idea! You are definitely a tallented photographer and will probably do well in the course! I know you will succeed!!

    Here are some photos that stuck out in my mind! Obviously not a good idea to use all these specifically, cause I mostly focused on your pictures of buildings/man made structures in the forest, which is something that I quite enjoy looking at in general, and your pictures specifically where the amazing! (You really know how to frame a building in the forest! When I look at your pictures I feel like they're from a story about another land or world! As if I'm about to walk in to a land beyond my understanding!)

  14. I'm going to go way over 20.
    #36 in the Raptor Trust
    #20 and 26 in Branch Brook
    #37 in Losen Slote
    #1 and 10 in the Hudson River walk
    #16 in Wawayanda (June '11)
    #11, 28, 54, and 68 in LBI (Sept '11)
    #16 in Wawayanda spring '12
    #8 in Doodletown
    #4 and 7 in Sheppard Pond
    #25 and 44 at High Point
    #27 bird watching in CO
    I don't even know where to begin with the Rocky Mountain album. Definitely the stellars jay. Also 8, 22, 65, 77, 83, 85, 103, 111, and 113
    and one of the night shots from this years LBI album


  15. I'm gonna agree with the other ones here who've said that bird watching in Colorado has a lot of great and unique shots. And I'm not just saying that as a Coloradan. Also, I love the shots of that church in Sheppard Pond.

  16. This has nothing to do with your post, but if you like MLP, you should take a look at You breed magic ponies. It is so awesome it hurts.

  17. i love the simplicity of this one, but how sharp it is. the starkness of this one makes me think it should be included. love the subject matter and the depth of field is spot on include this one because it is a strong black and white piece, with lots of varying shades and contrast this one of Daisy just seems more than a photograph. I really like it, and it's a different style then most of your other pictures.

    And I just want to tell you I love you so much for asking this of us, because between you asking me to look through your gallery and Jake buying me an old poloroid and film, I feel totally re-inspired and am going to take starting pictures again. Thank you so much for this. I honestly feel so often that all I am is my eating disorder (it's been so long since I've taken photos, since I've read books that aren't about ed's, even my music contains lyrics that could be construed to apply to starving or purging) and you have just once again made me want to just go take a walk and take photos. Thank you for this precious gift <3



    1. OMG AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH it looks like the beast from Krull!!!

  19. OK, here are my choices (with the proviso that I know nothing about photography and these are just those I personally find pleasant to look at.)

    Closter - 5
    Colorado - 7
    Birdwatching - 11 (I like the fuzziness)
    Trespassing - 3, 8
    High Point - 15 (or perhaps 16 or 17, but I like 15 best)
    Random - 1 (interesting shades of green)
    Sheppard Pond - 27
    Doodletown - 1
    (Pochuck - 7, 14, 17 - but they may have been slightly not in focus enough?)
    Lakota - 6, 7 (I'm a sucker for bobcats. My favorite wild animal.)
    DeKorte - 7 (Great detail, and you can't go wrong with a good swan!)
    Achill Island, Keem - 13
    Achill Island, Keel - 16
    Keem - The Ruins - 3
    The Kitties - 1, 6, 7

    Is that 20? I hope so.

  20. I love the Achill Island ones but maybe I am biased because I am Irish

    Good luck with it x

  21. Oh, definately the close up of the turtle....! There are so many and it is so hard to chose, they are all so great.

    i will try harder.

    hope you are doing well, love ya, tracy

  22. Oh, definately the close up of the turtle....! There are so many and it is so hard to chose, they are all so great.

    i will try harder.

    hope you are doing well, love ya, tracy

  23. P.S.


    "Day is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's no applicable. I didn't get you anything"

    Dese reminded me >.< No FB=No Bday lists so I didn't get to end you anything to arrive on the day. Your blanket is slowly growing, I should post progress photos for you. Anything you'd like as a belated MichDay offering? Anything at all? Should I make stuff up wildly at random?

    I'm so getting ginger and a lemon to make that concoction on payday. Or tomorrow. This shit is past ridiculous! Kath is going to have to unstick at least one rib after last night >.<

    Definitely get a second opinion! :x There were one or two on tabs I accidentally shut before realising what I was doing. I tried to pick a variety of pretties that showed off your varied talents. If you do this you should go on a "Research trip" to the fambam Christchurch. . . Or to Dunedin. . . Or both? The Red Zone is currently aimed to be re-opened to the public in 2013. Epic Photo-Op or what? ChCh's recovery. And of course we have the Albatross Colony AND NOW KIWIS here in Dunners.

    Just. . . putting it out there :p I'm planning on visiting the States when I'm a bit richer, but it's going to take a while. I'm not going to see an improvement in cashflow until march next year at best >.<

    I hope you're having a good weekend. Love you!

  24. I think it's an excellent choice to widen your horizons by getting your masters degree in something different than your bachelors degree. Good thinking. All of your pictures are absolutely beatiful. I especially like the ones with animals in them, but they're all so lovely i can't even begin to pick favorites. However, i'll contradict myself and tell you that this one is my ultimate favorite:

  25. Forget the "eyes of the beholders"! U r the artist. Behave accordingly!

  26. Just 20? Are you fucking kidding me? That's going to be SO hard! Your photos are ALL amazing! I'll pore over them some more and pop my suggestions in an e mail. Just 20, those tight bastards! :) ♥♥♥

  27. Miss you, Mich. i hope you are okay.

    Love, tracy


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