Monday, September 10, 2012

a kitty update....

...just so I don't leave y'all hanging...

Ginger was taken, as I thought he might be. But I ended up falling in love with the fluffy kitty I met on Friday, so it's worked out nicely I think. 

Here's the photo I took of her:

Hopefully I get to bring her home by the end of the week. ^__^ 

And I shall call her Anck-su-Namun, because a cat should have a grand, fancy name. (And also because I am a giant nerd.)


  1. She's beautiful!

    I like your new banner and background! I love fall.


  2. Haha that name is incredible Mich, I'm glad to hear things went perfect. I love the banner too but probably because I know how much you love Fall, we certainly are all mad here and I love that!

  3. She is gorgeous, and while it's a shame you couldn't get the nice ginger, you fell in love anyway <3

  4. She is an absolutely lovely cat and deserves a regal name.

  5. Oh, she is lovely! i am so happy for you!


    I'm sad that the ginger kitten was already spoken for, but I'm so glad you've found another wee girl to come into your life. I hope you two have many many happy years together :)

    Your kitty naming is of infinity higher class than mine ^.^; "Inkubus Fuckface Jenkins" with many WoW Nerd jokes and "Dralion Fleabag McHungus" referring to her infamous bout with fleas before she was big enough to groom herself without help. Yeah, so classy over here.

    Much love and many hugs to you and little Anckeh <3

  7. Very cute kitty! Glad to hear your getting a new cat!

  8. She's so cute!!
    My kitty passed away in January, so I know what you went through with Calypso
    I'm the opposite, though, both of my kitties before were boys =]
    I set out to get another baby boy, and fell in love with mah lil' girl, Gypsi!
    Cats surprise us in so many ways =]
    And I love her name =] it's memorable and pretty just like her!

  9. She lovely, gorgeous, purrfect. :3
    Love your new banner, by the way.

  10. Lovely name for a lovely cat! I'm a giant nerd too, we named our old cats Imhotep and Ardeth-Bay.


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